Who wouldn't want to win a pink vacuum cleaner?

Oh, and help fight breast cancer while they’re at it? It’s a win-win situation, if you ask. Throw in that the pink vacuum in question is a Dyson and well, I’m sold! How about you?  If this sounds like a rocking good deal to you too, go to this link: Win a Dyson “Pink” Vaccuum in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  You have nothing to lose.  And everything to win!  Like, a pink Dyson vacuum cleaner.  DUDE, I might actually clean my house if I had one of those.  (Yeah, I know, not likely but STILL.  It’s PINK.)

One thought on “Who wouldn't want to win a pink vacuum cleaner?

  1. Well, I admit that would be pretty nice to have. But what I’d really like to be able to win? One of those kitchenaid artisan mixers. The fancy kind. And I’ve seen them in pink, so I assume that is to benefit breast cancer research in some way. Paul is the one who vacuums most of the time, so while a dyson would be nice, I wouldn’t really get to play with it.

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