What I'm doing for Earth Day

(so it’s a day late… so sue me)

Hmm. I see a lot of people writing posts today about ways they and their families are trying to be more environmentally consious and I feel a little guilty because I’m not doing anything besides what I normally do. It takes me a minute to realize it’s been about a year since I started using clothdiapers, and hey, maybe that counts as being environmentally conscious, no?

Yer darn tootin’ it is.  At least as far as I’m concerned.

So yeah.  We’re still cloth diapering  And I’m still loving it.  I maybe even love it more than I did last year when I first started out with my bumGenius pockets and gDiapers.  And from where I’m sitting, I can’t believe I didn’t try this before.  I have a good amount of misconceptions I’ve made in my life and the hassle associated with cloth diapering is DEFINITELY one of them.  But you know how it is.  It’s always easy to fear the unknown and I had no way of knowing that cloth diapers wouldn’t be any hassle at all until I went ahead and just DID IT.

People who are anti-cloth diapering (and who would these people be, besides disposable diaper manufacturers and their families??), always like to argue about the water/energy required to clean diapers.  I always roll my eyes when I hear that because, SERIOUSLY?  That is somehow worse than sitting in a landfill, poluting the ground water, for 500 years?  REALLY?  And, just so’s ya knows, Kile says our water bill hasn’t gone up at all in the last year since I’ve been cloth diapering.  And I wash about every other day without fail.  So you tell me.  Our electric/heating bill?  No different either.  HMM.  ISN’T THAT INTERESTING.

Anyhow.  I’m actually kind of sad that we’ll be taking disposable diapers with us this summer when we take our Big Trip to Disney World and Beyond.  I know it’s not feasible to cloth diaper on that trip and we’ll need less hassle (A LOT LESS HASSLE) instead of more but… dangit.  I kinda like my cloth diapers.  I’m gonna miss them for the week we’re gone.  YES, I’M SERIOUS.

I can’t tell you how glad I am not only to not be buying package upon package upon package of diapers each month, but not to be dragging out bags of dirty disposable diapers to the garbage all the time.  For the month that we had two in disposables, I honestly felt that not only was I literally throwing away money, but that I was single-handedly contributing to the problems our Earth is facing.

I’m a practical gal and I will ALWAYS prefer the option that is easier on my pocket book.  When I’m out of diapers, I just run a load of laundry.  And voila, I’ve got diapers.  It’s SO much nice to be able to REUSE something rather than continue the cycle of purchasing, using and throwing away.  And when I’m done with a diaper or want to try something different, I sell the old diaper (there are HUGE communities online for this and you can get quite a bit back on your investment, depending on the diaper) and use that money to buy something new.  I don’t have a single diaper now that I had when I started out a year ago.  And I’m selling off some of my (once beloved) Goodmama diapers and am getting four square into Bagshot Row Bamboo diapers.  It’s like crack man.

And Kile loves not seeing the constant drain on the bank account too, I’m sure.

And if it weren’t for cloth diapers, I would have never discovered knitting the way I have.  And I wouldn’t be making some decent cash knitting up pants, shorts and skirts the way I am either.  So there’s that.

Cloth diapers, man.  They aren’t the prefolds and plastic pants your mother used (though you can do that too, if you really really want to).


IMG_1178 `

Well Check



Sunday Stuff

Hey, did you know I won a Pioneer Woman giveaway?  No it wasn’t for a fancy mixer or a fabulous camera or anything.  But I’m still excited because these measuring cups are TDF (that’d To Die For, in case you aren’t aware).  Aren’t you just insanely jealous now?  I can’t believe I finally won one of those giveaways.  I don’t enter all of them (a lot of them have very short time spans to enter and many times I don’t learn about the giveaway until the deadline is over), but I enter a lot.  Then again, a LOT of people enter a lot of the giveaways.  So the fact the fact that I was one of ten winners?  Makes me insanely happy.  You should have heard me shriek when I saw the post with my name on it.

