Stuff you don't want to know

As referenced in this post here, I was a guest vendor on a “congo” over on Hyena Cart yesterday.  I was very excited and nervous about it.  I have my own little Hyena Cart shop, I pretty much only sell slots on my customs list and maybe the occasional stitch marker.  It doesn’t get a lot of attention and I get most of my customs from my message board pals.  I was nervous about stocking something already made.  Would anyone actually WANT it?   Or would it be a spectacular fail?


It wasn’t a fail.  Far from it.  I’m stil in shock today.  I sold the shorts I made right away, sold both of the customs slots I stocked and the auction on the skirt I made is currently at $170.  This, quite literally, blows my mind.  Unbelievable.


Liam’s birthday was a RAGING success on Tuesday.  He had a great day, which I think is the best thing we could have done for him.  Liam really responds to the gift of “quality time”.   We picked up Kile from work to go to Evie’s 15 month pediatrician appointment and he took the rest of the day off.  We went to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch (which was like crack for that kid, he LOVED IT).  After, we ventured next door to Toys R Us to spend some birthday money from his grandparents.  He walked out with a ride-in toy car (that we literally have to keep out of sight in the garage or we will never get him out of it), a “Cars” pillow for his bed (that he keeps trying to cart around with him) and a couple more “Cars” cars to add to the ever-growing collection.  This was on top of all the “Cars” stuff that we got him as presents.  We did a little shopping before heading home and after playing hard for a couple hours, we all went to McDonald’s for dinner: Liam’s favorite restaurant.  Then it was home to cake and ice cream and presents.


What a great day!  And what a lucky kid!


As I said, Evie had a pediatrician appointment on Tuesday.  She’s doing great and had a fabulous time ripping around the room in her diaper while we waited for the doctor.

She comes in at 50% for weight and 40% for height.  Yay for my average girl!  She did have to get a couple of shots, which she did NOT like.  And, quite frankly, they made her a Crankapotomus for the next day or two.  So far, she seems fairly genial today, so I hope that means we’re in the clear.  Whew!


I can’t blame any crankyness on Evie’s part on lack of sleep these days.  We got a room-darkening shade for her window this weekend.  Her room gets the bulk of the morning sun and since the sun is up at an ungodly hour these days, she was waking up rather early.  And I always got the impression that she was still tired but she would NOT go back to sleep.

With the shade up?  She is sleeping in until at least 9am EVERY DAY.  Now, this may even out after she gets used to it… but for now?  OMG, I love it.  It keeps her room a little cooler too.  The boys have a shade too, but theirs is “light-filtering” which means it doesn’t make it darker at all.  However, Liam is a fantastic sleeper and I never have to complain about him getting enough sleep or waking up too early.

I just LOVE having some time in the morning to get some things done and have peace and quiet.  I better enjoy it while I can, because who knows how long it will last!


I recently discovered “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” was playing on the “Gospel Music Channel”.  I didn’t even know we GOT that channel, but apparently we do.  I used to watch “Dr. Quinn” back in high school and it was something my friends and I would giggle and talk about.  We even passed notes about such subjects as “courtin’ and sparkin'”, Sully’s braid, and our dislike for Matthew’s girlfriend, Ingrid.  Good times, man.

Now, watching these episodes again, takes me RIGHT back to those days in high school and hanging out with my friends.  It’s been a wonderful walk down memory lane.  I’ve been DVRing the episodes and watching them while the kids are napping or at night after they’re in bed and Kile is playing his computer game.

Oh the memories!


We finally got some strollers for our trip to Florida next month (gulp!).  It’s feeling more real all the time that this trip is actually going to happen and I’m scared stiff.  I know it’s going to be loads of fun.  But the plane trip scares me.  Mostly, the fact that we’re doing a plane trip with two small children.  And that one of those children, Evie, doesn’t have her own seat booked.  So she’s on my lap.  CROSS COUNTRY.  This is not good, my friends.

