The weekend that wasn't

Things we didn’t do this weekend (for better or for worse):

  • Go see a movie either at the $3 theater at the Grand Sierra or at the drive-in which is apparently still open, much to my surprise.
  • Buy an Xbox360 and a copy of Halo 3 and end up spending the whole weekend playing campaign on coop, yelling at the television, eating tons of junk food and having an all around awesome time.
  • Go for a drive up in the mountains to see some of the newly fallen snow and look for trees changing color (talk about a great photography opportunity!).
  • Go to church (eep).
  • Resist the urge to eat lunch at McDonalds.
  • Rent an enormously pithy and/or entertaining movie from Blockbuster and afterward had a hard time falling asleep because we had so much to say to each other about it.
  • Clean out our bedroom and start actually throwing things away and finding places for things (not to mention finding things that have been missing for MONTHS, like the upstairs remote control).
  • Get a good nights sleep in spite of the horribly old, lumpy and uncomfortable mattress we STILL have after all this time.

Oh well, there’s always next weekend right?  Please say, “right”.