I think Kile is still recovering his hearing.


Speaking of Kile.  He’s getting a new toy today.  I will take pictures.  I’m in turn glad for him because I know this is something he wants and incredibly annoyed because he’s been a pill about planning for this and stressing about it and generally obsessing.   I’ll be glad when it “arrives” and then maybe I’ll just shove it up his butt.


I haven’t shared some pictures in a while so I think I need to catch up.  Please refrain from pointing out if any one child is in more pictures than another, mmkay?  Otherwise I may feel obliged to thwack you in the head.

IMG_0691 This is what we woke up to in Elko the morning we were leaving to drive back to Reno last weekend.  I call this “pretty snow” because it coats everything and looks gorgeous and then takes like an hour to completely melt.  Awesome.

IMG_0429 Evie crapped out during breakfast and took a nap on her aunt’s shoulder.  Her aunt didn’t mind one bit.

IMG_0432 Yes, Liam is short, but my brother in law is also VERY TALL.  His t-shirt this day was appropriate for pretty much anyone who stood next to him but with regards to Liam?  Doubly funny.

IMG_0433 *cough*

Fluffy mail This is what we call “fluffy mail” in the cloth diapering/knitting/sewing biz and it was GOOD.  :drool:

IMG_0693 I love the sun shining through icicles.  ❤

Bruise Yes, that’s a bruise.  And no, I don’t know how I got it.  Yes, it hurts.

Speaking of “fluffy mail” I was anxiously awaiting this diaper which I had ordered last week.  The above is what I got instead. :blink: SIGH.


So that’s it.  I’m going shopping today with my mother in law, sister in law and niece who came to town this weekendly SIMPLY to go shopping.  No boys allowed!  I am so THERE.


Have you ever felt that when things are really busy for you, that your attention is being pulled in fifteen different directions, that attention isn’t whole?  That your attention tends to fragment and splinter and so each issue, each project that is demanding your attetion only gets a fragment of it?  Because that is exactly how I feel right now.  For the last month, I’ve had more than a handful of different things clamoring for my notice and it’s almost made me become ADD or something.  I have a hard time concentrating on any one thing at any one time.  My brain is so full of thoughts that I am routinely forgetting things that I want to (or NEED to) do.

I’m not a fan of this.

I’m hoping to get things under control SOON.  And maybe, just maybe, once things are under control then I can start truly giving this poor neglected blog the attention it deserves.  I swear, the Blog Gods are going to come and take away my blog if I can’t start taking care of it properly.

IMG_0234-1 I finished my first paid custom pair of longies late last week and they got shipped off in the mail on Saturday.  I am beyond happy with how they came out.  And I’m not even a fan of orange!  These pants are so bright and happy and fun that it truly was a pleasure to knit them.  I really hope their new owner loves them as much as I do.

Speaking of which, I’m thinking of doing a craft blog.  Okay, I just heard your brain explode over there.  I know it seems extremely foolish to start ANOTHER blog when I can’t even give the ones I already have the time of day anymore.  But before you chuck something at my head, I was thinking of having it be a ground-zero for keeping track of my customs list and posting pictures of my projects and maybe some tips and tricks as I think them up.  Yeah?  Good idea, huh?  So that’s one of the things that I’m trying to do but due to the fragmented attention, not so much yet.

IMG_0224-1 I just got this fabulous diaper late last week.  It was one of the “SYOF” diapers (which basically stands for Send Your Own Fabric… sort of like a custom) that I was lucky enough to get in on.  It’s not my Holy Grail Diaper (that would be Wine Country) (and yes, I realize it’s fairly absurd to have a Holy Grail Diaper) but it’s way up there and I am beyond excited to have it.  Evie’s 1st Birthday outfit is sorta based around this diaper (provided I can concentrate long enough to plan/purchase/acquire the rest of the outfit!).

