What’s with this time thing anyhow?  I don’t think I entirely dig how you blink your eyes and the next thing you know, time has flown by and you’re left standing there in the dust wondering what year it is.

Exhibit A: I’m 18 weeks pregnant today.  18 WEEKS.  How did that happen?  True, I came into this whole pregnancy thing already 8 weeks along, but it still doesn’t feel like it’s been 10 weeks since then.  Meanwhile, my tummy is bulging, I’m feeling suspicious little wiggles that must be fetal movement and I’m obsessed with our big ultrasound.  I saw something on a pregnancy calendar that mentioned I might be buying baby clothes and furniture now.  Hu wha??  I mean, I don’t plan on buying a whole lot of either but even if I was, I doubt I’d be buying anything like that quite yet.  But seeing as I’m not sure if I need to buy a crib or not, maybe I need to think about it.  And then I start thinking about how fast those last 10 weeks went by and how in another 10 weeks I’ll be 28 weeks pregnant.  And you know those 10 weeks will pass even quicker.  This baby is going to be here before we know it.  YIKES.

Exhibit B: Harry’s birthday is Saturday.  He’s turning EIGHT.  As in 8 years old.  As in, it was 8 years ago that I went into St. Mary’s hospital to be induced and when he didn’t want to come out on his own, they had to go in after him.  This freaks me out because I look at pictures from what I consider to be just a couple years ago and I had a toddler. A little chubby faced, smiling boy.  Now I have a BOY.   And he’s not little anymore either.  He’s tall and lanky and his cheeks aren’t chubby anymore.  He likes to play with computers and learn about the universe and read books.  He mentioned yesterday that he’s almost halfway done with the second grade.  And then I had a heart attack.  Before I know it this child will be turning 16 and I’ll be having to turn over the car keys.  SO NOT COOL.

So anyhow, excuse me while I go try to deny the passing of time anymore.  And yes, I’ve already told Liam he can’t get any older.  Unless of course he’s interested in being potty trained.