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Art by @pintosketches

Snippet #2 of “ready for the fall”, my upcoming @olicityficbang story, posting August 15!


“Listen. I didn’t just come here to bandage your physical wounds. I know you’re hurting and I know why. I can’t leave you alone like this.”

The darkness in his eyes was filled with storms of emotion. She saw all of them swirling as he looked at her. “This has nothing to do with you, Felicity,” he said, his voice low and verging on threatening.

Felicity knew what he was going to try to do. Push her away, lash out like an injured wildcat, yell her out of the cabin and back to Starling where she’d… what? Be safe from him? Hardly. She hadn’t been safe from this man since the moment he stepped into her cubicle.

“It has to do with you, Oliver, which means that it has to do with me too. Because I’m your friend, I’m your partner, and I care about you.”

“Well, you shouldn’t,” he growled. “I’m not worth it, Felicity.”

Anger surged. “Don’t say that! You don’t get to decide that for me, Oliver Queen. You’re not the one who decides other people’s feelings. And you’re wrong. You are worth it. Everything I’ve seen over the last year shows me a man who cares so deeply about his city and the people in his life that he’s willing to sacrifice everything. That is a good man.”

Some of the strength sapped out of Oliver and his shoulders slumped. He looked down at the table, his face twisted in pain. “I failed, Felicity. I failed to save the city, my mother is going to prison, Laurel died…”

Felicity blew out a breath and scooted closer to Oliver. She reached out and took his hand, which had been sitting, clenched, on his knee. “You didn’t fail, Oliver,” she assured him. With her thumbs, she rubbed at his fingers until they loosened and she was able to wrap her own fingers around his. “Imagine if you hadn’t been there, if the Undertaking had gone off without any hitches. Moira wouldn’t have warned the city in time for so many to be able to evacuate, both devices would have gone off which would have doubled the damage…”

“Felicity…” he whispered, pained. He still didn’t look up at her. “I know what you’re trying to do.”

“Laurel wouldn’t have even known she should get out of there.” At that, Oliver did look up, his eyes wide and blue on hers. “She would have been at work, going about her business and that building would have still fallen on her. It would have fallen on everyone in there. And that would have happened in every building throughout the Glades. Oliver, without you, the destruction would have been catastrophic.”

He was staring at her as though she’d just told him she’d found the cure for cancer in her spare time. She could see unshed tears shining in his eyes. He didn’t speak, but he squeezed her hand and she squeezed back. She gave him a moment to collect himself, waiting while he ducked his head and swallowed thickly.

“I just… I don’t know how to shed this guilt I feel. Its everywhere, crushing me,” he told her, his voice breaking a little and she was off her chair in a flash.

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