The Loneliest Job

I know you’ve heard it all a million times already from a million other parents. Being a mom is a tough job. It’s hard in a way that no other job is hard. But it’s also so, so very lonely. Staying at home with your children, if you can manage it, is a fantastic idea. You are front row center for all milestone achievements and can be assured your child is being raised the way you want them to be. Still, the nature of the beast is very isolating.

You spend all day at home with your child or children, with little more than your husband to chat with at the start and finish of the day. I guess that’s why friendship and interaction among mothers is so important. If we didn’t get to get out once in a while and talk to other women who are in our same shoes, we’d likely go a little insane.

October is here, and this is Harry’s month to “track off”. In a year-round, multi-track school, that means they have the month off. He’s in school this week, but Friday is his last day. Then he won’t be going back until November. It’ll be nice to not have to rush in the mornings so much, rouse sleepy boys out of bed, scramble to make blog posts, get my own extra-tired self up and dressed and presentable. But there’ll be less mom on mom interaction too. Without the drop-off and pick-up, I’m liable to find myself cooped up in this here house day in and day out listening to myself think. Thank goodness for MOPS, even if it is only two days a month.

Plus, we’re getting into colder weather too. Once school starts up, the mornings will be downright frigid and if it’s not raining in the afternoons, it’ll be snowing. And no one wants to walk anywhere with children in tow in that kind of weather. So we’re entering a dry sort of season, interaction-wise. I’m trying to prepare myself. Plenty of movies to watch, projects to work on online, blogs to read and naps to take (hey, at least I’m honest).

So are any of you with me? Anyone want to keep me company? Anyone?