If I didn't post yesterday, it's because I was do damn glad it was a Friday

I made it to the weekend!  I tell you, there were several moments this last week where I wasn’t sure if I would or not.  It was touch and go for a while there.  I worried that I might just melt away into a puddle of nothing from the stress, pressure and angst of it all.

Oh yes.  There was angst.

I did end up going to Walmart with the kids yesterday morning.  I met my friend J there with her son.  We were both in dire need of some quality adult interaction.  And for the most part, the shopping trip went well.  Harry pushed the cart with Liam in it while I pushed the cart with Evie in it.  The kids weren’t too ill-behaved (though Harry did get tired halfway through and kept moaning about how tired and thirsty he was… you know how nine year olds are).  I started to feel a little cocky about the whole thing.

And then, I got to the checkout and got all my stuff on the conveyor belt and was all ready to pay as soon as she finished scanning when… I realized I didn’t have my purse.


I didn’t even know if it was out in the van or not.  I didn’t remember putting it in the van.  But then, maybe I never took it out of the van from the last time I left the house.  And I thought there might be a check book in the glove compartment even if my purse wasn’t there.  So hastily asked my friend to keep an eye on the kids, told the checkout lady that I’d be back in a second and ran out to the van.

Yes.  I ran.  It wasn’t pretty.

But praise the skies above, my purse was sitting there on the floor of the van.  Hallelujah!  It’s a miracle!

I ran back (again with the ugliness) and proceeded to have a heart attack while the checkout lady finished ringing me up.

And even then, that probably wasn’t near as difficult as lunch at McDonalds was.  Despite my promise not to, we ate at the restaurant which is the one inside that particular Walmart since the notion leaving and buckling kids in and driving across the street for basically the same food left a lot to be desired.  And this is where I truly missed our “dual parenting” system.  We generally get the kids in their high chairs and situated and then I sit at the table with them while Kile orders the food, gets the drinks, brings the food to the table, etc and so forth.  But without him there, I had to do it myself.  And that kinda blew.  But we managed.  And lunch was had by all.

Then I came home and died.

Liam napped while Evie who had drifted off in the car simply REFUSED to nap.  But whatever.

The moral of the story?  I’m never leaving the house again.

Okay, that’s probably a little overly dramatic.  I’m sure I’ll leave the house again at some point.  You know, when they’re teenagers.

The Debate Continues: Ketchup vs. Mustard

I’m normally a ketchup kind of gal.  I like ketchup on my hamburgers.  I like mayonnaise on my hamburgers too.  I make “sauce” for my fries which freaks my family out but I love it.  It’s a mixture of ketchup and ranch.  Ketchup is a good thing!  Nothing beats it on hashed browns!

But there is one food that I do not like ketchup on.

Hot dogs.

I think ketchup on hot dogs is gag-tastic.  Nope, I’m a big believer that mustard is the one true hot dog topping.  That anyone who has any taste for decent hot dogs at all would agree with me:  Mustard is the way to go.  When we go to Sam’s Club and partake of their fabulously cheap hot dog combos (as we did yesterday), I always put mustard, relish and onions on my hot dog.  I’ve deridden my husband’s choice of ketchup in addition to mustard so many times that he now orders the pizza combo instead (though I’m not 100% sure that it’s my sarcastic remarks that made him switch to pizza, but let’s just go with it for now).

So I want to hear what you, my adoring public, thinks about this issue.  And I don’t want to hear, “Hot Dogs?!  EW!”.  Because I am well aware that there is a large portion of the population that doesn’t care for hot dogs.  So if you don’t eat them, just keep yourself to yourself, mmkay?  This survey is for the Hot Dog Aficionados of the World.

Of course, I’m looking for people who agree with me.  But if you are a ketchup-on-hot-dogs fan, do tell and then tell me WHY and do you have any taste buds at ALL?  Thanks!

It's in the bag

Warning!  If you are a brother or sister to me (via blood or marriage), I advise you to skip this post.  Unless you really want to have your Christmas gift spoiled.  Turn away now and save the surprise for Christmas morning!

There.  Now that that’s out of the bag, I wanted to share with you the contents of the gift bags we put together for our siblings and their families this holiday season.  Partially so I have a record of the awesomeness we put together this year (direct quote from Harry: “We’ve worked harder on Christmas this year than we ever have before!”), and partially so that if there are any of you who are looking for ideas for homemade, handmade and inexpensive gifts, then maybe this would be an interested read for you.  Anyhow, sorry for the lack of pictures but I was uber-lame and didn’t take pictures of anything before we got it all bagged and boxed up.  Whoops. I’ll try to find links where I can though to make up for it, deal?