IMG_0248 Harry has been having fun playing on my old-n-busted laptop while he’s on break from school this month.  And I thought this was too cute where the two little ones were clustered around him watching him play (Evie was trying to help, apparently).  I love these little moments where my three kids are coexisting peacefully together.  It helps make up for the times that Harry pushes Liam down or Liam chucks his sippy cup at Evie’s head.

IMG_0252 Yep.  Those are my diapers.  All of the ones I have (so far) (I have at least two on the way), minus a plain one called “Iced Lolly” that Evie had worn to bed and was therefore sullied.  It’s kind of ridiculous how much I love these diapers, mostly because they work so damn well and look so damned cute at the same time.  (Seriously, ya’ll, NO BLOWOUTS.  EVER.)  Actually, I’m not sure I love Swords and Roses (the newest one and the one next to the pink kitty diaper).  But I’m trying to ignore that little voice that says, “SELL!”

IMG_0255 On Saturday we drove over to Portola (about 30 minutes away to the north-west in Northern California) to hang out at a cabin with my sister in law and her family.  It was very snowy and pretty there.  I took this picture from the (dry and warm) back step.  I love my new camera and it’s bodacious zoom.

IMG_0262 I love snow.  I love everything about it.  Well okay, maybe not driving in it.  But everything else for sure.  And I love playing around with the manual setting on the new camera, particularly the manual focus.  Hee!

IMG_0268 Harry got a chance to go sledding while we were there and his feet didn’t freeze up and fall off despite the fact that he forgot to bring his boots.

It actually kinda kills me how big he’s getting.  He needs to KNOCK THAT OFF.

IMG_0273 There has been a lot of snow and storm this weekend.  We were supposed to go back to the cabin on Sunday but they got like TWO FEET of snow so we decided OH HECK NO.  We stayed in town where we did not get two feet of snow but rather some cold and miserable “wintery mix”.  I think I would have rather had the two feet of snow.

And then yesterday was just a “free day”.  God, I love three day weekends.  Of course, now I’m going to be messed up all week long about what day it actually is.  Which doesn’t help my whole resolution to get things under control in my life.  This week I want to accomplish (in no particular order):

  • starting the craft blog
  • finishing the last minute special customs I’m knitting for my mom
  • finish setting up my Hyena Cart shop
  • return to posting here EVERY DAY
  • post a couple things to my cloth diaper blog
  • delete the Christmas songs off my iPhone to free up some much needed room
  • reorganize my yarn stash and take inventory on what I have
  • take inventory on my knitting needles and other knitting notions
  • laundry and more laundry and then after that?  laundry
  • dye the yarn I bought
  • see if I can’t find a reasonable scale somewhere that will measure ounces and grams

Okay.  I think that’s all there is.  For now, at least.  So what are you hoping to get done this week?  I’m hoping none of you are feeling as fragmented as I am right now because it’s not a terribly happy feeling.  Happy Tuesday, ya’ll!


Sorry, no long and lyrical post today either.  But I did finish my first pair of purchased custom longies today and I am very happy about that.  My customs list is growing.  I’m setting up a shop on Hyena Cart.  I have posted a business thread at Diaper Swappers.  I think this business is going to go pretty well.  I’ve ordered more wool wash (in a yummy “Froot Loops” scent!) and some polymailers to send fluffies off in.  I’ve even ordered custom business cards!  Look at me, all official and stuff.

IMG_0182 Mostly I’m just happy that I’ve found something I can do that can earn me a little extra money and produce something concrete.  Knitting has truly become second nature to me.  And yes, before you ask, I do plan to try socks sometime.  So far, however, the longies/shorties/capris/soakers/etc are keeping me pretty busy.

