All shook up

I feel as though I’ve entered an alternate dimension or something.  I swear, I’m such a creature of habit that if you throw a wrench (or two) into my life that I feel so out of whack.  First off, Harry isn’t here.  He’s staying with his grandparents and aunts and uncles in Elko for the week.  We sent him off over the weekend, along with his pup.  He was so excited that I’d be surprised if he slept very well the night before we took him.  But in true Harrison form, he didn’t show his excitement outwardly very much.  His excitement looks like another kid’s boredom, but as his parents, we can always tell.

Still, it’s strange not having him here during the day.  I’m sure he’s much happier where he is.  There’s a lot more to do, more kids to play with and just a different change of pace.  Around home here, playing out in the (still unlandscaped) backyard with the pup is about as exciting as it gets.  That and keeping Liam out of the dog water.

Then, we’ve got this new cable stuff going on.  It’s an adjustment to get used to a new system (and we got most o the kinks out just in time last need to see Marie fall on her tukus on DWTS and record Heroes).  I’m missing the old DVR’d movies and the loss of an “auto-tune” feature.  But on the other hand, there’s a lot more channels and nifty features to explore and enjoy.  And so far so good on the internet.

Still, these are kinks.  And my week feels all akimbo because of them.  I’m not used to how quiet it is around here and I’m not used to the new remote control for the television.  Everyone should have such problems, don’t you think?