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Maybe I’m saving up for NaBloPoMo.  Yeah, that must be it.  Otherwise, why else would my level of posting reach an all time low? (I can’t confirm that statement, by the way, as I’m sure there have been months where I have posted less)

I posted over at Brit’s place yesterday, as a favor and because it was kind of fun to play in someone else’s sandbox for a change.   I got a little sappy on her, which is always fun to do to someone.  But it was a mighty fine post if I do say so myself.  the flip-side of that being that I was left with zero urge to post over here.

It’s been strange, not having Harry here this week.  Everything is all off-kilter.  Plus it’s kind of warm outside which always turns me into a big, fat slug.

I got my AFP bloodwork taken care of yesterday.  Aren’t I a good little prenatal patient?  I deserve a cookie, just for that.  And why is it that whenever you don’t feel the needle go in, that’s when you get a big ol’ bruise?  I swear, I felt NOTHING yesterday and this is coming from an old-school needle-phobe here.  But, lo and behold, this morning I had a huge bruise where she poked me.  Explain that one to me, because I’m dying to know.

Speaking of dying to know, technically, if I had an ultrasound machine hooked up in the backroom I could go find out if this baby is a boy or a girl right this very minute.  That is just killing me here.  I am desperate to know if I need to start getting serious about finding another boy name or if I should step up the hunt for a good girl’s middle name.  Decisions, decisions.  Do I need to tell people to hand me down their old baby girl clothes or do I need to continue my iron grip on all our baby boy clothes?  I want to KNOW!  And, chances are, (if I’m lucky) I won’t find out for nearly another month.  Where’s the justice in that?

I’ve definitely entered that “I feel so freakin’ fat” portion of the pregnancy.  I can’t say I have a cute little belly or anything, but I have a paunch.   Which isn’t even remotely cute.  Normal clothes are definitely not fitting well but maternity clothes look downright ridiculous.

Anyhow.  It’s Thursday but I’m happy because it’s basically a FRIDAY.  Why?  Because I live in Nevada, that’s why.  And in Nevada we observe Nevada Day.  See, back in the day, Nevada Day was always observed on October 31st.  And I loved telling my friends who didn’t live in Nevada that I had Halloween off because it’s a state holiday.  Plus, it was a great day for carving pumpkins and getting set up for the big night.  Somewhere along the line, some chucklehead thought we should observe Nevada Day on the last Friday of the month instead of Halloween.  So no more getting Halloween off unless it happens to fall on the last Friday of the month.  Bummer.  But still, it’s a day off!  Yay, Nevada!

Oh, and it’s Nevaaa-duh,  not Nevahh-duh.  If I hear one more out-of-stater refer to it as Nevahh-duh, then I’m gonna have to hurt someone.  And yes, the aaa is as in “apple” not as in “awful”.

3 thoughts on “Don't mind me

  1. I can’t explain the lack of pain going in part of having blood drawn, but I can explain the correlation of the bruise and the withdrawl of the needle. I always ask anyone taking my blood if they use a “push ‘n pull” or a “pull ‘n push” style. Here’s how it works: if the person drawing blood puts pressure on the gauze or cotton swab and then draws the needle out, it hurts (because the needle tip is essentially being dragged out of the puncture – it even sometimes leaves a tear drop-shaped puncture instead of a round one) but there’s less bruising because the pressure stops the blood from leaking out of the vein under your skin. If they draw the needle out and then apply pressure, it hurts less, but you have a bigger chance of bruising. Personally, I’d rather get the bruise than the extra pain. I get so ticked off when someone does the push ‘n pull when I’ve asked them not to. The really sadistic ones then pull the skin taught in both directions to see if your wound will start bleeding again because they supposedly want to “ensure there’s a good clot” before letting you go. F*** that, I say.

  2. Growing up near Nevada, I know the correct way to pronounce it. And dude, every time I watch TV and hear someone say it wrong, I want to kick them in the teeth.

    Hooray for Nevada Day!

  3. Here in Toledo, we have a street on one side of town called Nevada. But the people who live in that part of town pronounce it Ne-vay-da. Vay as in “hey.” I have no idea why; it’s just always been that way. They pronounce Idaho correctly and that’s in the same part of town. *shrug*

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