IMG_0186 In other news, I’m truly impressed with how Harry is doing playing Rock Band (2).  I just watched him play “Nine in the Afternoon” by Panic! at the Disco on EXPERT and score 90%.  Not as hard a song as maybe “Chop Suey” or “Down with the Sickness” (both of which he plays often on hard), but STILL.   And here, he played “White Wedding” by Billy Idol, also on expert and also scored 90%.  He assures me he could do a better job.  And he blushes when I gush over him.  I know it’s just a game and all but DAMN.  Kid’s got SKILZ.

IMG_0192 What, don’t most people take pictures of their diapers and then post them on their blog?  You act like I’m strange or something.  *cough*

IMG_0197 Seriously though… doesn’t that bamboo velour look so soft and cushy?  I want an entire wardrobe made for me out of the stuff.  Of course, it would probably cost me roughly $13 million dollars.

IMG_0201 And you know what else?  This isn’t my entire goodmama stash either.  I have more.  Not a LOT more, but more.  I have a feeling that I should be ashamed of that.  But I’m not.  Because look how pretty these things are.  And yes, I just said a diaper is PRETTY.  I dare you to argue with me.

IMG_0204 Clearly, I need help.  I can give you the names now too, without looking them up.  I didn’t used to be able to do that.  The three plain ones on the left (top to bottom) are: Hawt, Plum and Mud Pie.  And the prints from left to right (top to bottom) are: Jolly Waffler, Wild Child, Dance Class, 1981, Ever After and Prism.  Yeah.  I DEFINITELY need help.

IMG_0208 I’m also having a lot of fun with the new camera, testing what it can do and how things work.  And I love the zoom on this baby.  I can get pictures that I never could have gotten with the old camera.  Which, I’m guessing is the whole point of getting a new camera and all.

IMG_0210 I can get a new glimpse at the same old mountain I’ve looked at out the back door for the last (almost) five years.  I can see details that maybe I never would have noticed before.

IMG_0206 Like this building up on the top.  Sure, I’ve always known there was a building up there but now I can see MORE of it.  Pretty nifty.  I can see this camera and I having some great adventures in the future.  It makes me itch to go out on a nature walk and just take pictures of everything I see.  And thanks to my new 4GB SD card, I could probably take pictures to my hearts content without running of space.

I can take video too.

Yeah, that was a warning.  Be prepared.

So how is everyone else’s week going?  Am I the only one who just realized that Valentine’s Day is on Saturday and is therefore woefully unprepared to shower my loved ones with goodies?  Any fun plans for the extended weekend?  Do tell!  (And don’t let my diaper pictures scare ya’ll.)

On the cusp

Today feels very much like an intermediate sort of day.  The day between not having money and having money (maybe?) (hopefully?).  The day after my “little” girl turns 9 months old (THREE MONTHS LEFT, ZOMG).  The day before my blog turns 4 years old.  (Four?  Really?  Sometimes it feels like one, sometimes it feels like ten.)  The cusp of Christmas.  The calm before the storm (that had better leave us some snow this time, for pity’s sake).  The end of the weekend but the start of vacation.  Gosh, look at me waxing poetic here.


I ended up submitting photo #3 to the contest last night.  It ended up with the most votes between this blog, Cloth Diaper Mamas,the goodmama forum on Diaper Swappers and even Twitter.  It was actually a really tight vote though.  As of the time I submitted, #3 had 9 votes, #2 and #1 both had 7 and #4 had 1.  I think the reason that #4 was “shut-out” was because, though adorable, it didn’t contain the unrestrained joy and the interesting-ness of the other three.  It was a REALLY tough call, but I feel good with the picture I submitted.  It shows not only the diaper, but the tree in the background and since the photo would be posted to the site later on this week, just in time for Christmas, it was appropriately festive.

So a huge THANK YOU to everyone who gave me their vote.  I really appreciated it because no way I could have picked on my own.


My laptop continues it’s steep downward spiral into the bowels of hell.  Oh Dell.  How the mighty have fallen.  Dell sucks, ya’ll.  And I’m not afraid to say that.  My “g” will probably cease all function in the next day or so since the little green “thingie” that allows me to press it is threatening to fall off once and for all.  And once that happens, I plan to chuck this thing into a snow-drift.  (Of course, I only wish I could do that.  Alas, I cannot.)

