Treading Water

I’m here.  Barely.  Thank goodness Kile (eventually) posted yesterday because I was not worth much to post myself.  You wouldn’t have wanted to read anything I would have put up, believe me.  I’m still not well.  But Kile won’t post for me today so here I am.  I slept last night on the couch downstairs.  My in-laws are in town which means Liam is once again sleeping in the pack n play in our closet.   But since he’s still fighting off this croup nonsense, and isn’t the easiest child to displace in the first place, he wasn’t terribly comfortable in our closet last night.  Add in that Kile was so tired that he had that tired man’s snore thing going on (please tell me you know what I’m talking about) and that I kept having to cough every two minutes and I was terrified that my coughing or his snoring would wake Liam up and then the shit would really hit the fan.  So I felt the best solution was for one of us to leave the room.  Well, two of us as it happened, as Beetoe followed me out.  I set up a makeshift bed on the couch.  It was hard to sleep there, hard to fall asleep, hard to stay asleep.  But I managed somehow and actually got some sleep.  At 6:30, I thought I heard rustling upstairs so I got up and used the bathroom.  When I came out, Kile was coming downstairs.  I asked him if Liam was still sleeping.  Apparently, he was so I decided I would go upstairs and lay down, try to sleep some more.  Okie.

Except it didn’t work that way (does it ever?).  I had been laying down for a few minutes when I heard Liam talking to himself from the pack n play.  So I got up him up and carried him downstairs.  By that point, I was awake so I just stayed up.  I was hungry too, but it was several hours before we had breakfast (we were waiting until the majority of the household was awake to make anything).  An hour or two after that, and Liam was ready for a nap.  I took him up and laid him down in his crib (since the in-laws were up by this time) and went into our room where I promptly collapsed into a heap on the bed.  About 30 minutes later, Kile came in and told me they were going to Carson City to run some errands.  I could get up and go with them (and get Liam up too) or stay here and nap and hang out with Liam.  I hadn’t had a shower so there wasn’t much choice there.

I tried to go back to sleep but about a half hour after that, I gave up.  I took my shower and had plans to come downstairs and work on a new design for the blog (yes, again).  I stopped by Liam’s room to listen and sure enough, he was up.  That was barely two hours, but ultimately a good thing because then he’ll probably want to nap here in a while again.  I hope.  I went to McDonald’s to pick me up some lunch (I have an unreasonable obsession with the Big Mac right now) and that leads us to the present.  I’m trying to work on the design some more and Liam is running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

I’m a little tired of being cooped up.  I haven’t been able to do much that’s fun all week long because Liam has been sick or I’ve been sick or both.  I’m also frustrated that the imaging lab has never called to set up the appointment for my ultrasound.  I’ll be 20 weeks on Tuesday (or 20 weeks, 3 days if you ask my OB) and I should have had this taken care of by now.  It’s like they KNOW I’m dying to have this ultrasound and find out the gender so they’re putting it off on purpose.  That’d totally be my luck, by the way.  So I’m just a big ol’ ball of frustration and hormones and tiredness right now.  Oh, and phlegm.   Nice combination.