Technical Difficulties

You can tell it’s a Monday because I can’t tell i I spelled “difficulties” correctly.  Even my computer is being slow and the “f” key isn’t working properly for some reason.  Sometimes I go to type “for” and it comes out “or”.  Not cool.  Anyhow, the point of this post is to alert you all to my changing internet status this afternoon.  The guy from the cable company is gonna come over and get us all hooked up.  Today we’re getting cable and internet.  My husband is particularly excited about the internet because it’s a 5 meg connection and our DSL is like 1.2 meg or something.  And believe me, we’ve noticed.  Of course, I don’t think I can entirely blame the DSL for how slow my laptop is being.  It’ll also be fun to have the cable and the extra channels it will bring.  I will at last be able to watch the Hallmark Channel (shut it, I’ve been wanting to watch it though I don’t know if hte shows I wanted to watch on it are even on it anymore it’s been so long).  We’ll also have FX and Bravo and a bunch of other cool stations again at last.  We’ll also have a new DVR, and while I’m mourning the loss of the flicks we have recorded to our current DVR (not “O Brother, Where Art Thou”!!), it’ll be fun to try something new out.

There will be implications.  For one thing, I’ll be without internet until my husband gets home and sets up the wireless to work with the new cable modem.  Unless I wanted to use the computer upstairs and HA, as if I’ll do that.  Also, my flickr might go wonky for a while.  See, I have a free flickr pro account as long as I’m using AT&T Yahoo DSL, and since I won’t anymore, well… I imagine some of my sets and photos might take a flying leap for the time being.  I may not renew my account until we get past the Christmas hump.  YIKES.

So, consider yourself duly warned.  Wee!