I can mark this off the list now

So remember my list from last week of things I wanted to get done?  I’ve been slogging through, diligently.  Some things, like dying the yarn, I haven’t gotten to yet.  Not so much with the organizing existing yarn and needles either.  But I have done all the laundry, knit my little tuckus off, mostly set up the Hyena Cart shop (I plan to open it tomorrow, God willing) and, now, I have opened the craft blog.

Aren’t you all proud of me?

I’m sure there is still work to be done, kinks to iron out, plugins to install.  But for the most part, I’m pretty proud of the craft blog.  I hesitate to call it a knitting blog since I’m sure to stick other things on there besides knitting from time to time.

In the meantime, if you are interested in seeing what I’m doing, knitting-wise, please keep an eye on slackermama is a craftymama.  I am sure I will astound you all with my amazing knitting prowess.

I'm so crafty, I amaze myself

I have to share with you what I “discovered” yesterday.  I’d like to say that this took a lot of forethought and planning and my super-genius mind crafted this all up with perfect intention.  But… not so much.  See, I often troll the knee-high section at Target looking for socks that I can turn in to baby leg warmers.  You’ve seen those Babylegs?  The little legwarmers that babies can wear up to their juicy thighs to keep their legs warm, knees protected, etc and so forth?  I love them but I don’t love the price tag.  I saw a tutorial online for how to sew them yourself and VOILA.  I had a couple made and was pleased with the results.  It’s a simple process that involves cutting off the heel and toes and taking the “foot” part to make a cuff that you sew onto the “leg”.

Well, yesterday while in the process of making up a few of these, I sorta fuxed up one of the cuffs.  Annoyed, I left the cuff off and pulled the bottom of the “leg” tight while running a zigzag stitch along it.  GENIUS.

IMG_0294 And you should see how adorable they are when she’s NOT wearing Hello Kitty shippers (shoe+slipper=shipper).  But seriously… COME ON.  How cute are those??  With the lettuce-y edge?  And it took like TWO minutes to do.

IMG_0295 I kill me.

Now, if anyone spots any bright rainbow striped knee-high socks, will you think of me?  I’m rather desperate for rainbow baby legwarmers.


In other news, I’ve been rather productive since yesterday’s post.  The legwarmers weren’t on the list but they should have been because they were definitely on my “to do” pile.  So what have I done so far?

  • Craft Blog – well… I installed it.  Does that count?  I put a few plugins on there.  And that’s about it.  I need a design.  And, you know, POSTS.  Will keep you all tuned.
  • Last minute customs for mom – I finished one of them!  The very cute and very twee newborn longies!  And I’m 2/3 done with the other, which are adorable small shorts.  These need to be recieved in the mail by her next Wednesday so I have to get these done ASAP so I have enough time to wash and mail them.  But check the longies:


  • Finish setting up HC shop – Yeah… no.  Haven’t even touched it.  But I’ve thought about it.  Does that count?
  • Post here every day – so far so good!  Hey, it may be a little on the late side but IT STILL COUNTS.
  • Post to cloth diaper blog – GULP.
  • Organize iPhone – YES!  I did this today while knitting.  I’m so multi-talented.  And now I can fit all my songs on there as well as podcasts, apps and ringtones.  Go me!
  • Organize yarn stash – Nope.  Have not even looked at it.  This WILL get done.
  • Organize knitting needles – Didn’t do this yet either.  But I looked through the needles my mom gave me last night.  Just need to track them all in Ravelry.  And then I can plan what needles I want to buy (am thinking I want 4-5 more pairs of Addi Turbos).
  • Laundry – I’ve done some (diaper laundry), but the rest is still begging for my attentions.
  • Dye yarn – Nope.  Still sort of waiting until I get a scale to weigh yarn on so I know how much I’m dealing with.  Believe me, that’s kinda important.
  • Find scale – I saw a bunch on eBay but alas, my PayPal tree has run out of leaves.  I need to get cranking on these customs so I can get paid!

Whew.  Okay, it may not seem like I’ve got a lot accomplished.  All I’ve really done today is knit knit knit.  But if I can finish these shorts tonight then I will be able to get a LOT more done off this list.  Go me!

