It’s a strange morning.  First, I woke up to some particularly pointed hatemail on my Watching Reality TV blog from a rabid Marie Osmond fan.  Wow.  Just… wow.  I hardly know what to say in response to such vitrol.  There are some people out there who have a LOT of hate in their hearts, aren’t there?  So that was a nice thing to wake up to.

Also, Liam is in a mood this morning and only wants to be held by me.  Right now he’s in his high chair where I’ve attempted to give him some breakast but he’s just moaning and fussing and I know I’ll have to fetch him out here in a minute.  He’s having an off morning too, poor guy.  Doesn’t he know it’s Halloween?  This is a GOOD day!

I’m also off kilter from some personal drama last night.  I basically feel slapped in the face and my feelings are hurt.  That would be fine enough except that my son’s feelings are hurt too and I wonder if I could have done something to prevent that.  Maybe I need to be a pushier person.  It just so goes against who I am.   Anyhow, as a result my head throbbed and pounded all night and the headache wouldn’t go away until I went to sleep.  Ugh.  Is it any wonder I tend to be hermit these days?

Then there was “Dancing with the Stars” last night.  I wasn’t able to watch because “The Biggest Loser” took precedence but I heard about the shocking exit of Sabrina Bryan.  And all I can say is… whaaaa?? Of course, judging from the hatemail I received, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  Sabrina just wasn’t getting the votes, I guess.  I think people have their favorite celebrities in this competition and actual talent has very little to do with it.  I have my favorites too, but as much as I love Jane Seymour, I know she sucked on Monday.  And Marie was a few steps up from her at best.  I knew one of them was at risk for elimination.  Or they should have been.  I figured that Sabrina and Mel B would be the most likely contestants to be in the finale, competing for the top honors.  It’s sad, that we won’t get to see Sabrina burn up the dance floor anymore.

Bah.  That’s about all I can say.  Not a great start to the day, that’s for sure. Let’s hope it improves and soon.

2 thoughts on “Madness

  1. Who gave you a headache and hurt your kid’s feelings? WHO? My parents are visiting and I have some pent up emotion and I’d like an outlet for it. And no, you shouldn’t be pushier, because that’s not who you are. And you’re FINE the way you are. It’s the people who give you headaches and hurt the feelings of small children that need to have an adjustment.

  2. Was that commenter for real? I mean seriously, how utterly strange and bazaar? Just ignore that freak!

    Sorry to hear your sons feelings got hurt. That’s got to be the worst part, seeing your child sad.

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