You may have noticed I took a bit of an extended weekend around these parts. My site went *poof* on Friday morning and I wasn’t able to get it cranked back up until this morning. That’s a lot of days without a blog to post to. More than I care to spend, to be honest. I was starting to get the twitches. But I’m back now. Finally.

As I mentioned on Thursday, Friday was a bit of a holiday around here. So was Saturday, as it turns out. Kile’s brother’s family came Friday night and brought Harry back with them. I swear, he grew like a foot in the last week. It was awesome to see him again and we took him upstairs to show him his first and biggest birthday present (his birthday isn’t until November 10th). It was my old computer, which we’d moved and set up in his bedroom. I’d set up a bunch of games on the desktop and adjusted all the settings just for him. I also removed a bunch of programs that didn’t need to be on there any longer . We set it up so we can hook up the computer to the internet once in a while, but for the most part, it won’t be online which is the only way to do it. Mostly, he has it for games and later on, for homework. He was literally floored when he saw it and I’ve hardly seen him since. He’s constantly up there playing on it. But it’ll make this last week before he goes back to school a lot more tolerable.

Saturday, we drove over to Apple Hill with Kile’s brother’s family. I wasn’t going to go, so that everyone could fit in one van but got talked into going at the last minute. It was fun, but it took us AGES to get there. I forgot my camera, of course, which is awful because there were some GREAT shots to be taken. Everything was just beautiful up there. The leaves were all changing and everything felt very festive. It’s hard not to get into the mood when you’re surrounded by pumpkins, apples, fresh cider, bbq, farm animals, live music and craft booths. It was a lot of fun and we got what we came for: a box of apples and a gallon of fresh cider. Ahh, the stuff dreams are made of. We got a late start home and didn’t hit town until after 7pm. We had a reservation at Claim Jumper for 8:15 so it was even later before we got back home. To say we were pooped is a vast understatement.

Yesterday was a lonely day. Kile went on a quick errand and took Harry with him in the morning and ended up staying out until the afternoon. And then Harry disappeared to his room and his computer. And Kile disappeared upstairs as well so I was downstairs with Liam for most of the day, by myself. Not the best ending to the weekend, but there you have it.

So I’m back! YAY! And just in time for NaBloPoMo, too. I was starting to get a little worried there.

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