I'm still alive, I promise

Wow.  What is WRONG with me?  My blog is starting to think I don’t like it anymore.  And OF COURSE I like my blog.  I LOVE my blog.  No, it’s me.  I’m just… weird.  I hope to get back into the blogging swing, but I’ve been rather uninspired lately.  And I’ve been more inspired by other endeavors.  Such as knitting.  And the last day or two I’ve tried a little yarn dying.  Oh yes.  I’m ALL KINDS of crafty around here.  I’m getting my knitting biz more and more off the ground (I posted a thread over at Diaper Swappers, offering up my needles) and have had all sorts of inquiries.  My attention has been fractured by completely awesome MacBook (*purr*) and my new camera.

I realize I forgot to tell you more about my new camera.  I got this one (from Sam’s Club, remember?).  Sure, it’s no DSLR.  But I think it’s a good step towards one.  It has a full manual mode (as well as shutter and aperture priority modes) with some manual focus options as well.  It’s really full featured for what it is and how much it cost.  And at 9 megapixels and 10x optical zoom, I’LL TAKE IT.  I’m very in love with it.  So in love with it that I’m going to share some more pictures with you.  This will turn into a photoblog before you know it. (That or a craft blog. *snort*)

IMG_0079 I plan to eat her for dessert, in case you’re wondering

IMG_0081 He’s just too cool to have his picture taken, you know.

Blue B&W Oooh.  Eyeball (you can see the reflection of the camera and my hands… freaky!).

IMG_0106 Some yarn I dyed with Kool-Aid.  Turned out kinda meh but it’ll be a nice soaker.

Evie, modeling a new diaper.  Also:  Looking adorable.

IMG_0115 (don’t look at her dirty socks, please)


IMG_0122Tippie Toes (and yes, I placed her there, she does not pull up)

IMG_0125 More dyed yarn.  I like this a LOT better.

Finished Project

It’s late, I know.  But it’s been “one of those days”.  And not the “one of those days” where everything goes wrong and drives you up the wall.  But “one of those days” where you get busy with one thing or another and before you know it it’s after nine o’clock at night and you haven’t posted to your blog yet.


But before the day is through, I wanted to share my achievement with you.





Yep.  My “longies” project is finished.  I finished it yesterday evening, washed it with some fabulous smelling lanolized wool-wash and as of tonight it is dry and ready for Evie to wear tomorrow.  I’ll be sure to put up a pic of her wearing them.  I tried them on last night before I washed them and they fit FABULOUSLY.  And, despite how it looks (particularly in the second picture), one leg is NOT longer than the other.  I guess I just laid it out kinda crooked.  My bad.

Anyhow, I’m pretty proud of myself.  And this very moment I am starting work on ANOTHER pair.  But not for Evie this time.  And I’ll use a slightly different pattern.  It’s all practice, baby.  I’m happy I was able to finish these in less than a week and am hoping for similar turn-around (or better!) this time.

Oh, and the Etsy shop is coming.  But I’ll not pass out the link until the shop is “ready”.  Hopefully soon!


So today, I’m asking ya’ll for some help.  I need help brainstorming a couple things.  You guys were so great on the “My Own Money” post, that I just know you’ll bestow upon me more of your wonderful pearls of wisdom this time too.  Because obviously I get NOWHERE when I try to think up this stuff myself.  I think I have The Dumb.

So the first thing is: A birthday outfit for Evie.  In the cloth diapering world (and maybe not just there, just that I’ve never really heard of it before I was into cloth diapers), oftentimes a really cute outfit is put together for a baby girl’s (or boy’s) first birthday.  I am considering basing it all on this fabric.  Here is what I’m thinking of having:

  • A ridiculously large bow with headband a la this. (but black instead of brown)
  • A tutu… perhaps one I could make myself.  Like this.
  • Knit longies (I’m having these custom made by this gal, since I don’t trust my knitting skills for such a special item)
  • A customized t-shirt
  • Custom “shippers” (these are already on their way to me, provided I stick with this particular “theme”, otherwise I’ll have to get another pair)

Anyone have some cute stuff that they think fits in that list?  Particularly the t-shirt or the tu-tu.  Is the Hello Kitty theme a good one?  I’m getting a diaper (no fear, I’m not getting that exact diaper… no way would I ever pay that much!  But it’ll look pretty much exactly like that) in that particular pattern and that’s what gave me the idea.  Plus, pink and black are awesome together.  But if I didn’t do the Hello Kitty thing, then I’m thinking cupcake because I love cupcakes.  In which case the colors would probably be more pink and brown.