  • The first thing is the picture of the three kids in wallet size.  We then matted that on some fancy red and white paper and then put it in a wooden frame that we painted white and decorated with little Christmas baubles.  I also painted wooden “phrases” (such as Believe, Hope, Joy, Noel…etc) and those were glued to the top of the frame.
  • Chocolate molded Christmas tree pretzel rods and chocolate molded Santa Claus’ on a candy cane.  Wrapped up in little candy bags and tied with a bow.
  • Plastic bin filled with homemade peanut brittle
  • Plastic bin filled with homemade fudge
  • Various and sundry handmade ornaments, mostly made by Harry.
  • A Christmas Mix CD compiled by yours truly.  It features some seriously awesome Christmas songs.
  • In the bags that are going to houses where there are little kids, we’ve included the appropriate number of craft kits.  One bag includes a ‘Snowman Making Kit‘ and another includes a couple of flower fairies that I made at a craft day event.
  • Most of the bags include a book or two.  I got a lot of free books this year, some I barely cracked the spine on.  I sent these on to homes I felt were appropriate for them.
  • A fancy-schmancy Christmas card, including our fabulous holiday letter.
  • Each of these items were packed into a new reuseable shopping bag from our local Whole Foods store.  As a bonus, Whole Foods had a special holiday edition of their shopping bag so we got those.

The whole thing was then wrapped up in cellophane and tied closed with a golden ribbon.  Voila!  So what do you think?  Will these make nice presents?  Will the recipients appreciate the effort?  A lot of work though it was, it was kind of fun putting these together.  Maybe we’ll do it again next year.  Maybe we won’t.  We’ll see how these go over first!

Days of Grace – Day 9


Another day, another compilation of things that make me feel at peace.  Hard to come by on a day like today where the dark clouds have followed me since before the sun came up.

  1. Cherry pie.  I may have already mentioned this in a previous list but I love it so much that it bears mentioning again. 
  2. When both children are tucked into bed and I can sit down and breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the knowledge that for now, I am my own person again. (Of course, by then I’m too tired to really take advantage of it.  Damnit.)
  3. Evie’s three-toothed grins.  (Well, actually more like 2 1/2)
  4. I’d love to mention cherry pie again but I’m going to go with flannel sheets.  I have nothing but love for flannel sheets. 
  5. Television shows like Fringe.  Because even though it makes my head hurt with all the twists and turns and bends and freak-outs, it truly is interesting and fun to watch.  I don’t feel like I get to say that too much about television shows these days. 

Days of Grace – Day 7

Dangit.  The weekend is over.  BOO.  But, I will find some joy in the sadness.  That’s the whole idea of this, after all.

  1. Bedtimes.  I am BEYOND ready for Harry and Liam both to go to bed.  Evie can go to bed too, but she hasn’t been nearly as frenetic this afternoon.
  2. Cowboy Spaghetti, which Kile is making us for dinner right now.  SO YUMMY.
  3. Blueberry pancakes for breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning. (I sure do mention food alot, don’t I?)
  4. Cheap hot dogs at Sam’s Club for lunch.  Tasty and budget friendly!  Score!
  5. All my fabulous readers for their concern regarding my last post.  You guys are really wonderful to worry and I am worried too.  Something WILL happen, eventually.  Hopefully just sooner rather than later.

Days of Grace – Day 6

Better late than never, right?

  1. California Pizza Kitchen’s frozen Thin Crust BBQ Chicken pizza.  YUM.
  2. Leftover Thanksgiving Pinot Grigio mixed with some Sierra Mist to make a yummy spritzer.
  3. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on TNT.  “What’s taters, Precious?”
  4. Finding out there’s another slice of cherry pie left.  Sweet!
  5. Knowing the weekend isn’t over yet.  Ahhh…

What's on the menu?

I saw Carrisa posting her Thanksgiving menu and I got inspired to do the same.  Except ours is probably MORE pathetic since ours will only be for TWO adults and one nine year old. Liam may eat some table scraps.  Evie gets a jar.  Yeah, we just had to beat off the social invites this year with a STICK, I tell ya.

