Wherever you go, there you are

First, a clarification on my “Tough Job” post.  There were a few comments that said, “Hey, I get all happy and bake cookies sometimes!”  So yeah, I didn’t mean to cast dispersions on cookie baking.  We all do that from time to time.  Yes, even ME.  There are days that you feel all warm and snugly and content and domestic.  For sure!  No way would any of us stick with this if we didn’t, right?  What I was talking about were the people who pretend like they never have a negative thought about being a stay at home mom (perish the thought and a pox upon you for feeling that way!).  These are the ones who, regardless if they honestly feel that way all the time or not, make those of us who definitely do NOT feel that way all the time like a pile of crap.  And it’s not to say that they want to make other mom’s feel like a pile of crap.  That could be the furthest thing from their minds.   As for those who DO want to make other moms feel like a pile of crap?  There’s a special spot in Hell for them.

Basically the way I feel is: staying at home with children is back breaking, soul crushing, mind numbing work.  There is no vacation, no break, no weekend and no sick days.  There’s just more of the same, day in and day out.  And all the trays of cookies in the world couldn’t change that.  We all look for the positive in things because we have to.  We don’t dwell on the awfulness because if we did, we’d go crazy.  But it’s there.  It’s always there.

Of course, warm hugs from snuggly children sure help too.

It’s also quite possible that people who are overly perky all the time make me want to slam my head in the door.   You know that old saying where if you don’t have anything nice to say, you best say nothing at all?  I think the opposite can be true.  If all you want to do is spout happiness and unicorns, then maybe just try to limit it a touch for those of us who didn’t get our daily rationing of coffee that morning.

Just sayin’.

In other news: I’m watching “Cars” for perhaps the 38th time this month.  It makes Liam mellow, which this morning was a neccesity.  He was starting to go thermonuclear.  I just want to pause for a moment and praise the dudes at Pixar for making visual crack for our children that DOESN’T make my brain bleed.

And in other, other news: Facebook is freakin’ addictive.  And I don’t even play games on there because most of the games are lame-o.  Yes, even that game that you love.  TRUST ME.  But I am addicted (just a little bit) to some of the quizzes and such.  And I love checking my friends’ and family’s statuses.  Facebook is FUN.  It is also a TIME SUCK.

In other, other, other news:  I love my iPhone.  I know you’re all sick to death of hearing me say that but I just saw those of you out there in the audience who have one too nod your heads knowingly.  It is quite simply the best thing I’ve ever owned.  I am forever amazed and thrilled with all the things it can do.  There’s a lot of stuff in my life that I would give up before I ever gave up my iPhone.

Okay.  I think I’m done.  With all that off my chest now, I’m going to share a cute little video of my girl discovering just how bouncy the couch is when it is removed of it’s cushions.

I shouldn't be allowed to post from my iPhone

You know, this isn’t the first time that I’ve gone back to read something I posted from my iPhone and gone, “WTF??”  Because really.   That post makes it all seem very sturm and drang and BLAH BLAH BLAH, boring and STUPID!  I think my eyes rolled reading my own post so I can only imagine how the two of you out there who are reading this reacted.

For that?  I apologize.

Yes, last week was very had.  Yes, I had a lot of crabbyness.  Yes, I let my feelings get hurt over stupid stuff that isn’t supposed to hurt my feelings.  Yes, there are times I want to high-tail it to the border just so I can have a break.  But holy cow, doesn’t everyone?  I hardly think I’m unique in that respect.  So please know that the pity party thrown in my post last night wasn’t QUITE as dramatic and pitiful as it came across.

I may be a loser, but even I have standards.

I honestly think maybe it’s the teeny screen of the iPhone that you have to type out a blog post on that makes all the stuff I post from there come out all weird and un-evenly toned.  Yep.  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

Thankfully, I don’t think the heat will get the better of me this week (yes, I do think that the heat contributed to 90% of my crabbiness… y’all need to believe me when I say I HATE THE HEAT).  Kile put our window a/c unit in the living room today and I’m currently enjoying some machine-generated coolness and am loving it more than I can express in words.