ANYHOW… send me some ideas!  See a bow that you think is darling?  Give me a link!  Find the perfect t-shirt?  Tell me!  Know someone who makes the most darling tu-tus?  SHOW ME.

Also, I need some crafty-type brainstorming ideas.  I’d like to MAKE something.  See, back in the olden days, I designed graphics that people would purchase for their “Sims” PC games.  It was “making” something only in the most general sense.  There was no physical product.  Then there was the blog designing.  Sure, I would “make” custom blog designs but there wasn’t anything you could actually TOUCH.  Now that I’m expanding my knitting/sewing horizons, I’d like to actually MAKE something.   So tell me… what are some good ideas?  Send me links of stuff you’ve seen recently or webpages that talk about this sort of thing.  I know they’re out there!  I just haven’t had much luck looking myself lately.  But I know you guys are great about that sort of thing.

So that’s it.  Hit me with your best shot, ya’ll!

It's in the bag

Warning!  If you are a brother or sister to me (via blood or marriage), I advise you to skip this post.  Unless you really want to have your Christmas gift spoiled.  Turn away now and save the surprise for Christmas morning!

There.  Now that that’s out of the bag, I wanted to share with you the contents of the gift bags we put together for our siblings and their families this holiday season.  Partially so I have a record of the awesomeness we put together this year (direct quote from Harry: “We’ve worked harder on Christmas this year than we ever have before!”), and partially so that if there are any of you who are looking for ideas for homemade, handmade and inexpensive gifts, then maybe this would be an interested read for you.  Anyhow, sorry for the lack of pictures but I was uber-lame and didn’t take pictures of anything before we got it all bagged and boxed up.  Whoops. I’ll try to find links where I can though to make up for it, deal?

  • The first thing is the picture of the three kids in wallet size.  We then matted that on some fancy red and white paper and then put it in a wooden frame that we painted white and decorated with little Christmas baubles.  I also painted wooden “phrases” (such as Believe, Hope, Joy, Noel…etc) and those were glued to the top of the frame.
  • Chocolate molded Christmas tree pretzel rods and chocolate molded Santa Claus’ on a candy cane.  Wrapped up in little candy bags and tied with a bow.
  • Plastic bin filled with homemade peanut brittle
  • Plastic bin filled with homemade fudge
  • Various and sundry handmade ornaments, mostly made by Harry.
  • A Christmas Mix CD compiled by yours truly.  It features some seriously awesome Christmas songs.
  • In the bags that are going to houses where there are little kids, we’ve included the appropriate number of craft kits.  One bag includes a ‘Snowman Making Kit‘ and another includes a couple of flower fairies that I made at a craft day event.
  • Most of the bags include a book or two.  I got a lot of free books this year, some I barely cracked the spine on.  I sent these on to homes I felt were appropriate for them.
  • A fancy-schmancy Christmas card, including our fabulous holiday letter.
  • Each of these items were packed into a new reuseable shopping bag from our local Whole Foods store.  As a bonus, Whole Foods had a special holiday edition of their shopping bag so we got those.

The whole thing was then wrapped up in cellophane and tied closed with a golden ribbon.  Voila!  So what do you think?  Will these make nice presents?  Will the recipients appreciate the effort?  A lot of work though it was, it was kind of fun putting these together.  Maybe we’ll do it again next year.  Maybe we won’t.  We’ll see how these go over first!

I can knit! (sorta)

Last night, I finished the baby hat I started knitting for Evie last Sunday night.  It’s not perfect, but it’s finished and it works and it fits and I love it so much.  Because I made it.  And if I can make this, maybe there are other things I can make.  

Finished Baby Hat 

There were a couple of… ahem… mistakes made during the knitting process.  Some of them I know how the mistakes were made.  Some of them.. I don’t.  