The airport(s) and the plane trip are easily what I’m most nervous about.  I think once we get there, we’re all going to have a marvelous time.  I’ll have the almighty Jesus Phone (read: the iPhone) with me, so hopefully I’ll be able to post quick updates and snapshots here and there.

Oh and pray I don’t blind anyone at the pool when I wear a bathing suit with my pasty, white skin.


We’re getting SOD tomorrow!  SOD!!  This is HUGE!

We’ve lived in this house for over 5 years now, and just NOW are finally getting something of a landscaped backyard.  The sod will be delivered at the crack of dawn and Kile plans to get out there and lay it before it gets hot.  I sure hope he isn’t expecting me to join him.  I’ll cheer him on in spirit, as I’m sleeping soundley in my cozy, cool bed.

Seriously though, this is a great thing!  The kids will be able to run through the sprinklers at last (we’ve always been reluctant to do this before because the front yard is so exposed and the grass patch out there isn’t terribly large) (or flat).  And the dogs will have some place to crap!  SIGH.  Oh well.  The good with the bad, yes?

The next step will be to pour a cement patio (I have NO idea when this will happen, only that it’s the plan so far) and to buy some trees and plants and such to finish stuff out with.  But the grass?  That’s a huge chunk of it.


So that’s all I’ve got to say.  For now. Are you glad I shared?

He is Three

Today is Liam’s birthday.  It’s been three years since that wonderful, AMAZING day where he was born.  I can say without hesitation that it was the best day of my life.   Even now, thinking of it brings a big smile to my face.

Brand New

It has been a wild and crazy three years with little Liam in our lives.  He’s the sort of child that will NOT be pushed to the side, that will NOT be not noticed, that will NOT be just your average “middle child”.  He quite deftly marks his place in our lives and it’s all we can do to just keep up with him.

He’s a ball of energy, a life-force to be reckoned with.  It’s easy to forget that he is small and just as frail as the rest of us.  Because he’s a “tough guy”.  I’ve never seen a child fall down quite as much as Liam does.  And mostly, he picks himself back up with a yell of “I’m okay!” and he’s back at it again.

Three is the age I dread.  He’s already such a handful, that I’m afraid of having more heaped on my plate.  But at the same time, I have to admit, this new age and maturity has been kind of… FUN.  He’s talking more, doing more and actually even listening more.  Still, I don’t want to make it sounds like he listens to us often.  Just more than NEVER which is how he was before.

He has great capacity of cruelty when it comes to his little sister.  He sees nothing wrong with running up to her and smacking her on the head, pushing her over, tripping her as she takes her first toddling steps and stealing toys from her on a whim.  I get the impression that he feels entitled to rough her up a little, seeing as she just waltzed into his life and took his position as “baby”.   Plus, she is JUST a baby, she doesn’t need that doll/sippy cup/car/book.  Liam finds himself in “baby jail” (aka the pack n’ play) quite often because of this.

He also has great capacity to love.  Perhaps, he’s the most loving of all the kids.  He’s the most likely to run up to you in the middle of playing to give you a spontaneous hug and kiss.  Despite the frequent brutalizing of Evie, he shows a great deal of concern for her when she’s unhappy.  And he just idolizes Harry, following him around like a puppy dog and clamoring for his attention.   He’s a papa’s boy at heart and would quite happily go off to work with Kile every day, just to be near him.   His favorite place to hang out in the mornings is on Kile’s lap, sippy cup in hand and stuffed dolphin tucked under his arm.

He loves cars.  Like most boys his age, Hot Wheels cars are his vice.  And the movie “Cars” is arguably his biggest obsession.  He would watch that movie 24/7 if I let him.  I have a strict “1 ‘Cars’ per day” viewing policy.  It’s adorable to watch him get so into something.  His fondness for Disney comes next and for months now he has been able to identify the Disney logo.  And while no Disney movie is quite as fabulous as “Cars”, it still is a cause for celebration.  And I may be scared of traveling across country with this wild, ball of energy, but the look on his face when he first sees Disney World and the cruise ship will make it all worth it, I am sure.  I literally cannot wait to see what he thinks of it all.  What will he do when face to face with Mickey Mouse himself?  The child’s head might just pop off his shoulders.

