DOOL? Seriously?

Welcome to the third installment of “embarrassing things about Marilyn!”  In the first installment you learned that she has a personal vendetta against herself and has taken to throwing herself off porches and fighting ice with a shovel in pursuit of the ultimate goal for a stay-at-home: free money (by way of disability insurance)! In the second installment you learned that she is an itinerant gamer and you better not ask her for free stuff n00b or you’ll get pwned.  In the last post I mentioned in passing a vague reference to Star Wars and thought we could begin this post with that. 

Marilyn’s interest in Star Wars started innocently enough in one of her classes in high school and resulted in outpatient treatment at a mental facility.  Okay I made that last part up but perhaps you get the picture that she doesn’t merely “like” Star Wars.  We’re talking memorizing the scripts and knowing what the last letter of the last word said in each movie spells when put together.  So now you’re thinking “big deal alot of people like Star Wars.”  Okay, then how do you explain her teenage obsession with Days of our Lives *blink blink*?  Okay granted it WAS the 80’s but still…say it slowly:  Days…Of…Our…Lives. The last time I looked we still had several of the scrapbooks she put together sitting in our garage not to mention scripts she wrote inspired by the movie “The Cutting Edge.”  Oh yes she was obsessed with everything ice skating in the 90’s and even dressed as Kate Mosely for halloween.  And dare I even mention “Titanic?” (“I’m the King of the World!”).  Somewhere we have a box of Titanic trinkets complete with a replica ticket for the doomed White Star Line ship.

Please accept my apologies for such a short post this week. I really could go on and on about Marilyn and her movie/tv fetishes but unfortunately this week had other plans for me (Little Steamy Croupy Boy anyone?) and I simply ran out of time.  Check back next week when I’ll start spilling the real dirt. Lolz!

4 thoughts on “DOOL? Seriously?

  1. Obsession with Days of Our Lives and Titanic? You say that like it’s unusual or weird.;) I too was a big fan of the Bradys and the Hortons and Titanic. Ah, the good old days.

  2. Of course I’m backing you up! You could say the sky was purple and I’d stand in your corner. I might ask Kile if you’re feeling okay, and tell Angela you’re acting silly, but I’d back you up.

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