And even goofier?  I’m not the one who will be doing the vast majority of the cooking.  HEE!  Yeah, Kile is doing it because Kile is the bomb.  So, as far as I know, this is our menu:

  • Turkey!  Of course!  I’m not sure how big it is, but it’s rather small.  We’d like to brine it but with the shopping and everything tonight?  Not sure if it’ll happen.  Chances are it’ll be your average turkey.  Which is fine by me because nothing beats turkey sandwiches the next day.
  • Gravy.  Duh.
  • Stuffing.  We don’t actually stuff the bird though, so it’s “okay”.  (That sound you heard was me rolling my eyes.)
  • Mashed Potato Casserole.  It’s unbelievably bad for you but tastes SO good.  My mom always made this for Thanksgiving and Christmas and it’s pretty much not the holidays without it.
  • Roasted Asparagus?  We’re still considering this one.  Pioneer Woman’s recipe, of course.
  • Butternut Squash Puree.  I don’t care if you don’t like squash, you need to try this stuff at least once in your life.  IT WILL TAKE OVER YOUR SOUL.
  • Rolls.  We’ve found that if you take Pillsbury pizza dough and make little balls out of it that they make FANTASTIC rolls.  So we’re gonna do that.
  • We’re sorely tempted to try these green beans.  Don’t they look awesome?  If we do these, we probably will skip the asparagus.
  • Cranberry sauce.  From the can.  What??
  • Pumpkin Pie.  it’s not Thanksgiving without it!
  • Cherry Pie?  This is my wish.  I would love cherry pie.
  • Sparkling Apple Cider.  Martinelli’s.  Again, not Thanksgiving without it.
  • Wine.  I’m thinking a nice Pinot Grigio.  You like how it seems like I know what I’m talking about?

And… that’s it.  I think that’s enough, don’t you?  GAH.  So what are you having?  And what’s your favorite?  Mine is the mashed potatoes.  BY FAR.  Though I do have a fondness for those turkey sandwhiches.

Fabulous Friday

While Monday might have it’s “Hate List” (I’ve not forgotten that!  Expect to see a new Hate List soon!), Friday is a day that inspires joy and happiness and (most often) relief.  It stands to reason Friday would be a day to celebrate just what is GREAT, praise the good and share the love.  Am I right?  So let’s feel the love, shall we?  Because, people, it’s FRIDAY!!  (Woot woot!)

  • How well my boys are playing together.  Sure, they’re rough and they make me cringe with all the crashing around the living room (this is mostly on Harry’s part as he is now roughly the size of Bigfoot), but Liam laughs his fool head off and he’s been taking great naps as a result.  Let’s hear it for brotherly love!
  • Goodmama diapers.  I have to admit to being a little on the obsessed side with these yummy diapers (bet you thought you’d never hear that phrase, huh?).  I’m nowhere near as obsessed as some (I only have three of them to date), but I’m constantly scheming on how I’m going to acquire more.  LOVE THEM.
  • Evie’s appetite.  While in the middle of the night it’s not nice to constantly have to roll over and feed her, it’s nice that she’s so much more into eating solids than Liam was.  She was practically GIDDY when I was feeding her Country Garden Vegetables last night.  SERIOUSLY!
  • Kile’s work camera.  I guess I never considered that there are some point-and-shoot cameras that have a lot of the DSLR features but for a lot cheaper.  The new contributor over at PW’s Photography blog first clued me in to it.  And see that Kile’s work camera costs about what we paid for MY point-and-shoot camera over three years ago?  Makes me think that might be my best bet for a new camera.  Now the question is… do I stay with Sony or do I try another brand?

I keep thinking of things that are annoying me instead of things that are making me happy.  Heh.  I guess I really AM ready for another Hate List!  In the meantime, enjoy my list and share with me a little of what is making you happy today.  Maybe I’ll feel inspired to expand my love!

Why do I feel so hideous?

Okay, explain this to me. I’m 13 weeks pregnant today. Just a drop in the pan, in the grand scheme of pregnancy. In fact, if anything, I should start to feel pretty marvelous here soon, right? Everyone always says that the second trimester is when you feel your best.

So why do I feel so freakin’ awful right now? If I stand up too long (and “too long” is anything over about five minutes anymore), I start to feel faint and dizzy. The other day I literally had to put my head between my legs to keep from passing out. I have aches and pains in places I forgot could have aches and pains. Sleeping is getting near impossible at night as there is no position that is even remotely comfortable and half the time I have some appendage that is falling asleep, no matter what I do with it. Half the time I’m starving to death and the other half the time I’m repulsed by the very notion of food. My head throbs at various times of the day, mostly when I’m trying to use it. I’m distracted and sleepy and I’m never as happy as I am when I’m asleep. Waking up feels like ripping off my toenails one by one. Standing up after waking up feels even worse.

What the HECK? I’m not supposed to feel this way yet am I? I mean, the belly is barely a pooch right now. I can hardly notice it, much less anyone else. These are third trimester “The baby is due any minute now” type complaints. What I want to know is this: If I feel this way now, how am I going to feel in MARCH?

I’m scared, ya’ll.