This isn’t a terribly eloquent post and it’s hard to be eloquent about a child like Liam.  He’s a do-er.  He’s a mile a minute.  He’s a lot of everything in a small package.  And quite simply, I cannot imagine our lies without him.  Quieter and more peaceful, perhaps, but also emptier.

So happy birthday, Liam.  I can’t believe how fast you’re growing.  And I look forward to watching you grow some more.

He deserves so much more

Papa Bear and his broodToday is my husband’s birthday.  And I feel a little bad becasue there just isn’t all that much I can get/do/etc for him today to make his day special.  I’ve already explained how I don’t leave the house so going out to buy gifts is a no-go.  I let him pick out a few things on the weekend when we were out shopping (among them: new shorts, a bottle of scotch, Call of Duty 4, and iPod headphones) and he’s currently deciding what he’d like to do best for dinner tonight (have me cook, bring in take-out or go out to eat).  But really, he deserves so much more for his birthday.

He works hard.  Like most people today, he worries about losing his job and how he would take care of his family if that were to happen.  True, he’s maybe a little more insulated from that tragedy that some people, but he never acts like it.  He acts like every day is the difference between keeping and losing his job.  While it keeps him vigilant and at the top of his game, it’s an awful lot of stress to take on.

He takes care of his family.  Aside from being Liam’s “buddy” on the weekend (we each have a “buddy” and since Evie is sitll nursing, she’s my buddy by default), he does a lot to take care of the kids.  He gives the little ones baths.  He shares in the feeding and diaper changing duties.  He plays rambunctuous papa games with the little ones, the sort of things that mama never does like flipping them over to make them giggle.

He makes us dinner, almost every night (pretty much the only nights he doesn’t make dinner is when we eat out.  It’s very rare that he asks me to make dinner).  And he makes really yummy food too!  Just last night, he grilled us up some burgers that were out of this world.  I love when he makes these burgers; he got the inspiration from In n’ Out’s “Animal style” burgers.  He grills them in mustard, puts some cheese on and then tops them with grilled onions.  Just thinking about them makes my mouth water.  And what about the penne pasta tossed with smoked sausage and stir-fry vegetables.  A simple dish, but SO tasty!  And he does this every night, after working all day.

He’s also very good to me.  He goes out of his way to make my birthdays and Mother’s Days special.  He gives me a break when I need it and nurses me back to health when I do something stupid like breaking my ankle.   He makes an effort to spend time with me and we do an at-home “date night” once a month.  He doesn’t ever object to watching a chick flick when I really want to see it.  He’s a shoulder to cry on and a companion to share my life with.

I’m sad to think of him at work today, but that was his choice.  I’m even sadder, though, for him to be feeling bad about his birthday.  It’s never easy turning one year older.  And I just wish I could do more to make him feel celebrated today.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart.  I love you!

To Her Royal Highness, on her first birthday

Dear Evelyn, (also known as my ONE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER. GAH.)

You may recall (or not) that your first birthday was on Friday.  This was largely the reason we went to visit Elko last weekend.  The prospect of celebrating such a huge milestone in not only your life but in ours as well here alone at home with just a store-bought cake between the lot of us was just plain depressing.  You know, because we have no friends.

I think it’s the leprosy.


We emerged from the cozy cocoon of our abode and ventured forth to a foreign land (Elko) to break bread with our family there and I’m so glad we did.  Not only was it nice to see and hang out with everyone there, it was nice to get away from home and the rigors of daily life (otherwise known as your brother Liam… not that he wasn’t there but that dealing with him in a new environment was… refreshing).