It’s not ALL bad.  Yes, I am mildly depressed.  I’m pretty much used to it by now and I think most of you are used to it too (you know, all two of you).  But like I said, BIG DEAL.  Who cares?  I don’t care.  You don’t care.  NO ONE cares.  Moving on…

It’s Sunday!  And I had a fabulous breakfast at Mimi’s Cafe this morning that may have made my toes curl.  And Evie almost choked on a honeydew melon!  It was good times, all around. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go decide whether or not I need to have something to eat right now.  This is going to require a lot of thought.

Ready to start A picture from the drive-in.  Just cuz I can.

Napping A napping girl.  Cuz she’s cute.

iPhone, youPhone

Do you have an iPhone yet?  Why not?  You’ve seen me prattle on about mine ever since I got it back at the end of the summer/beginning of the fall.  Surely my gushing has led you to purchase your own, right?

Actually, the iPhone is one of those things that you almost have to experience for yourself to fully appreciate.  This could be why the Apple Stores have about a bazillion on display in their store for you to fiddle with to your heart’s content.  Best Buy has one or two as well, last time I checked.  There’s a reason for this, people.  Once you play with an iPhone, a spell is cast.  It’s only a matter of time until you have on of your very own in your pocket to love and cherish.

Of course, I’m probably just making all that up since I got mine because I WON IT (god, that was awesome) and had I needed to actually pay for one, I may have been far more reluctant to try it out.


That’s all beside the point because what I want to talk about today is “iPhone Applications”.  Anyone who has an iPhone knows about these applications and all the wonderous and magical things they can do.  Shoot, even if you don’t have an iPhone chances are you’ve seen one of those commercials where they pimp a particular application like the racing game where you just tilt the whole phone to steer or you shake the phone to find out where to eat lunch or somesuch silliness. The point here is: iPhone Applications are Awesome.  And you want to know which applications I cannot function on a daily basis without, right?  Right.

Well, since you asked so nicely, I’ll tell you.

  • Air Sharing – I got on in on this one when it was new and free and I think you have to pay for it now.  It lets you upload files to your iPhone that you might not normally be able to store on the iPhone (such as text files, pdfs, etc and so forth).  This is useful to me because a lot of my knitting patterns are pdf files and when I’m on the road, it’s nice to be able to cue up the pattern on my phone to see what the next step is rather than having to either a) memorize which I suck at or b) print it out which uses a lot of evil paper.
  • Easy Relax – a sound generator that spits out soothing sounds for you to play while you’re trying to fall asleep.  I have several of these, including White Noise AND White Noise Storm.  I like the beach sounds on Easy Relax though so I tend to use that every night when falling asleep.  Though I just got the word on aSleep today from Sarah at The Anvil Tree and I rather like the beach noises on that one so I think it may be my new favorite.  Anyhow.  Gotta have a sound generator.  I’m addicted to these frigging things.
  • Facebook – I swear, I use the Facebook application more than I use the actual Facebook webpage.  There are a few things I wish the app did (such as allow access to the games), but for the most part?  Handy as hell.  Love it.
  • Evernote – a versatile notepad application that lets you not just enter in text notes but audio and picture notes too.  You might not believe how handy this is.  I use the text note to keep track of what diapers I currently own.  I know, but it really helps to have it written down so I don’t let myself get nuts with the diapers, yo.
  • StitchMinder – This is what it says.  It is a stitch counter.  Handy for casting on or keeping track of how many rows I have done/need to do, etc.  There’s also a handy KnitGauge application but I’m far too lazy a knitter to actually knit a guage swatch. Shyeah.  Right.
  • The Weather Channel – My favorite weather application (I have three because I’m thorough like that).  I love the hourly weather info, the 3 day forcast, the week long forcast and the radar.  Very nice.  I refer to this often, and many times in the middle of the night when we’re having a wind storm to see WHEN the heck they expect it to stop blowing so damn hard out there.  Then I turn on my beach sounds extra loud to drown it out.
  • Movie Star – a decieving name for this application.  What it is is basically IMDB on your iPhone.  If you’re an OCD IMDB looker-upper like me, then this is handy to have so you can access movie information on the fly.  Trust me, this gets used more than you would think.
  • Kindle – It’s basically an Amazon Kindle for your phone.  I haven’t really had the chance to use it yet as I have no Kindle books but I love that it means I won’t need to buy a whole Kindle for $300 or whatever it costs.  Cuz it’s free.  Bonus!
  • WordPress – I love this application but it could be a LOT better.  There isn’t much support for anything terribly fancy and there are some features that I would sorely like to see integrated and it hasn’t been updated in like FOREVER.  But whatever. I use it a lot when I need to post from my phone.  I just wish they would allow landscape typing because that would be a lot nicer.
  • Flickit – If you need a Flickr application (and who doesn’t, really?), this is the one you want.  I have tried many.  Believe me.  This not only lets you upload in full resolution (not as common as you might hope), but allows for easy name, descriptions, tags, visibility, set support… you name it.  FOR FREE.  FREE, people.  FREE.
  • PayPal – Handy for checking balances on the go, which I often need to do.  You can also send money though I’d like it if they allowed you to pick if it was a goods or services or whatever transaction.
  • I Can Has Cheezburger – Who doesn’t want access to lolcats on the go?  You also get all the other great lolz, like loldogs, lolpolitics, lolcelebrities, etc and so forth.  Good for a chuckle when you need it the most.

