Mellow Monday Musings

Like my alliteration there?  Thought you would.

What do you think of the new look?  I’m still working out the kinks (of course) so pardon my dust.  HOPEFULLY this will show up much better for everyone, myself included.  Hopefully, no more errors when posting posts or comments.  It’s been a trial to find a theme that is even remotely like what I want.  I actually really liked my old design but it just wasn’t working anymore and I lack the patience, time and knowledge to overhaul it.  The best solution was to get something new, but easier said than done.  I like a wiiiiiide design, large posting area and wide sidebars.  Oh, and I want the sidebars widgetized too because I totally have drunk the kool-aid.  And I want it to be WordPress 2.3 compatible.  And I want it to work decently in IE 6.


Like I said, it took a long time to find anything that was even close to what I wanted.  And, also like I said, lots of work remains to be done.  But I wanted to get this post up before the day dragged on any longer.

AND, I have fantastic news!  I finally got called by the ultrasound lab people and FINALLY got my appointment!  She first suggested one for next Tuesday and then I asked if there was anything sooner.  How’s Wednesday?  PERFECT.  This way, my obsessive need to have this ultrasound before Thanksgiving will be fulfilled.  Now if only the child will cooperate and show me the goods, I’ll have myself a very, merry Thanksgiving too.

please oh please oh please…