Come on tax return!  Mama needs a Macbook!


Wanna see some pictures?  Of course you do.

Wild Child goodmama See this diaper?  This is my new best friend.  I love it so. It’s called “Wild Child“.  It’s going under the tree for me Evie.

Not entirely happy I love a good picture of a crying baby.  This is the same “Baby’s First Christmas” outfit that we got for Liam.  The difference is that Liam swam in it and Evie barely fits.  But you know, whatever works!

Doing her Luckily, she got over her ire and proceeded to entertain us with her “nose thing”.  Gosh, I love that face.

Bokeh Attempt I was trying to achieve some nice “bokeh” in the background and a) my camera sucks and b) I need more lights or something.  Whatever.  It’s more blurry than bokeh but it works, I guess.  I’ll keep working on it!

Funky Fingernail Can someone tell me why there’s a dent in the middle of this fingernail?  Cuz it kinda freaks me out.


Okay, that’s enough from me today.  I’ll be back tomorrow with some grand blog-iversary festivities.  Which means: a post about how this blog is now four years old.  WEE!

Quick! I need your opinion!

Okay, every week the site that I love to buy cloth diapers off of has a photo contest.  And most weeks, the contest involves a specific diaper.  Since I only have a handful of diapers, it’s pretty rare that I have the diaper in question.  This week?  I DO!  The idea here is to take a picture of your child with or in the diaper being featured and submit it.  That following week, submitted photos are featured on the different pages of the site.  The winning photo is featured on the front page and the winner recieves a FREE DIAPER.

Now, I never really expect to actually win the contest as my photography skillz are mediocre at best.  BUT I would like to be featured on the site someday.

This week, the diaper is called “1981“, since it’s cheery little rainbows evoke images of the early 80’s.  It’s a pretty diaper and Evie rocks it.  I took a monster amount of pictures of her with and in the diaper this afternoon but now I can’t pick which one to submit to the contest.  I have until 12:00am MST tonight to submit.

So in the meantime, I need ya’ll to help me pick.  Which one is your favorite?  Leave a comment below and you’ll have my eternal gratitude!





Whoops! They're escaping again!

Here’s some more thoughts.  They’re trying to make a break for it, so I better write them down first.  I guess I didn’t empty my head well enough yesterday.  You think after almost four years of blogging I would know better by now.

