More About Me Monday

It’s Veteran’s Day here in the states and while a lot of people don’t have today off, we do.  Well, more specifically, Kile and Harry do.  Harry because the schools do what the federal government tells them to do and Kile because he works for the state and just about as good as working for the federal government.  And because they have the day off, so do I.  That’s how it works, ya’ll.  I’m sure you’ll find that in a rule book somewhere.

Anyhow, like I’ve seen on some other fantastic blogs this week, there’s a bout of Q&A going around.  (Pardon me if there’s one or two that I’ve missed, it’s still technically the weekend here and my brain is on vacation.)  And I’ve wanted to do something similar.  But I’m afraid.  What am I afraid of?  That I’ll put out a call for questions and NO ONE will ask any.  Let’s face it.  The comments don’t come rolling in on this here blog.  Plus, I’m sure there isn’t a whole lot that I haven’t already talked about that people care to know.  BUT, I’m going to open myself up to humiliation here and ask for some questions.  I’ll start answering later in the week (I’m hoping for Wednesday, depending on how many questions I get between now and then).

PLEASE?!  If they’re really good questions, I may just add them to my about page where I list a bunch of FAQ’y type answers.   Don’t let me down here, ya’ll.  I’m counting on you.