You were darned cute in your birthday outfit that I worked so hard to scrape together.  Though I wager you could have worn a paper sack and been just as adorable.  I think it’s that dimple in your cheek.  It makes you instantly edible.  You were the center of attention and not jut because it was your birthday (though I’m sure that helped), but because you just flourished under the attention.  You would play shy, covering your eyes with your fists or turning into my shoulder, but it wouldn’t be long before you would flash your dimple and smile with your pearly white teeth and hearts were broken all over.


You had a great time at your party.  You got to eat pizza for the first time and it was a huge hit.  Though we do have to work on either a) me cutting you smaller pieces or b) you actually chewing and swallowing one piece at a time or c) both because you also had a great time gagging on the pizza and giving your poor mother a heart attack.


Yet again you enjoyed being the absolute center of attention and enjoyed everyone’s reactions more than you enjoyed your first taste of chocolate cake.  I think this can’t possibly bode well for us in the future.  I am thinking I should enjoy your rather silent nature now, while it lasts.  Though you’re not entirely silent.  You are saying a few words, FAR sooner than either of the boys.  It all started with “pretty” and has expanded steadily since.  What can I say?  You’re a smart girl.


You have a great appetite, which is a refreshing change after Liam.  In fact, there are times I have to remind myself to let you try something new instead of writing if off like I have gotten used to with him.  Food you love: cheese puffs (the Gerber variety), graham crackers, McDonald’s apple pie, belgian waffles and yogurt melts.  Though, honestly, you’ll pretty much try everything.  Now if only we could convince you to try to drink out of a cup!  Right now, anything plastic is strictly verboten.  I’m hoping this will change soon.  Not that I am especially looking forwad to when you wean, but that it would be nice to have other options for getting liquid in your body.


You finally got some toys that are YOURS for your birthday.  Most of them are obnoxiously pink/girly, in hopes that this will encourage Liam to leave them alone and let you play with them.  So far, it’s not working.  He’s a huge fan of your stroller/walker and often sets his dolphin and cup in it to take them for a spin.  But on the occasions that your naps do not overlap too much, I make sure you have a good opportunity to play around on the floor with ALL the toys, not just the ones that are specifically yours.  And I rest assured in the knowledge that some day you will be as big or bigger than Liam is and will be able to stand up for yourself a little better.  At least, I hope so.  Don’t be a doormat, my love.  Don’t let that bully walk all over you.  From what I’ve seen of your spirit so far, I don’t think I need to worry.


You do tend towards dramatics from time to time, when the boys would not.  But so far, you generally always have a good reason for melting down; tired, hungry, smacked in the head by your jerk of a brother, etc.  For the most part though, you are very easy going and I never worry about taking you somewhere with me.  You did very well in Elko and while you would not stay in your pack n’ play all night, you don’t stay in your crib all night here either so I wasn’t expecting that.  You would nap there quite happily though and never seemed nervous or scared of the new and different surroundings.  I’m thinking this trait will come in handy this summer when we travel to Florida.  I’m already breaking out in hives just thinking about it.

All that said, I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have you.  I always knew I wanted a daughter but I never knew just how special and wonderful it could be to have a girl in my life.  I’m really looking forward to the years ahead and what new things you will learn and do.  I hope we can always be close.  I hope you don’t hate me too much when you get to be a teenager.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl.  You are precious to me.

Love, Mama

Five Years of Missed Birthdays

Jackson’s birthday is strange this year.  It’s not like the previous years have been.  For one thing, I feel so busy.  Not quite too busy to remember, but too busy to fixate, that’s for sure.  Evie’s birthday had us all in an uproar, as did our trip to Elko.  Today, consequently, is all about getting back to real life.  Harry going back to school, Kile going back to work, me and the little ones getting back to  our routine.

I would have liked to have visited the cemetary today, but I don’t think I’ll be able to manage.  Sure, I could pack up the kids and drive down to get Kile and we could all go over.  But I don’t want to overextend myself either and I’ll have to be packing them up tomorrow to take them (by myself!) to Evie’s pediatrician appointment.  But Kile has said that he will visit and bring him some flowers.

