Stressful afternoon

So Liam was sick all day today too.  As his fever was still ever present and even getting worse, I decided I needed to put in a call with his pediatrician.  They wanted him to come in later that afternoon.  I packed my boys up and off we went.  The diagnosis was something I was expecting: an ear infection in the one ear.  This will be his second one to date.  Of course, it’s also the second time we’ve caught it early so there’s always that.  At the doctor’s office, his temperature had gone up to 104 degrees.  The nurse had to take it twice, just to be sure.  The child was pathetically lethargic and you just don’t know what that does to a pregnant mother’s heartstrings.  It was so bad, that they gave him some ibuprofen right there on the spot to help bring it down (he was due soon anyhow, but I’d forgotten to bring it with me).  So after we got our diagnosis, we were on our way.

I had to drop Kile back at the university so he could close up his office and get his van.  Harry elected to go with him since Kile was going to stop by Walmart to pick up Liam’s antibiotics and a rotisserie chicken for dinner since I have STILL been unable to get to the grocery store to get any food.  Kile was driving pulled into the student union parking lot which is notoriously cramped and awful.   He was going to quickly hop out with Harry and I would get in the driver’s seat and get Liam home.  But first, he had to pull into a spot.  We got stuck behind a car in front of us that was backing out and pulling away when a gal on the right starting backing out.  Kile honked at her.  She kept going.  He honked again.  Still nothing.  We were stuck, so all Kile could do was honk a third time as she backed right into us.  D’oh!  Of course, this wasn’t HER car or anything so she gave us her number as well as the number of the gal who the car actually belonged to.  Kile also got the license plate number.  There was a goodly sized dent in the front fender, surprising since she barely nudged us.  But there you have it.

I took off and they took off and we put it behind us.  Kile discovered the number he had for the car’s owner was not her number at all and belonged to a rather cranky person who jumped down his back for looking for someone who didn’t live there.  This didn’t do wonders for his stress level.  Thankfully, the increased dose the pediatrician gave Liam had great effect and he was practically his old self once we got back home.  Warm still, sure, but actually interested in ripping around the floor and screeching at the dogs.  Even better?  Later on Kile went out to look at the damage to the fender and found there was no damage to the fender.  Our best guess is it “popped” back out on it’s own.  Nice!

So all’s well that ends well.  I feel I should warn you all, expect a post from Kile tomorrow.  He wants to do something like Liz is doing over at house of h where her husband will be posting on Mondays.  Kile, however, will be posting on Fridays.  I’ll be interested to see what he comes up with.  He’s pretty excited and says he already has some great ideas.  I’m scared, are you?

The Halloween that was

It wasn’t the perkiest of Halloween holidays; Liam woke up not feeling right and wanting to be held all the time.  Turns out?  He had a fever, a pretty decent one too.  I only took his temperature under his arm, so I figure it had to be even warmer than the thermometer said.  Poor kid.  He spent most of the day on my lap, looking particularly pathetic.  Which isn’t so good or getting things done around the house.  Or, you know, eating.  We did go out for lunch with Kile at Denny’s.  The plan had been lunch and then grocery shopping at Walmart.  But though Liam had woken from his nap feeling slightly better, he went downhill quickly during lunch so I just headed back home.  No food in the house, but I’m not taking a sick kid grocery shopping.  That’s just asking for it.

But Halloween went on regardless.  Liam was even feeling a bit better in the evening so Kile took him with him and Harry as they trick or treated the cul de sac.  It was about five or six hours and just enough.  Plus, our neighbors got to coo over Liam in his absolutely adorable costume.

Little Stinker

As they came back by the house, Kile dropped Liam off with me and he “helped” me pass out candy to trick or treaters.  He was still feeling okay and crawled around the living room and played and had a good time until the boys got home from hauling in the candy.  And did my son ever haul in the candy.  He filled not only his pumpkin, but a superfluous bag as well.

Black Spiderman

No one child could possibly eat all that so I guess I’ll have to step up and help the kid out.  It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.  Save the Skittles for me!

All in all, the holiday went well and the children went to bed without incident after the evening’s festivities.  The dogs nearly lost their minds, being cooped up upstairs and listening to the doorbell ring and ring and ring.  But they survived.  And so did I.

P.S. Welcome to NaBloPoMo!  How am I doing so far??