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Art by @pintosketches

(Set in S4.5)

It was nearing midnight when their food arrived at Big Belly Burger. 

Felicity was talking…

“I think my brain is starting to melt…” She waved at her ear, making a face. “Right out of here. I can feel it, just disappearing.”

… and Oliver was chuckling at the imagery – more specifically at the way her nose scrunched, and how stuck around longer than usual when she was really tired, like they both were tonight. It’d been a long week of chasing a new Big Bad (something Felicity had started calling their foes), a persona who’d been just as elusive in person as in the internet world. But they’d finally caught up with them – it’d been a him and a her. Now it was time for some food and then much needed rest.

“That sounds messy,” Oliver replied, glancing over when he spotted Johny carrying their plates over. It smelled heavenly.

“It is,” Felicity said with a shrug. She leaned on the table with a tired sigh. “Brains are messy.”

It was so ridiculously simple and cute and matter-of-fact that Oliver couldn’t help chuckling again, and this time it elicited a matching one from Felicity.

“Here we go, you two,” Johny said, dropping off their baskets. “I’ll be right back with the rest.”

“You’re a blessing,” Felicity called after her as the waitress disappeared. She grabbed the ketchup and mustard. “I never know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing when you can walk into a place and they just know what you want.”

“A good thing,” Oliver supplied, taking the ketchup after her. “You are pretty memorable with that ketchup/mustard swirl.”

“It’s delicious,” Felicity said, dunking a fry just as Johny appeared again.

“Alright,” she said with flourish, dropping off one large chocolate milkshake. The keyword there being one. “Anything else?”

Oliver and Felicity both froze, staring at the single milkshake. It hadn’t been that long since they’d been here together, had it? It’d been months? Really? This had been their usual order when they’d been together – two burgers, extra fries and one milkshake, to share. 

(”Because calories are better when they’re shared.”)

He had no idea if he should say yes or ask for another one.

Felicity saved him.

“It’s great,” she said, breaking eye contact with the milkshake first. She smiled at Johny. “Thanks, J.”


With a smile that looked a little too forced, Felicity grabbed the straw and tore it open before dunking it into the shake. She took a healthy drink, her dark pink lips wrapped around the straw so very intimately. 

Oliver didn’t move, not until she met his eyes again. It was only when he saw her smile that he finally let himself take a breath. She slid the shake over to him and he caught it easily, taking a sip.

And then they continued talking, as if nothing had happened.

It was easier than he thought it would, easy and natural.

They were okay. 

They were going to be okay.

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Vote now for Ship of the Year by liking and reblogging your OTP here on Tumblr! Remember, notes = votes, so  be sure to show your favorite ship some love and tune into the 2016 @mtvfandom​ Awards on July 24th at 8/7c to see who wins!

Art by @pintosketches

I saw another reblog thread here where people were sharing gifs of the moment they started shipping Olicity hardcore. I know I’ve talked about my moment many times before but… I’m gonna talk about it again. OOPS. 

This right here. I mean, the whole episode was gold, especially starting with the Count’s phone call to Oliver at the courthouse. I saw Oliver’s face and I just… WOW. I was riveted. He saved her. He broke his vow to Tommy to save her life. There was no choice to make. This was what pushed me from “oh they’re cute together, I hope they hook up” to “i will ship this couple for the rest of my life.” 

This moment sums up their relationship to me. She reaches for him, concerned he was shot, the same time he reaches for her. They save each other. They make each other better. They are two halves of a whole. Two years before “synchronicity” hit our screens, we saw it in this moment. 

For me, it doesn’t get any better than this, as far as a “this is my OTP” moment. 

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