  • I updated to WordPress 2.7 this morning.  It was surprisingly painless.  I only had to deactivate one plugin and I did that before I upgraded.  I like the interface MUCH better and I feel like I can customize everything a lot more to my wishes (and demands *cackle*).
  • Of course, now I feel like my blog needs something new and shiny as a result.  After all, now that the “backend” is looking so spiffy, that change needs to be reflected on the front end as well.  However, I still love my design so I’m not sure what this would entail.  A new plugin?  Hmm.  Must think about this one some more.
  • I’ve got about nine inches of red scarf finished so far.  I’m making this one for Harry, on some soft, acrylic yarn that he picked out at the craft store.  I’m doing a rib knit on it (K2P2, for those in the know) and it’s looking great and all but DANG, it’s getting a little boring.  Whenever I get too tired of it, I switch to working on Kile’s cap (in a heathered dark grey acrylic yarn), but his hat is in the ribbed stage as well.  SIGH.
  • This could be why I’m knitting in my sleep these days.
  • I’m also spending a lot of time on the goodmama thread over at Diaper Swappers.  This could also be why I was buying diapers in my sleep last night as well (when I wasn’t knitting, that is).
  • I think I need a life.
  • Mah birfday is tomorrow!  However, I don’t think I’m in any way going to get the kind of attention and adoration Rhi got for her birthday with all the posts that sang her praises.  Whatever.  Attention hog. *wink*
  • I need a shower and with both of the wee ones taking naps right now, I could take one.  But I’ve sorta grown to enjoy taking one at night after I get Evie to bed.  It’s a very relaxing way to finish the day and my hair has enough time to dry before I go to bed myself.
  • Kile did not mail off all our packages yesterday.  He stopped after three because the cost started to scare him.  SIGH.  This is officially going to be His Deal, not mine.  And on that note, why does it cost so much in this day and age (and yes, even with the gas prices which really aren’t so bad right now anyhow) to ship something across country?  It’s goofy!  Overnight, Two-Day, Priority… those I can almost understand.  But First Class and Parcel Post should be a LOT cheaper than they generally end up being.  Makes one wonder why they don’t have a “Strap to the back of a passing burro” option.  I’m thinking that could be a lot more affordable.
  • And while I’m ranting about the Post Office… It happened AGAIN yesterday.  Kile brought home the mail from our box (we have one of those “community” box thingies down around the corner from our house) and in it was a “Sorry we missed you” package delivery slip.  Normally, they give you those when a package is too big to fit in the little locker thingie and you aren’t home when they bring it to your door and it needs a signature.  But no one EVER came to the door.  Our mail man has been getting VERY lazy.  He doesn’t even TRY to come up to the door to see if someone is home (and yes, I’m pretty much ALWAYS home because I’m a total hermit).  He just puts that slip in the mailbox and we have to go down to the post office (a good ways away from here too, down the interstate) to pick it up. I tried last night to go on the website and arrange for a redelivery but they wouldn’t even give me the OPTION to have it redelivered.  I even tried to send them a pointed note saying “STOP IT!  BRING PACKAGES TO MY DOOR!” and that “failed” out.  Grr.  The Post Office is OFFICiALLY On Notice.

Ahem.  There.  I feel much better now.  Hopefully this brain-emptying will stick this time.  I really don’t have a lot of room to spare in there, you know?

I think my brain is full

Do you ever get this feeling?  Like there is so much that is pinging around inside your head that you’ve got to let some of it spill out, lest you have some sort of brain blow up/catastrophic memory failure?  No?  Just me?  Anyhow, here’s a sampling of what’s ratting around in the noggin this morning.  I’m hoping that once I share with ya’ll that I’ll free up some room.  It’s worth a shot, right?

  • I ordered another diaper last night.  To my credit, I sold a few diapers Evie has outgrown first (I had to, or else I couldn’t have afforded it!) and this is going to be a present under the tree for her.  And DUDE, it was on SALE.  (These particular diapers virtually NEVER go on sale so this was a big deal.)
  • All our Christmas packages have left the building!  Which means: They are no longer my concern.  Kile was taking them to the post office but I don’t know if he did it before work or if he’s planning to go after.  Either way, they are out of my hair and I can breathe a huge sigh of relief!
  • I think we now have all the presents we purchased for the family that will be here Christmas Day inside the house (minus that new diaper, of course).  Of course, nothing is WRAPPED but baby steps, people.   Thankfully, Santa doesn’t wrap his presents around these parts because I don’t think I have that much paper.
  • My fingers are sore.  What the heck?  I figure it’s due to the knitting (I’ve started a scarf for Harry and a hat for Kile.  GO ME!) but it hurts like heck.  I have to focus on keeping my fingers straight as I sleep or they just get more sore and cramped.
  • I finally have my lab orders!  Now, I just need to be able to go get my blood tested.  I’m thinking maybe on Friday (mah birfday!) since Kile will be home the majority of the day and hence I will have a ride to the lab.  What a birthday present, eh?  UGH.
  • I love Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” and I think I may be in the minority on that one.  But then again, I’ve never purported to have excellent taste in music here either.
    (And yes, I’ve heard about the whole thing with Satriani and yet I still love this song.  I suck?)
  • While I’m in the business of selling out, I may as well go ahead and admit that I really enjoy Shia LeBeouf.  We watched parts of “Disturbia” (again) last night and I’m watching “Surf’s Up” this morning (which he voices) and I’m just further convinced of this love of mine.
  • I’m really tanking in your estimation, aren’t I?  I’m sorry.
  • It’s a Wednesday.  I have to keep reminding myself of that.  Someone wished me happy birthday this morning and I actually had to stop for a minute and make sure that it wasn’t actually my birthday today before a minute there, I wasn’t sure.

