If this is a "glow", I'm getting ripped off


Do you see this? What the heck is this?? I forgot to bring this little lovely thing up in my previous pregnancy rant post and I don’t know how because every time I look in the mirror I’m horrified by what I see. Those aren’t just rosy cheeks there, people. That there is acne. Sure, I’ve been known to break out here and there over the years. A zit here, a zit there. But nothing too exciting. And I’ve never been really prone to pimples, exactly. Yes, even when pregnant.

So what makes this go-round so special? So different? SO CURSED? The other cheek is just the same. And let’s not talk about the patch on my forehead and chin. Or maybe we should. As in: How the heck can I get rid of this stuff? The acne medicine I normally use (and that normally works just dandy) apparently isn’t doing a darned thing. Plus, you know, I’ve never had acne that looks like this. My skin is all bumpy and red and irritated and I’m all irritated because WHY?

It’s a silly thing to bitch about, really. I know that. But dangit all, where did this stuff come from? Why is it plaguing me now? Is this payback because I didn’t have to use Clomid this time around?