Dude. So not right.

Heath Ledger.

Where do I begin?  I guess I should start by saying that I’m unnaturally upset by the news of his death.  Even just now, typing that sentence, I felt the urge to delete it.  Because I don’t want to really believe it.  I don’t want it to be true.  I want it to end up being a huge TMZ prank and we all start laughing because, “Oh, those guys!”   It’s not, and I know that.  But I keep hoping.  And then I wonder why I’m so upset and disturbed by this.

I didn’t know the guy personally, after all.  I can’t even quite remember the first movie I saw him in.  I CAN remember, however, the first movie I loved him in.  That was “10 Things I Hate About You”.  And if you haven’t seen it, rent it.   I don’t know what it was about that particular character.  I think maybe it was the part where he sang “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” to Julia Stiles’ character in front of the whole football field.  That was pretty much when I fell in love.  And it’s been love ever since.  I might not always love the movies he’s in, but I always can appreciate his performance.  Like “Brokeback Mountain” which I thought was actually a pretty mediocre movie.  Didn’t care for it much and for Jake Gyllenhaall even less.  BUT, say what you will about the movie, Heath Ledger was out of this world in that movie.  My husband, who actually grew up in Riverton, Wyoming (where the film supposedly mostly takes place and I can tell you, the real Riverton looks NOTHING like that), says that he was amazed at how well Heath nailed the average cowboy/ranchhand of the area and era.  He says he had to have known no less than five guys who acted just like Heath’s character (well, except for the whole gay thing).

Then, there’s his little girl.  Little Matilda.  All reports say that she just idolized her dad and that dad was just as enamored of her. Now… she has no dad.  Will she even remember him at all?  Or will she only have stories her mother tells her about her dad?  Or, even worse, just his films and her imagination?  I can’t imagine.

And, I can’t help but think it’s an enormous loss to Hollywood.  Here we had a young actor who had talent and great potential and he’s gone.  Last year, we had Anna Nichole and everyone just lost their minds when she died and what did SHE DO?  She had no acting talent.  No singing talent.  The two losses, side by side… well, there’s no comparison.  None at all.  Every death is a tragedy, of course, and the daughter Anna left behind is a tragedy in and of itself.  But which was the greater loss to Hollywood?  I don’t think it’s even a contest.

Then I look at Britney Spears… she’s got young children at home (and let’s face it, is moderately talent-less) and has everything to lose and we are supposed to tune in and watch her destroy her life one moment at a time.   And, considering the fragility of life and the outcome of throwing that life away… I just wish she would look beyond herself for a change.  I doubt Health Ledger’s death has even registered on her radar, but it should.

And, I guess I’m scared that if something were to happen to Britney, that we’d have a National Day of Mourning and she just doesn’t deserve it.

I’m not sure how this evolved into a rant about Britney.  I just wanted to say that Heath Ledger was a great actor, a great father and is a great loss to the entertainment industry.  Such a shame.  Such a loss.

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  1. I hate this too. For his family, him, and his audience. I had noticed him as a great and upcoming actor in several movies. Brothers Grimm was great, and I was slack-jawed when I saw it was him playing the Joker in the new Batman movie. I love that he was handsome but didn’t market himself as a heart-throb like he could have very easily done. He had so much potential, in my opinion, to be a huge name in Hollywood as he continued to grow and mature. Shame shame shame

  2. I think what’s so sad, in part, is the way the media is jumping to conclusions and misquoting him already. And he’s only been gone for 24 hours. That quote about him being “ready to die because he’ll live on in his child” or however he put it? That’s not all he said. They’re cutting that statement short. They quoted the whole thing on The View this morning and he went on to say something to the effect of his not looking forward to death, or welcoming it, or being ready for it anytime soon or something — now I wish I paid more attention but I didn’t so there you have it.
    I can’t say that I followed his career, or even was very aware of him as an actor. I did see a few of his movies, including Brokeback Mountain and The Patriot. But it did come as a huge shock nonetheless. Esepcially since he’s younger than I am. And I think, what would my baby do without her daddy? It’s just unimaginable. So, yes. It’s very sad and a tragedy for that family. And much more noteworthy than anything Ms. Spears could ever do.

  3. A very sad loss. It should make everyone realise how short life is, and how we should ALL enjoy each day that we have – especially those with our children.

  4. I agree that this is a tragic loss, particularly for little Matilda.

    I see the tragedy in so many of the lives of the young and famous. They have so much to lose and yet don’t even care. You are right on about Britney, who reminds me of Michael Jackson and her craziness. She is obviously so surrounded by “yes” people that she is oblivious to the fact that she has LOST her children. I am so glad my daughter is too young to be aware of her however there will just be another one coming up.

    I think that young Hollywood gets caught up in th living with no consequences and this is yet another example that you can’t dabble in drugs (if reports are true).

    It is so sad.

  5. I too was shocked by this news, just as I was shocked when River Phoenix died only more so because I’m older now and have a more developed sense of mortality, plus deaths of parents of young children seem particularly tragic to me now that I have a kid. Also River Phoenix was older than me, whereas Heath Ledger was younger.

    I have been BUGGED however, by the number of people who’ve said to me that he essentially had this coming because of his rampant drug use, or that he must have killed himself. I think the media is sensationalizing both aspects. I’m not saying he didn’t use drugs ever – it’s not like I knew the guy so I have no idea if he used drugs or not – I’m just saying there are a lot of conclusions being jumped to based on very little evidence. And the idea that he somehow deserved to die if he did use drugs, prescription or otherwise? Please!

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