Sick Baby Alert

OMG. Harry NEVER had to be taken to the doctor because he was sick. Not as a baby, and not now that he’s an older kid. He never had ear infections or anything more serious than a nasty diaper rash that one time. He hasn’t ever had anything we can’t take care of ourselves.

But Liam? Holy crap. It started last year with the whole RSV fun and games. And by fun and games I mean to say not the least bit fun and not even remotely like a game. Good times. Then there was the mysterious “milk allergy”. That turned out not to be so much an allergy to milk as it was an allergy to Enfamil. Go figure. Then he had an ear infection. Not even two weeks ago, he had ANOTHER ear infection (that fever was NASTY and I hope to never revisit those temperatures with this child again). You’d think that’d be enough but no. Last night, he started wheezing a lot. We gave him a nebulizer treatment. Kile took a steamy shower with him. We lubed him up with Vick’s Baby Rub and fired up the vaporizer in his bedroom. And he slept great until 5:30 this morning (Kile did get up around 2 to give him another nebulizer treatment). At that point, he came in bed with me while Kile got ready for work.

I had my prenatal appointment this afternoon (OMG, what a clusterfuck that was). But it became apparent by mid-morning that Liam was not kosher. He’d seemed fine all morning but when he would cry, he would wheeze so hard he was struggling to breathe. Not good. So Kile made an appointment for 3:15. And my appointment was switched to 2:40 (don’t ask. PLEASE don’t ask). So Kile took Liam and I went to my appointment and Kile texted me on his way to pick me up, “Croup.”

To which I responded, “Crap.”

Because why wouldn’t it be croup? I don’t feel encouraged about how tonight’s sleep is going to go. I can’t exactly expect Kile to shoulder all the duties yet again. And yet I feel like regurgitated crap after the day I’ve had. Pray for me.

(oh, and I’m still hoping for some more questions about me for tomorrow’s post.  Don’t let me down, people!  Thank you to everyone who has asked such awesome questions!)

Consider the gun jumped

We had great aspirations of waiting until Thanksgiving weekend. But really, that’s like NEXT WEEK so it’s not like we went totally out of control here.

Yes. I’m talking about the Christmas tree.

And yes, we put ours up yesterday.

The glorious tree

Don’t hate me. But it was a cold, rainy, gray sort of day and I was seriously in the mood to decorate. Not to mention that we’ve been a little concerned about what Liam will do to a tree this year. He’s into everything as it is, so we can only imagine the tree. Our solution? Get it up and get him used to it early. And only decorate the top 3/4’s of the thing. Oh, and put it up while he’s napping so he’s not into everything while we’re trying to work.

So Liam woke up from his nap and Kile went to retrieve him wearing a Santa hat. We couldn’t wait to see what he thought of the tree, all lit up. I waited by the tree with the camera ready. His reaction?

Liam meets the tree

Okay, so not exactly what we were expecting or hoping for. I guess it was a little overwhelming for the poor kid. A minute later however, he was more interested in checking things out. Albeit from a safe distance and cradled comfortably in someone’s arms.

Okay, what IS this thing?

Eventually, he warmed up to the tree. He even deigned to sit next to it and gaze at it’s awesomeness for a while. I should be glad he’s not knocked it over already. But now he’s feeling peaked again (AGAIN?) and sick babies don’t get into a whole lot so I guess I should just count my blessings, right?

Enjoy the pretty

Thoughts Aside
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