Okay, that’s enough.  I have a diaper I need to change.  (What else is new?)  The good news is my head feels a lot emptier now.  (That IS a good thing, right?)

What I'm doing to distract myself from the fact that the election is in one week

I surely can’t be the only one who is just about DYING for this election to be over.  One way or the other.  I’ve made a habit of watching Keith Olberman and then Rachel Maddow when I’m nursing Evie to bed at night.  And while, being MSNBC, they aren’t really telling me anything that I don’t want to hear, it’s not exactly distracting me from the election.  And I find myself examining electoral maps and the latest polls and pretty much wanting to drop kick all campaign strategists, regardless of party affiliation.  And now that I’ve voted, I have even less patience for it all.  LET’S JUST GET IT OVER WITH!

But, alas, it’s a whole ‘nother week away.  And since it doesn’t appear that either campaign is willing to take a break, I need to find ways to distract myself.  Here is what I’ve come up with so far:

  • I’m watching Evie do this thing with her nose where she closes her mouth (almost making “duck lips” if you will) and snorts in and out of her nose in a rapid fashion.  The end result is almost too cute to bear and if she does it again, I’m going to go beyond distracted and just eat her.
  • I’m also stalking goodmama prints.  If you’re unfamiliar with cloth diapering and the community surrounding it, this probably sounds very strange.  Suffice it to say, they’re releasing some great prints this week and I’m hoping to be able to snag one.  Fingers are crossed (and websites are refreshed)!
  • I’m still researching cameras.  Hmm.   Kile’s wondering if he can find someone local who has a camera that is looking to upgrade their professional rig and is interested in selling at a reasonable price.  I’m not going to hold my breath, but I am going to hope that there’s a new camera in my future!
  • It’s now less than a month until the “Twilight” movie comes out!  Am still planning to go see it by myself.  Because I’m a major loser.
  • I’m trying to catch up on my blog reading.  This is a never-ending project, it seems.  I am NEVER caught up.  I think I cleared the reader ONCE in the last two months.  GAH.
  • (OMG, Evie just did her nose thing again.  Save me from myself.)
  • We’re watching DVR’d episodes of “Blue’s Clues” and “Jack’s Big Music Show”.  Good thing I have them DVR’d, because our On Demand STILL doesn’t work with the new box we got.  SIGH.  But I think I’ve now officially seen every “Blue’s Clues” and “Jack’s Big Music Show” episode in existence.  Hey, did you know Joe’s real name is Dominick (cuz I’m a dumbass) err Donovan?  WTF?
  • I’m contemplating ditching out on Trick or Treating altogether in favor of a Harvest Festival or something of the like.  Just cannot get excited either about handing out candy or dragging the kids around the neighborhood this year.  I may change my mind yet again.
  • We’re planning a trip down to Elko for the second weekend in November.  Harry’s birthday is that weekend and there’s a craft day at my in-law’s church that I used to go several years ago.  It was always a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to going again.  This will probably be the only time we go back there during the “holiday season” so why not make it awesome?  Not looking forward to the price of filling up the van’s gas tank, but thank goodness gas prices are down!
  • Naturally, we’re not answering our phone so we don’t have to listen to robo calls or anything.  Not like it would matter because we’ve already voted!

That should be enough to keep my mind on other things, don’t you think?  So what are you doing to distract yourself?  (I heartily endorse not answering the phone, by the way.)