Apparently I do win things once in a while

So tonight we were enjoying our last moments with Liam before bedtime when there was a purposeful knock at the door.  Eh?  Here it was, nearly 8 at night and someone was at the door?  Kile checked it out and found there was a big box on the porch.  Huh.  Who was it from?  We didn’t recognize the name or the return address.  And it was addressed to “Melissa Porter” but the rest of the contact information was right on.

We opened the box and found…

What is in this mysterious box?

Well we found some stuff.  And it was all from Huggies.

It's a Huggies bonanza!

Huggies?  Yes, Huggies.  Mostly “Little Swimmers” stuff, with some Pull-Ups thrown in (and some of it was rather girl-themed but whatever).  Which, ya know, COOL, but… WHY?  We rooted through the box until we found a letter which cleared everything up.

You're a winner!

Ah ha!   Apparently someone got a little lost on the way to the post office because it DOES say “last month’s BlogHer Conference”.  And, last I checked, it was more like several months ago.  But whatever.  The point is: I WON!  I never win anything so I’m pretty stoked.  True, we’re not planning to use Pull-Ups much with Liam, but I’m sure they’ll be handy for trips out and about town and such.  And the “Little Swimmers” stuff is great.  Sure, it won’t get much use for another 9 or 8 months or so, but it will get used.  Awesome.  I’m a winner.


Is the day over yet?  Is it naptime yet?  I’ve been awake, at least off and on, since 4 o’clock this morning.  Last night, Kile and I took our trot around the block and marveled at how calm it was.  We thought a cold weather system was supposed to be moving in (again), and it was supposed to be a windy day.  But Tuesday was pretty calm and decent.  Very strange.  I surmised that maybe the front would move in overnight or in the morning.  Kile thought that sounded about right (and about like our luck too).  And?  That’s JUST what happened.

At 4, not only was the wind making a terrible racket outside, but I had to pee.  Because, you know, I’m pregnant and all.  So at 4:30 I got up and “took care” of that.  And interestingly enough, I was able to go back to sleep for a moment or two.  At 5, Kile got up and went into the bathroom where he shut himself in for a good half hour.  I tried falling back asleep (as his getting up woke me), but I started hearing the strangest noise outside.  Eventually, I just had to get up to look out and see what it was.

See, Wednesday is trash day in our neighborhood.  And since our garbage collectors are schizophrenic and can’t decide if they want to gather garbage at the crack of dawn or after noon sometime, most everyone puts out their trash the night before.  (Trust me, many a time we’ve been just getting out of bed only to hear the garbage truck rumble down the street.)  So outside, several cans had been knocked over by the wind and the noise I was hearing was a virtual cyclone of empty aluminum cans swirling around in our front yard.  It wasn’t our cans because a) I saw them and I only drink diet cola and there was a lot of regular Coke cans and b) our can was still upright as it was set up behind Kile’s van and was being shielded somewhat from the wind.  But somehow these cans thought our yard was the place to be and were making an UNHOLY racket.  There was just no sleeping with that going on.  Forget it.

So I got up.  And up I’ve been ever since.  And in true Nevada fashion, once the sun starts coming up, the wind settles down.  Well, let me correct that, it isn’t always the case.  But the cold front has FINALLY moved in and while it’s plenty breezy outside still, the winds have calmed and it’s raining now.  And when things settle down more and it dries up out there, I’ll go pick up the cans that are now piled on our porch and also toss Harry’s old sandbox back in the backyard.  Don’t ask me how it ended up in the front.