The end of NaBloPoMo

Wow.  It’s over!  It went by fast for me.  Did it go fast for you?  I know a lot of people struggled to find something to post about each day, or had a hard time finding the time to post every day.  But I didn’t have a hard time at all and that is not what I expected.  For the most part, there wasn’t a single day where I had to reach for something to post about.  There were a few Fridays (this one included) where it’s gotten to be four in the afternoon and I am instant messaging my husband to ask if he’s going to do his post for the day or did he forget? (For the record, he says he’ll post something today but that I might want to put something up in the meantime.  So if you’ve been enjoying his posts this month, be sure to check back later.  I’m sure he’ll have something just FABULOUS to write about me *sarcasm intended*.)

I’m proud of myself.  I really am.  I didn’t think I would have time or material and that I would really struggle to post every day.  And I did just fine.  It makes me think I could post every day from here on out, or at least until the new baby is born.  I should at least try, don’t you think?

Of course, I’m sure there’ll be at least a weekend or two here in December where I’ll be glad to NOT HAVE TO post anything.  And why did I participate?  Because I think it’s fun. It’s a challenge to myself.  I love to write, why not embrace it for at least one month out of the year?  There are prizes involved for the lucky few.  But I didn’t win a bleeding thing last year and I certainly don’t expect to win anything this year either.   But that’s okay.  That’s not why I signed onto this challenge in the first place, after all.  Prizes are nice, but just being a part of NaBloPoMo was even nicer.  And the fact that I stuck with it and came up with moderately interesting posts every single day makes me feel so happy, I could bust.

Happy End of November everyone!  Let’s get on with December!