Something Else

I was going to post a vitriolic post about my homicidal thoughts off the previous evening, but as often happens, I woke up this morning feeling a lot more calm and self-possessed. Too bad too, because it would have been a fabulous blog post. I had some great stuff planned. Ah well. C’est la vie.

Instead, let’s talk about this baby some more. I know, it’s ya’ll favorite topic, isn’t it? You just LOVE to hear about how I’m dying to find out what this baby is and how I’m so po’ I can’t go get a fancy ultrasound done to find out. (Though, I feel I must point out that a) my husband is paid once a month and since he’s the only one who works around here, that’s it for us for money and b) we avoid using credit like the plague. That means that if we need to buy a new mattress please Lord we have to have the money on hand. Same goes for Christmas presents and ultrasounds. So maybe you can see why December is a challenging month around here.) So whatever. We’ll get an ultrasound eventually, I’m sure (though probably not until after Christmas) and ONE of these days we’ll find out what this baby does indeed sport betwixt it’s knees. In the meantime, why don’t we have some fun with it?


Please vote.  This might help alleviate some of the obsessing I’ve been indulging in lately.  If it helps:

  • I was sicker this time than with previous pregnancies, although I have gotten progressively sicker with each pregnancy so far.
  • My hair hasn’t grown terribly fast this time and has been more prone to falling out though that might not mean anything and I haven’t been paying attention too much.
  • For those who like those Chinese calendar thingies, this baby was conceived in July and I was 31 at the time.
  • My face!  OMG, my face.  I nearly cry every time I look in the mirror.
  • The baby is awful low in my pelvis, but then, all  my babies after Harry have sat really low.  I like to joke that “broke the mold”.
  • In the first few months, I couldn’t stand meat, especially cheeseburgers or even worse, bacon cheeseburgers.  Now,  I can eat burgers again, but I prefer not to have bacon cheeseburgers still.
  • As with all my pregnancies, I really enjoy fresh fruit.  I tend to crave a little sweetness in the late afternoon.

Okay, I think that covers some of the basics.  If you have any specific questions you want answered before you vote, ask in the comments and I’ll answer via email and in the comments as well.  Vote, betches!