Sunday Recovery

Harry is somewhere upstairs playing on his computer with one of the new games he got for it for his birthday yesterday.  I imagine if I were to call up to him for him to come down here I’d be greeted with a surly, “What?!”  All that aside, his birthday went very well yesterday.  He had a couple of friends over and they all went to the planetarium (with Kile while I stayed home with Liam).  Then they came back here for pizza, cake and ice cream.  And oh yeah.  Presents.  What is a birthday without presents?  This kid made out pretty well too.  I’m rather jealous.  According to him, it was his best birthday ever.  So that’s good.

It’s a rather gray and rainy day around these parts and we’ve been loathe to do anything so far but lay around and watch movies.   I imagine we’ll get out and about after Liam is up from his nap later on.  For one thing, we’re out of dog food and should probably get some more unless we want them to go feral on us and eat us in our sleep.  It might be nice to get out into the world anyhow, cold and gnarly as it is.

Dang, I’m tired.  I could quite happily go upstairs and take a nap but I’m all but certain that’s because I’ve done nothing but lay around and watch movies all day.  I’m sure if I actually, you know, got UP and did SOMETHING that I’d probably feel more alert.  But who wants to put forth all that effort?  Not me, that’s for sure.