This morning, when I reminded Harry whose birthday it was today and how old he would have been, he replied, “He could have been my friend.  We could have played together.”  Yep, he sure could.  Harry and Jackson would have been much closer in age and I think they would have had a great time together.  As much fun as he has with Liam, I think Harry would have had a buddy in Jackson.  I’m sorry he never got that chance.

I don’t have much to say this year.  I don’t know what to say.  The fact that it has been five years blows me away.  Jack would have been going to kindergarten this summer.  He wouldn’t have been a baby anymore.  He would have been a full-fledged little boy.  Would he have been ornery like Liam?  Calm like Harry and Evie? Would he have been into trucks and trains or superheros and video games?  So many unanswered questions.

On this, the fifth anniversary of his birth and death, I wanted to highlight all the posts I have written for Jackson over the years.  I’ll start with last year and work backwards:

Each post, each year, is a snapshot in time.  How we were grieving, how we were living with Jackson, how we were coping and moving forward and living our lives.  I didn’t write a letter this year.  Maybe I will and just tuck it back somewhere that only I can see it.  Either way, he will be remembered.  Not a year, not a day, will go by without him being remembered.

Happy Birthday, Jackson.

Birthday Girl


Today is the day I’ve been dreading since I first found out I was pregnant back in August of 2007.  Evie turns one year old today (one minute ago, to be exact, at 12:29pm).  She’s no longer an infant.  She’s growing up before my very eyes and today is just a physical celebration of that.

Falling in love

Celebration?  That seems like a strange word to use about a day that I have wanted to deny.  It’s not that I don’t want her to have a happy birthday or that I don’t want to watch her grow and learn new things.  It’s just that she is my last.  My baby.  No more babies after her.  And I will no longer have a newborn baby to cradle.  That, to me, is very sad.


But I don’t want to focus on that today.  Being out of town, visiting the in laws in Elko, helps.  It’s distracting and that’s what I need so that I don’t get too melancholy.


She is getting so big and doing so many new things all the time.  She won’t walk, but she’s playing around with pulling up (she grabs onto something with her hands and then “hangs” there, unsure what to do with her legs).  She doesn’t crawl but she commandos and will sometimes get up on her knees and rock back and forth.  She doesn’t speak but she has words… something that amazes us since neither of the boys ever said a word before their first birthdays.  She still nurses several times a day (and night!) and won’t have a thing to do with bottles or sippy cups.  But she has a wonderful appetiete and eats anything and everything she can get her hands on.  Table food is awesome, in her book!

Girly Girl

She’s prone to crying if she feels she has been wronged, most often via Liam.  And it doesn’t matter if it’s an accident (Liam tripping over her on his way across the room) or on purpose (slapping her on the head when he’s feeling angstful), she will crumble in a pile of sobs and tears.  She also has a big smile and a happy temprament.  She wakes up in the morning with a big smile on her face.  She takes wonderful naps and is happy to go to bed at night (if only she would stay there!).  She loves her family and friends but has a special fondness for her mama.   I’m hoping she’ll be a mama’s girl for years to come.


She completes our family.  It’s been a crazy year and this next year promises only to be even crazier.  But I couldn’t imagine our lives without her in it.  Yes, I’m sad not to be having any more babies.  But I’m so happy that my baby is her.


Happy Bithday, Evelyn!  Mama loves you SO much!

Pretty Girl B&W

On the cusp of One

Evie turns one in a week.  One week.  One.  Pardon me while I go freak out for a minute.


How has one year passed by so damn quickly?  I’ve been dreading this birthday since I found out I was pregnant.  Since I found out I was carrying a girl.  Since she was born and I heard her lusty, vibrant cry.

She’s my last and while it’s never very easy to see your baby turn one year old, it’s even harder when you know you’ll never again have a little infant in your arms.

