As a rule, I hate disclaimers. Mostly because so many of them are so stupid. Actually, I should probably revise that. It’s not really the disclaimers themselves that are stupid, but the people who necessitate the disclaimer. I mean, do I honestly have to be told the coffee is hot and I could burn myself when I myself have just ordered HOT COFFEE?? While watching a commercial where the car being advertised flies across a city landscape, do I honestly need to be told the car in question does not actually FLY?? I’d like to think that I can figure out a great majority of this for myself and I would have thought my fellow Americans would be the same way but I suppose that’s being too generous in my estimation of them.

All that said, I’m going to put a disclaimer on this here blog. Because like a lot of these companies who use these goofy disclaimers, I need to protect myself and let a few rather simple truths be stated. You know, just in case someone decides to freak out that “they been done wrong” on this here blog then I can just point to this handy disclaimer and say, “Read the fine print, buster!” Clever, huh? I thought so. So here goes:

  1. The opinions expressed on this here blog are mine.  No one paid me to say anything.  If I seem to be promoting a certain product or something, it’s because I well and truly enjoy that product and want you all to know how great it has made my life.  That said, the comments are NOT my opinions.  Those belong to other people.  So a) don’t get pissed at ME for something someone else has said and b) don’t credit me for something someone else has said.  Knowing the difference between a post and a comment is pretty vital here.
  2. Because this is MY blog and I pay for the hosting and the domain name and my own blood, sweat and tears have gone into it, I reserve the right to pretty much talk about whatever I’d like to talk about.  If referring to persons in my daily life, I will protect their privacy by using a pseudonym or some other vague factor.  But if I want to talk about someone, I can and I will because this is my space to do with as I please.  Which isn’t to say that gives me license to be mean and nasty to people.  I try to give everyone their fair shake but if I’m stressing about something, more frustration might pour through than not.  Don’t get your panties into a wad.  If you have an issue, email me.
  3. This relates to item #2: If you leave a nasty comment, you pretty much are leaving yourself open to ridicule.  By me, by other commenters, by the world at large.  This goes for comments that disagree with the “majority” as well.  I’m not going to reprimand anyone for having a separate opinion, but then you can’t get all bent out of shape when people jump all over you, call you names, etc and so forth.  That’s the way an open community works and I would like to preserve that honesty if at all possible.
  4. That being said, I reserve the right to delete any comments that I find offensive either to me personally or to other commenters.  I won’t tolerate open flaming.  And the distinction between expressing outrage at a commenters behavior and then out and out calling people nasty names must be made.  And I reserve the right to make that distinction.  Disagreeing is not flaming.  Being unreasonable, rude and nasty is.  That’s how I call it.
  5. I don’t generally delete posts off this blog.  If something I have written offends you, definitely contact me.  But I cannot guarantee it will be removed because I believe in transparency here on this blog.  My writing is a diary of sorts, a record of my daily life.  If I go editing and deleting posts, it’s essentially trying to edit my history and that just isn’t what I want to do here.  I write often as a way to vent emotions.  If I’m upset and I rant about something on this blog, chances are I feel infinitely better as soon as I hit “publish” and the issue is over for me.  So please don’t read too much into my posts.  If I seem upset, chances are I was at the time but now feel better.  If you are concerned and the issue involves you, CONTACT ME.  I cannot stress this enough.
  6. Again, in case you didn’t hear me the first few times: Contact me if you have an issue with me or what I have written.  You can’t take back comments once they are published and numerable eyes see them.  If in doubt, contact me privately and we’ll discuss whatever it is.  Think before you post, because you might regret it later. (Believe me, I know this one well.)
  7. Don’t you dare steal any of my stuff.  That goes for graphics, photos and posts.  If I find you have stolen my content I will do whatever I can to make sure you suffer.  Okay, maybe not.  But I’ll do what the law says I can do.  Everything on this blog is protected under my own copyright.  If you steal, I will know.  This is your warning.
  8. Play nice, have fun and enjoy this blog.  I write for myself, not an audience, but I love knowing that I have people out there who read what I write and respond to it.  You guys ROCK!

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