Back to School Monday

Ugh, I’ve been dreading this day.  Harry has actually been decent this break so it’s not like I’m dying to get rid of him.  And I’d sort of fallen in love with the whole process of sleeping in in the morning.  But this morning, I had to get up as Kile was getting dressed and that was at 6:30am.  So not right.  And I had to get dressed.  And brush my hair.  Here in about 15 minutes, I’ll have to load Liam into his carseat and hustle Harry out into the van and drive down to school.  BAH to that, I say.

I miss my mornings of getting up at 8 am (and by some strange coincidence, on those days Liam was happy to sleep that late but this morning, up at 6:30 he was.  Go figure).  I miss being able to lay around in my pajamas for the majority of the day.  I miss not having to go anywhere or do anything on any given day.  Sure, there were days I had MOPS or doctor appointments but those were exceptions rather than the rule.

But now I have to be a responsible parent again and that just sucks.  Shoot, we even have a parent/teacher conference tomorrow.  The horror.