Christmas is upon us

We had a rough time with Christmas budgeting last year and that’s a trend that looks to continue this year. The good news is that next year it should be a lot better. We’ve just had to tighten the belt quite a bit lately and losing my design business revenue since Liam was born made a big difference. December was a pretty good month, interesting enough, for blog design. And it was nice to have that while we did.

We have a plan this year. Harry has asked for some fairly high dollar items (including something that he wouldn’t get even if I were a millionaire, a motorized dirt bike). We have it on good authority that his #1 Santa gift, a telescope, has already been purchased by family so we don’t have that to fret about. But he also wants a Wii. We would LOVE to get a Wii for him too. Because, shoot, we’d like one too. Those things are sick fun. Alas we figure our budget, per boy, is $100. And you cannot get a Wii for $100. We hope to get one soon, maybe after Christmas when we’ll have a great deal more money on hand. The thing is, we are already planning to get an Xbox 360 with Halo 3 after Christmas so the Wii may have to wait. We pretty much know what we’re going to get the boys so that’s a good thing.

We aren’t going to get each other much of anything. Because for the most part, what we want would definitely be out of the price range. Plus, the Xbox is going to be something of a family gift as we’ll all enjoy it. So that’ll be sort of like a post-Christmas Christmas present. But what we are going to do is get each other a bunch of small stocking-stuffer style gifts (think $5 to $10 price range) . This way we have some things to open and it should be funny. We did that years ago, back when we were still in an apartment and low on money and it was a blast. See, it’s not the presents that are important. It’s the fun and togetherness and the magic of the holiday. I hate that our society has made Christmas this giant commercial monster and you feel bad if you don’t spend at least $1000 on each member of your family. I don’t want to feel bad anymore.

Christmas is what we make of it. And I want to make it fun and magical for my kids this year. I’m through with worrying about being able to buy enough presents or the right present. I want to get some fun things to share with my family and sit under the tree, drinking hot chocolate and munching on popcorn and listening to Christmas music. And 20 years from now, my kids won’t remember what they got as a present this year, but hopefully they will remember (or rather, hopefully Harry will remember) all the fun we had together.

Thoughts Aside
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