Nests are for the birds

Is it really still November?  Crikey it seems like this month just keeps going on and on.  Anyway what we were talking about?  Oh yes, embarrassing things about Marilyn!  What is it about being pregnant that brings out the nesting instinct in women?  Marilyn is already a bit of a “nester” even when she isn’t pregnant but it becomes overwhelming when she’s got a bun in the oven.  For her it manifests itself in the corner of our living room next to her chair and on the table between our chairs.  The other night after dinner I looked over at the table and my mind boggled at the pure physics of all the crap piled up.  Seriously, this pile of assorted cups, bowls, silverware, paper plates, etc. broke more than one law of physics not to mention the law of gravity.  The table itself is only measures about 18 inches across but the pile itself is about double that.  As Marilyn carefully placed another empty yogurt cup on the one side the whole structure groaned slightly and I swear I felt a tremor.  I looked at her aghast and the only thing I could muster was “Now that’s just a work of art!”  I’ve since cleaned said table off and as I sit and read this notice that the foundations have already been laid for the next masterpiece.  The pile next to her chair scares me.  I’m positive that everything we’ve lost in the past couple of years is somehow buried in that pile including several remotes, toys, small pets, etc.  I would clean it up but I don’t have a big enough stick or a gun.  I’ll warn you now that Marilyn will try to turn her nesting habits around to make it seem like its my fault and complain something about some tables sitting in the garage that I “haven’t done anything with yet even though I bought him a can of spray paint” but she’s really just deflecting the real issue and I guarantee that a bigger table will only provide a canvas for a bigger piece of art.  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  Nest week is my last post 😦

Post-Turkey Ruminations

Dear God.  I didn’t think that much food existed in the world.  I should have taken pictures of it all because I don’t think you all will believe me when I tell you it was more food than I’ve ever seen before in my LIFE.  We had our Thanksgiving with friends at their house and the sheer volume of food was just incredible.  It brings a tear to my eye to remember it all.  First off, there was snacks.  Veggie trays, fruit trays, seven-layer dips, salsa, french onion dip, deep fried sausage pockets and these egg roll things that I was assured were fantastic but I didn’t try.  Of course, then I noticed all the Hornsby’s.  If you aren’t familiar, Hornsby’s is a hard cider.  It’s alcoholic and quite possibly my favorite alcoholic drink ever (next to margaritas and appletinis, of course).  And there was SCADS of it.  And I could have NONE of it.  I consider that tantamount to torture.  I’m sure I could have easily finished off an entire six-pack on my own had I been able.  I LOVE that stuff.

Anyhow, there was plenty to eat even before the dinner was rolled out.  And oh.  The dinner.  First, there was a 25 pound turkey.  Have you ever seen a 25 pound turkey?  They’re ENORMOUS.  I swear, the thigh on this thing was bigger altogether than the turkey we had for Thanksgiving last year.  And instead of getting all dried out, it stayed moist which is a true testament to our friend’s cooking abilities.  But that wasn’t all.  We also had a 2 pound barbecued tri-tip that was marinated in something absolutely fantastic and I swear this stuff melted in your mouth.  It was SO GOOD.  But that wasn’t it.  No, we also had a giant spiral-cut ham too.  THREE kinds of meat.  Then there were two kinds of potatoes, cranberry sauce (the jellied kind), fruit salad, fruit salad with whipped cream in it, some sort of fluffy green jello sort of thing, cheese and broccoli casserole, cheesy zucchini and corn casserole, stuffing, homemade rolls with homemade honey butter, and gravy.  Can you picture this?  All this for 8 adults and 7 kids (two of whom are babies and only one of those babies ate even a tiny bit of the food).  So there were some serious leftovers.  And I didn’t even mention the PIES.  Oh dear god.  We had pumpkin (of course!), blackberry and blueberry, apple, coconut cream, and chocolate cream.  All homemade.  All with homemade whipped cream.  Liam was a huge fan of this whipped cream and the pumpkin pie.  I nearly blew up from all the food I ate.

We had a great time.  It was so much fun to hang out with people instead of being by ourselves.  Even though we had to constantly chase Liam out of the Hornsby’s (a kid after my own heart).  Harry had a great time and we barely saw him the whole day.  After dinner we all played on the Wii, which was great fun as always.  I somehow ended up in 4th place playing bowling which is just awful.  It was so much fun.  We went home with big smiles on our faces.  And then I collapsed in a heap and entered a turkey coma.

We had a “plan” to go shopping at 7 this morning.  I had seen a Kohl’s ad that showed boots (just like the boots I want!) on sale for $17, from their original price of $65.  Since I’m a mere shadow of myself without boots, I had to have them.  Imagine my surprise when I woke up not with the alarm at 6:30 as I was expecting, but at 7:30 with sunlight streaming through the window.  It took me another 20 minutes to convince Kile to get up.  And then we had to have breakfast.  And then Kile had to shower.  So it was 9:30 before we got to Kohl’s.  And yeah, there were no boots left in my size.  Dangit.  So that sorta put a damper on things.  I really wanted those boots.

We also called one of the ultrasound places in town to check their prices (the other place was closed).  It’s $100 for a 2-D gender determination and $200 for a 3-D/4-D ultrasound.  DAMN, I would like to do it.  I want to find out SO BAD.  But $100 just before Christmas?  I can’t forsake presents for this. If I was a cheesier sort of person, I’d set up donations on the blog here for a gender ultrasound.  But, that’s incredibly cheesy and other people have Christmas looming too!  Plus, much as you all are kind and express your anxiousness to find out along with me, I doubt you care as much as I do about finding out.  Shoot, I doubt ANYONE cares as much as I do about finding out.  I guess it’ll have to wait until at least January.

You have no idea how much this is killing me.