Okay, I can’t continue down that same train of thought or I’ll end up sitting in the corner, rocking myself and sucking my thumb.

The point is, the Big Birthday is coming up.  We’re going to Elko sometime this next week and will do the party there with members of Kile’s family.  I’m trying to distract myself with the minutae of the trip and party in order to not focus too heavily on the significance.

God, I love that little girl.

It hurts to acknowledge she’s growing up and away from me.

So, anyhow.  That’s what I’m thinking about this fine Friday night as I suck down a cold Hornsby’s, watch LaBamba on OnDemand, knit yet another pair of shorts and cruise my favorite message board for the latest gossip and jibber jabber.

Happy weekend, ya’ll.


Happy Wednesday ya’ll.  Though I’m not sure what there is to celebrate what with there being no new “Lost” tonight.

That’s not right, yo.

Harry is sick, sick, sick.  He’s been nursing a cough for the last week now and I’m starting to realize that I’ve become THAT parent. You know, the one who sends her kid to school where he infects all his poor defenseless classmates and they all get sick too?  Don’t worry, I think it’s backfired for me because it would appear that Evie and Liam are getting The Plague too.  SIGH.  He stayed home yesterday and even though I was cruel and had him go back to school this morning, he was sent home this afternoon.  I think I officially FAIL.

But in better times (aka: Two Days Ago), Kile took this picture of Harry wearing his new duds.  My boy is a Scout, yo.


So cute.

Evie’s first birthday (NEXT WEEK! ZOMG) outfit is coming along nicely.  I have the diaper and matching shippers and now I have the knit capris too.  (I did NOT knit these, fyi, I am not that talented.)  I plan to embelish her pink tshirt with some of the fabric that matches the diaper and the shoes and I have a bow for her headband.  I think I’m going to have to give up on the tutu but it’s probably for the best.  She’s gonna be pretty freakin’ cute.

Kitty Kitty Capris

And in case you were concerned about him, Liam still exists.  I know, I’m shocked too.  He has been SUCH a turd lately.  There have been more than one occasion where I have been quite literally at my wits end over him.  He’s lucky he’s cute.


I am still deeply in love with my camera and with themoon nearing fullness (or was it full last night?), I had my first good opportunity to take a picture of the moon.  I used my new and compact tripod and a buttload of zoom but I think it came out pretty nice for my first try.


Also, in case you were wondering: Evie is adorable.

That is all.


Take it easy guys… and check in on my craft blog here shortly as I plan to post some of the super-crafty things I have been up to the last couple of days.  I promise it’s just positively SCINTILATING.


So today, I’m asking ya’ll for some help.  I need help brainstorming a couple things.  You guys were so great on the “My Own Money” post, that I just know you’ll bestow upon me more of your wonderful pearls of wisdom this time too.  Because obviously I get NOWHERE when I try to think up this stuff myself.  I think I have The Dumb.

So the first thing is: A birthday outfit for Evie.  In the cloth diapering world (and maybe not just there, just that I’ve never really heard of it before I was into cloth diapers), oftentimes a really cute outfit is put together for a baby girl’s (or boy’s) first birthday.  I am considering basing it all on this fabric.  Here is what I’m thinking of having:

  • A ridiculously large bow with headband a la this. (but black instead of brown)
  • A tutu… perhaps one I could make myself.  Like this.
  • Knit longies (I’m having these custom made by this gal, since I don’t trust my knitting skills for such a special item)
  • A customized t-shirt
  • Custom “shippers” (these are already on their way to me, provided I stick with this particular “theme”, otherwise I’ll have to get another pair)

Anyone have some cute stuff that they think fits in that list?  Particularly the t-shirt or the tu-tu.  Is the Hello Kitty theme a good one?  I’m getting a diaper (no fear, I’m not getting that exact diaper… no way would I ever pay that much!  But it’ll look pretty much exactly like that) in that particular pattern and that’s what gave me the idea.  Plus, pink and black are awesome together.  But if I didn’t do the Hello Kitty thing, then I’m thinking cupcake because I love cupcakes.  In which case the colors would probably be more pink and brown.

