Friday is MyDay

I love Fridays.  I know, I know… who doesn’t?  But I’ve always felt a special kinship with the last day of the workweek.  For one, I was born on a Friday.  If that isn’t a good omen, I don’t know what is.  You always look forward to Fridays, don’t you?  Regardless if you have any plans or not.  Everyone is happy to wake up and realize it’s a Friday.  You have the weekend stretching before you, even if you plan to do nothing more exciting than sitting around in your pajamas and watching cheesy  flicks on TBS all weekend long.  Liam was born on a Friday, on what may be the best Friday of my entire life.  Friday speaks of pizza for dinner, movies to watch and blowing off steam after five o’clock.

Dang, I love Fridays.

This Friday is no different.  So far there have been two landmark events today:

  1. We have gone back to Charter.  GASP!  I know we said it would never happen, but hubby wants to try their internet service which is supposed to kick the pants off DSL which we’ve had for AGES now.  Our DSL now seems slow to us so we’re interested to see the difference.  We’re also switching our phone and television to them as well.  I’m a little nervous at trying out a new DVR service plus I’m going to lose all the movies I have on my DVR right now which makes me very sad.  But as of Monday evening, we’ll have Charter service.  GULP.
  2. Liam is eating mac n’ cheese right now.  And he LIKES it.  This is groundbreaking news in the Porter household.  Before now, he has always acted like we were trying to murder him when feeding him mac n’ cheese.  But it’s been several months and I decided to give it another shot.  So far, so good.  AWESOME.

I’m going to enjoy my weekend as best I can.  We drop Harry with the in-laws on Sunday and won’t see him for a whole week.  The good news is he’s taking his pup with him.  But I know I’ll miss the pants off him.  It’s going to be strange not having him around.  Quieter, that’s for sure!