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I found this meme over at Hollow Squirrel and it is RIGHT up my alley. Like the literary meme that’s going around (which I did last year, I think), you take a list of scary movies and note whether you’ve seen them or not. Very timely, considering the holiday and all. So if this is your bag, feel free to participate and add movies to the list as you see fit.

Bold those you’ve seen.
Italicize movies you have started but couldn’t finish.
Add an asterisk* to those you have watched more than once.
Underline those on your To Watch list.

    Yeah, seen this one MANY times. It is one of my dad’s favorite movies so I’ve seen this one since I was pretty young, actually. Scary? HELL YES. But I’m just used to it at this point. Which isn’t to say that it hasn’t given me nightmares. In college, I had more than a few “Shining dreams” where my dad would be chasing me and/or the rest of the family with an axe. Ugh. Damn yous, Stanley Kubrick!
    Yeah, surprisingly that I want to see it, huh? But I feel like I *should* see it and I’m surprised that I haven’t.  I’m sure I’ll see it eventually. 
    On the other hand, here’s a movie I haven’t seen and don’t want to see.  I’m not a big “bloodbath” fan.  There’s psychological thrillers and then there’s gore-fests.  I’m not a gore fan.  So no.  Never.
    Who hasn’t seen this one?  It’s a classic and while it’s scary, I don’t really consider it a horror movie.  But the whole scene where Jodi Foster is walking through the house looking for the dude and he has the night vision goggles?  FREAKED ME THE HECK OUT.  I think I screamed into a pillow on the couch several times during that whole thing.
  • JAWS*
    I didn’t chose to watch this movie.  My sister, who is 8 years older than I am, was babysitting me and it was on tv and she held me on her lap while we watched.  Sounds nice, but she did that so I wouldn’t get up and run to the other room during the scary parts like I normally would do.  She would also make sure I wasn’t closing my eyes and wouldn’t let me plug my ears either.  AUGH.  The ocean still freaks me out to this day.  I have no excuse for why I’ve seen it more than once though.  Glutton for punishment, I guess.
    Haven’t seen it, don’t want to see it.  Just seeing clips of that dude walking freaks me out.  Let’s not even talk about the mask.
    Actually saw this one in high school during a film class.  It was freaky, yes, but more scary than gory and I can handle that.  I gripped my desk and gnawed on my pencil pretty good during the scary parts, though.
    I’ve seen it but I barely remember it.  I remember how it ended though and that pretty much freaked me out.  It’s a serial killer movie and unlike Silence of the Lambs, was more gory than psychological so there was a lot of peeking from behind my hands going on.
    Yeah, no.  Don’t need to be afraid of babies now.  Or having them.  Or anything associated with that whole process. I can live a happy life never having seen this one.
    Oh, so many times I have seen this one.  I can remember my family renting this when I was a kid.  As they were all at least 8 years older than I am, it was appropriate for them.  Not so much for me. For some reason, I watched it anyway.  I have fond memories of running into the living room and hiding behind the couch until I felt it was safe to return to the family room again.  The scene where the dude’s face comes off did something really awful to me.
    Dear god.  I should have known better.  This movie was on as my family was getting ready to leave on a camping trip.  Sounds innocent.  So I watched instead of helping pack supplies out to the car.  I’m not even sure I saw the whole thing.  Maybe I didn’t.  But the damage was done.  I didn’t sleep a wink that night, in my tent.  I had a friend with me and she slept fine.  I remember waking her up in the middle of the night and telling her that she had to walk with me to the bathroom because we weren’t allowed to go by ourselves.  I totally made that up, because I didn’t want to go outside alone.  When the birds started chirping, I knew it was morning and I was SO glad it wasn’t even funny.
    Nope.  And no thanks.
    Haven’t seen this one, but I did see Army of Darkness and kinda enjoyed it.  Not quite enough to go back and watch this one though.
    Stephen King is a sick, sick man.  This is a great movie because it is psychological.
    No thanks.  I’ll pass.
    No thanks.  I’ll pass.  Again.
    Another movie I saw courtesy of my sister.  And no, Mrs. Squirrel, it is NOT the one with Michael J. Fox.  The scene where the guys are attacked in the English countryside is downright horrific.  Hence it’s inclusion in this list, I suppose.
    Nope.  I don’t dig serial killers.  Not one bit.
    Mmmm… no.
    Never heard of it, never want to.  Sounds like something I’d stumble upon on cable on a Saturday afternoon and discover too late that it’s definitely not my cup of tea though.  Sort of like that movie where all the cannibals in West Virginia eat all those college students.
  • The Blair Witch Project
    We rented this one the weekend before Harry was born.  I’ll always remember curling up on our bed, just the two of us for the last time like EVER, in our old apartment.  Too bad most of those memories are viewed through the fingers on my hands as that’s how I think I viewed the majority of this movie.
  • Pet Semetary
    Nope.  I like pets.  I want to keep liking pets.
  • Event Horizon
    Dear, sweet Jesus.  I thought this was a simple sci-fi movie.  I went to see this at the $1.50 theater in college and I was SO scared I couldn’t even leave my seat to go hide in the bathroom like I would normally do.  That says something.  I was scared SO BAD.  I don’t even remember what about it scared me so much but to this day, the words “Event Horizon” equate with terror in my mind.
  • Scream*
    I saw this with my now-husband back when we were in college at the $1.50 theater. I was scared witless the first time I saw it, but was able to appreciate the humor and the poking fun at other horror movies. I’ve seen it a lot more times since then and it doesn’t scare me near as bad anymore.

So, do you have any to add to the list?  More importantly, do you feel like I do about horror movies or do you actually enjoy them?

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  1. ohhhh, the Shining. To me it wasn’t Jack that was creepy but the woman in the bathtub… and the twins… I can hardly stay in an old hotel even to this day because of that movie.

    I do love scary, but I haven’t seen very many (too tough with kids.) However, I’ve heard that “The Hills Have Eyes” is truly frightening and gory.

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