ANYHOW… send me some ideas!  See a bow that you think is darling?  Give me a link!  Find the perfect t-shirt?  Tell me!  Know someone who makes the most darling tu-tus?  SHOW ME.

Also, I need some crafty-type brainstorming ideas.  I’d like to MAKE something.  See, back in the olden days, I designed graphics that people would purchase for their “Sims” PC games.  It was “making” something only in the most general sense.  There was no physical product.  Then there was the blog designing.  Sure, I would “make” custom blog designs but there wasn’t anything you could actually TOUCH.  Now that I’m expanding my knitting/sewing horizons, I’d like to actually MAKE something.   So tell me… what are some good ideas?  Send me links of stuff you’ve seen recently or webpages that talk about this sort of thing.  I know they’re out there!  I just haven’t had much luck looking myself lately.  But I know you guys are great about that sort of thing.

So that’s it.  Hit me with your best shot, ya’ll!

Sunday Morning Slackers

I’m still considering locking things down around here.  What do you all think?  We could become the “Slacker” family (this of coruse assumes that we’re not already the slacker family) and the children could have amusing and appropriate nicknames.  I dunno.  It has it’s charms, right?

We’re not going to church this morning.  Good thing too, since church started a half hour ago.  Kile let me grab another hour of sleep this morning, bless his heart.  Evie just has this thing about waking up at 7:30, rain or shy, hell or high water.  So Kile got to sleep in yesterday and I got to sleep in today.  Works, don’t it?  It felt good too.  Of course, now I have a headache that I dare say is caffeine-related.  I’m having a cup of coffee as we speak so you’d think that’d help.  But it’s not Rockstar and perhaps that’s the problem.  I think it’s time that I admit I have a problem.

I’ve been a knitting fool this weekend (speaking of which, see the handy new project progress bars in my sidebar there?  Su-weet!).  My parents sent me some birthday money so I went out yesterday and got some yarn and another pair of circular needles.  I’m hoping to start a “longies” project for Evie this week.  If you don’t know what “longies” are, no worries.  They’re basically pants that are meant to be used also as a diaper cover.  I’m a little scared to start it, since it’ll involve a couple more complex moves I haven’t tried yet, such as short rows and the kitchener stitch, but I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out too.  I didn’t spend a fortune on the yarn, since this is my “test” project anyhow. Meanwhile, Kile’s hat has remained untouched for the last several days and Harry’s scarf is getting longer and longer.  I took the “blob” that I started knitting with and turned it into a bag. Right now, I’m making up an “icord” to use as a strap.  I’m so crafty, I kill myself.

Speaking of my birthday (we were, weren’t we?), I had a rather nice time Friday night.  Kile made me some absolutely wonderful lobster ravioli with scampi sauce and ZOMG it was to die for.  I did get a cake and it was marvelous as all cakes virtually are.  Liam loved my cake most of all, I think.  Evie even got a taste of it off my finger and didn’t seem to know what to think of it.  I got presents too!  Slippers, fleecy jammies and a robe.  These are good things to have in a house as frigid as ours, especially since a storm blew through Friday night that has caused the daytime high to top out around 30 degrees.  Good times.

On the whole, it’s been a nice weekend.  I can’t believe Christmas is almost upon us (gulp), but am ready to embrace it.  I don’t think we’re going anywhere today and that’s just fine by me because we are still having to ride around in Kile’s van and the alignment is off or something because it shakes and rattles something fierce and basically makes me want to freak the heck out.  So the less time I have to ride around in that thing, the better.

Okay.  Back to my knitting.  The only thing I have to decide is… start the longies or work on another project?  Decisions, decisions!

(okay, this is the SECOND time I’ve thought I’ve published an entry and I haven’t in as many days.  I completely blame the new WordPress version.)