Well THAT was a bust

Like a great deal of this nation’s population, I had intentions of seeing “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” yesterday.  I’ve been waiting for this!  Watching the trailers and reading the magazine articles and counting down the days.  I told Kile under no uncertain terms that we would be going to the drive in on opening day to see it.

If you’ve been around here any length of time at all, you know that the drive in is how we see movies these days.  As we have no babysitters/family/friends or anything to watch the kids for us, if we can’t take them, we don’t go.   And taking them to a regular theater just ain’t gonna work.  Because unlike quite a few people these days, we actually care about the people around us.  I simply would not subject them to Liam AND/OR Evie at this stage in the game.  So the drive in it is.

We love the drive in!  First run movies, cheaper, and either from the comfort of our van or enjoying the evening breeze from our camp chairs.  The kids love it!  It’s exciting and something different.  It’s an adventure!

Last night we showed up about an hour early to sit outside the gates.  Even so, we were about sixth in line.  We got in, parked, met with friends, bbq’d some burgers and hot dogs for dinner, hung out and enjoyed one another.  Then the movie started.  Along with about fifteen different previews.  Holy moses, yo! But the movie eventually began and I was just starting to get into it.  Evie had just started to nut up and Harry had just gotten to Hogwarts (after getting a sound beating from Malfoy).  Then?


The screen went black, the sound went to static and I went, “WTF??”

They blew a transformer.  Even the stoplight outside the drive in was out.  Can I get a “GAH!!”?

On the way home (because dood, the show was over) (they gave us free passes though), I joked to Kile that it was the air conditioning that did it.  Yesterday was the hottest day so far this year (you know, at least until TODAY) (or TOMORROW… 100, gah!).  Someone up in the projection booth got hot and said to themselves, “Dang, I’m gonna turn on the a/c!  It’s sweltering up here!  What could happen?”  Famous last words.

I swear, the air conditioning is 90% of why the power goes out here in the west during the summer.  Because who wants to be hot?  I sure don’t!

Then again, I would have liked to have seen the rest of the movie too.  Apparently it wasn’t as simple as flipping a breaker.  The transformer blew so the power company had to come out to fix it.  We would just figure on trying again tonight but we have no idea if they’ve fixed it or not.  And calling the information line yields no results, but maybe later in the day.

In the meantime: NO HARRY POTTER FOR ME!  WOE!  That’s just not right.  Am sad now.

2 thoughts on “Well THAT was a bust

  1. Well, I’m planning to see it next week some time since Paul is on vacation. That means I can escape during the day and see it, but I don’t want to put up with all the masses of summer vacationing kids. So, if you get to see it before me, and you’re gonna post about it, PLEASE, I beg of you, warn me first!!

  2. Wow that stinks that they blew a transfomer. Would have been weird if it blew when they were showing “transfomers”. I love the drive in too. It’s so much more fun and more of a social experience.

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