So much for relaxing

I seem to be utterly incapable of having a “normal” pregnancy.  But really, what is a normal pregnancy?  Does anyone have one of those anymore?  I would classify normal as being the sort of pregnancy where you have an uneventful (if green-gilled) first trimester, a glowing and adorable second trimester filled with an ultrasound where you discover the gender of your child and other boring but heartbeat-filled appointments followed by a voluptuous third trimester where your belly defies all logic, you’re filled with various aches and pains and you anxiously anticipate the date of delivery, whenever that will be.  My pregnancies always seem to be as different from that normal as you could possibly get.

First of all, pregnancy turns me into a slug.  Sleep becomes a precious commodity and even that doesn’t ever seem to help the situation.  If I don’t eat every second of every day then I become extremely green-gilled.  Even then, I’m wracked with worry until safely out of that trimester with a heartbeat intact.  The second trimester is when the worry ramps up, instead of ramping down.  There’s always SOMETHING to worry about.  And the baby NEVER cooperates on the ultrasound so I virtually never find out the gender at 20 weeks like everyone else.  In the third trimester, I’m a mess, counting down the weeks to the end, going to non-stress tests twice a week and generally falling apart physically.

This time looks to be no different.   I don’t need any antibodies livening up the party.

One thought on “So much for relaxing

  1. By your definition, I was normal. THANK GOD!! The things I had always heard about pregnancy that I was looking forward to, like cravings, I never got. I wanted to wake up Paul in the middle of the night and send him for icecream or chips or somesuch snack. I never got the hot flashes, and boy would they have come in handy when our water heater went on the fritz and took the heater for the house with it. I don’t think I ever glowed. I did get the swinging hormones and would cry for no reason. And my hair would look disgustingly dirty approximately 2.5 hours after I washed it and it never stopped falling out like it normally does. I’m just glad that I ended up with a healthy and happy baby even if I did spend a good portion of every first trimester day sitting by the toilet and no portion of any day being comfortable during the last month and a half.

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