Sunday Morning Slackers

I’m still considering locking things down around here.  What do you all think?  We could become the “Slacker” family (this of coruse assumes that we’re not already the slacker family) and the children could have amusing and appropriate nicknames.  I dunno.  It has it’s charms, right?

We’re not going to church this morning.  Good thing too, since church started a half hour ago.  Kile let me grab another hour of sleep this morning, bless his heart.  Evie just has this thing about waking up at 7:30, rain or shy, hell or high water.  So Kile got to sleep in yesterday and I got to sleep in today.  Works, don’t it?  It felt good too.  Of course, now I have a headache that I dare say is caffeine-related.  I’m having a cup of coffee as we speak so you’d think that’d help.  But it’s not Rockstar and perhaps that’s the problem.  I think it’s time that I admit I have a problem.

I’ve been a knitting fool this weekend (speaking of which, see the handy new project progress bars in my sidebar there?  Su-weet!).  My parents sent me some birthday money so I went out yesterday and got some yarn and another pair of circular needles.  I’m hoping to start a “longies” project for Evie this week.  If you don’t know what “longies” are, no worries.  They’re basically pants that are meant to be used also as a diaper cover.  I’m a little scared to start it, since it’ll involve a couple more complex moves I haven’t tried yet, such as short rows and the kitchener stitch, but I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out too.  I didn’t spend a fortune on the yarn, since this is my “test” project anyhow. Meanwhile, Kile’s hat has remained untouched for the last several days and Harry’s scarf is getting longer and longer.  I took the “blob” that I started knitting with and turned it into a bag. Right now, I’m making up an “icord” to use as a strap.  I’m so crafty, I kill myself.

Speaking of my birthday (we were, weren’t we?), I had a rather nice time Friday night.  Kile made me some absolutely wonderful lobster ravioli with scampi sauce and ZOMG it was to die for.  I did get a cake and it was marvelous as all cakes virtually are.  Liam loved my cake most of all, I think.  Evie even got a taste of it off my finger and didn’t seem to know what to think of it.  I got presents too!  Slippers, fleecy jammies and a robe.  These are good things to have in a house as frigid as ours, especially since a storm blew through Friday night that has caused the daytime high to top out around 30 degrees.  Good times.

On the whole, it’s been a nice weekend.  I can’t believe Christmas is almost upon us (gulp), but am ready to embrace it.  I don’t think we’re going anywhere today and that’s just fine by me because we are still having to ride around in Kile’s van and the alignment is off or something because it shakes and rattles something fierce and basically makes me want to freak the heck out.  So the less time I have to ride around in that thing, the better.

Okay.  Back to my knitting.  The only thing I have to decide is… start the longies or work on another project?  Decisions, decisions!

(okay, this is the SECOND time I’ve thought I’ve published an entry and I haven’t in as many days.  I completely blame the new WordPress version.)

3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Slackers

  1. I wasnt sure where to leave this comment, here or or the last entry b/c I”m kinda answering your question in this one! hee.

    I’ll tell you what I’ve decided. I’m totally pulling a Scarlet from now on (I actually think Sweetney did it as well) – I’m just going to ignore the negative out there. When it comes to my site (which it has, thanks to a certain blog) I just delete it! And I’m not going back to negative sites that mention me. Therefore, I can keep writing on my blog the way I want to and just not face the negative out there.

    Want to stick your head in the sand with me? I think if we do it long enough, they’ll leave us alone.

    Now – can I tell you how jealous I am you’ve started knitting? BAH! I totally want to try but I know I’ll suck (let’s just say I’ve had bad crocheting experiences, okay? hehe).

  2. Zoot – Knitting isn’t all that much like crocheting. You should try it, some cheap yarn, some cheap needles… You can learn from videos online, even.

    Marilyn – where did you get your project bars? Are they Ravelry related?

    Kaits last blog post..Oh Man!

  3. Yeah, I can’t crochet either. My grandma tried to teach me a gazillion times when I was younger. But I can knit a scarf like nobody’s business. Of course, that’s about all I can knit. I’m stuck in a scarf-rut. But I like it. So, I say, if you want to learn, go for it!!!

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