Things that make me happy for no good reason

I love looking at fun things on the internet.  I’m pretty sure that’s the PURPOSE of the internet – To give us fun things to look at.  It’s entertainment and if you’re not being entertained by the internet, well, then you’re doing it wrong.  Sometimes, if I need a little pick me up, the best thing is a good video.  Mostly, I like fanvids because there are some talented people out there making videos about things I care about to songs that I enjoy and I want to enjoy those things.  If you’re unaware, a fanvid is literally a video made by a fan.  Generally set to music, but not always.

Anyhow, here are some of my favorites, just in case you need a pick me up too.  If you’re a sci-fi geek and/or Doctor Who fan, obviously you’ll probably enjoy them more than someone who isn’t.

That one is multi-fandom and is set, predictably, to Nikki Minaj’s incomparable “Starships”.  If you love sci-fi, it’ll give you tingles.  I get a little choked up just seeing the Firefly stuff.  I miss Firefly.