Finished Baby Hat 

But I guess mistakes are how you learn, right?  Though I’m pretty sure that only applies to mistakes where you know what you did to make the mistakes.  Like, down by the brim, there is some ribbing.  I pretty much know what I did there.  I didn’t realize that stockinette stich is different in when knitting in the round.  But I left the ribs in there because I thought it added some “interest” to the piece.  Whatever. 

A few... ahem... mistakes 

This?  I don’t have a clue.  This was one of the “joins”.  The one on the other side came through pretty okay, but this one is all kinds of fuxed.  And I’m pretty sure I suck at joining purl stitches, though I improved on that towards the top of the hat.  Sorta.  But what the heck is with all the other funkiness there?  I don’t know what happened there, other than plain old fashioned “not paying close attention”.  


Hrm.  Yeah.  Not sure what happened here either.  This was in that ribbing that I wasn’t technically supposed to be doing anyhow.  But I think I fumbled a stitch or ten here.  

I made this. 

See up there where the hat starts getting smaller?  Those stitches that look all different.  Yeah.  NO IDEA.  I know those are purl stitches but I swear to you with every fiber of my being that I was KNITTING.  Not PURLING.  Somehow, the darned thing got turned around.  So when all my attempts to turn it back around failed, I made a few more rows of it and then purled the rest of the hat.  Why?  So it would look knitted.  Yes, I purled so it would look like knit.  WHATEVER. 

Evie models her new hat 

In the end, it all came out looking fine and almost as though I meant to do it on PURPOSE.  Which is sorta awesome.  I won’t tell anyone if you won’t.  Deal?  

Cute girl in a cute hat 

The important thing is that Evie seems to not notice or care and that’s a good thing.  And it keeps her head warm in our cold-as-Christmas house in the morning.  

So what shall I knit next?? 

My iPhone WallpaperAs a bonus, I’m including a screenshot of my iPhone wallpaper so you’ll all know what a monstrous nerd I am.  But admit it.  Some of you wish you had Edward smiling out at you from your cellphone too, don’t you? 


Craft Day was a lot of fun. For one thing, it took up the entire day. We were out of the house before 8am and didn’t return until after 4pm. That’s a lot of crafts! And, as it turns out, a lot of FOOD. We were constantly being fed, all day long. And don’t let the fact that lunch was a giant salad bar let you think that everything was healthy. Cuz it wasn’t. But dang, it was all good.

Today, we’re going to celebrate Harry’s birthday (even though the Big Day is tomorrow). We have presents (and a dastardly trick or two) lined up. I’ll be sure to fill you all in on the deets (and pics) tomorrow.

For now, enjoy pics from yesterday of the crafts and the fun. Because crafts ARE fun, no matter how “crafty” you actually are.

Girl's Craft Day Out

I made it to Elko in one piece, barely. Liam, of course, made things interesting. He always does. Today, however, I am at a Christmas craft all-day extravaganza with my mother in law, sisters in law and nieces for the day. Oh yeah, Evie is with us too. Should be a real fun day. Hope you’re all having a great Saturday too.

Christmas Craft Jamboree

Let’s just forget for a minute that I don’t have a crafty bone in my body, mmkay?  The fact is, this year I would like to do some homemade Christmas gifts for our extended family and friends.  I originally got the idea from this post from LeahPeah last year.

I’d like to do a giftbasket for Christmas this year, filled with handmade goodies.  Not all of the goodies need to be handmade by ME, per se, but that would certainly help cut the costs.  The only thing is… unless I want to do an exact duplicate of LeahPeah’s basket, I need some ideas.  And I’m not coming up with any.  My ideas are all shot.

So that’s where you fine folks come in.  I need ideas of stuff I can make.  Keep in mind the whole “no crafty bone in my body” thing.  Links would be must appreciated (I need detailed tutorials with pictures, yo!).  And, in the absense of something I can make, send me links to fabulous things off Etsy or the like.  What would YOU like to get in a homemade gift basket?  Bonus points to you if you’ve done this sort of gift before and can tell me what you included.

I’d love to see some fabulous participation on this one.  Help me out and maybe get some awesome ideas for yourself while you’re at it.  The economy may be circling the drain, but that doesn’t mean Christmas has to suck this year, right?