There is at least one application that I would love to see that I haven’t found yet.  And that is a dedicated Google Reader application.  I’m tired of using Safari to read my feeds and it’d be real nice to have an application devoted to my reader.  There are feed reader applications, both free and pay but none that are Google Reader specific (as far as I can tell… correct me if I’m wrong!).  So that’d be nice.

I may have already done one of these “gotta have these applications” posts, but… I don’t care.  I’m too lazy to look it up at the moment and frankly, my needs have changed in the last several months so I’m sure there are many things on this list that wouldn’t have been on a previous one.

So if you have an iPhone… what are your favorite apps?  What can’t you live without?

Rescued from the iPhone

Looking through my Camera Roll on the iPhone the other day, I was surprised by the pictures I had taken but had forgotten about.  Does anyone else do that?  Or is it just my own brain that is slowly (quickly?) turning to mush?  Anyhow, I thought I’d rescue them and do a little photo post.  I love doing photo posts.  I love pictures anyhow and it makes for a an easy and interesting post.  Well.  Interesting to ME, at least.

IMG_0234 Taken on Christmas Eve when we went to dinner at Mimi’s.  Evie’s rocking her headband and bow and the gal at the table behind us STILL freaks me out a month later.

IMG_0251 Evie chills at her 6 month pediatrician appointment.  Girl loves that tissue on the table.  (Am I the only one who wants to nom on her legs?)

IMG_0256 I think this was January 2nd and the last time we had any sort of inclement weather.  SIGH.  I sorta miss it.

IMG_0252 She has a tendancy to sleep with her eyes open.  FREAKS ME OUT.

IMG_0315 You’d think she’d be happier to be hanging out at Whole Foods, wouldn’t you?

IMG_0320 The sun sets over Target.  I love Nevada sunsets.

Work in progress (PixUp) My current work in progress. The colors are a little wonky here (more blue and the waist is dark gray) but am VERY pleased with how these are turning out as I’m using a new and more complicated pattern.

I can knit! (sorta)

Last night, I finished the baby hat I started knitting for Evie last Sunday night.  It’s not perfect, but it’s finished and it works and it fits and I love it so much.  Because I made it.  And if I can make this, maybe there are other things I can make.  

Finished Baby Hat 

There were a couple of… ahem… mistakes made during the knitting process.  Some of them I know how the mistakes were made.  Some of them.. I don’t.  

Finished Baby Hat 

But I guess mistakes are how you learn, right?  Though I’m pretty sure that only applies to mistakes where you know what you did to make the mistakes.  Like, down by the brim, there is some ribbing.  I pretty much know what I did there.  I didn’t realize that stockinette stich is different in when knitting in the round.  But I left the ribs in there because I thought it added some “interest” to the piece.  Whatever. 

A few... ahem... mistakes 

This?  I don’t have a clue.  This was one of the “joins”.  The one on the other side came through pretty okay, but this one is all kinds of fuxed.  And I’m pretty sure I suck at joining purl stitches, though I improved on that towards the top of the hat.  Sorta.  But what the heck is with all the other funkiness there?  I don’t know what happened there, other than plain old fashioned “not paying close attention”.  


Hrm.  Yeah.  Not sure what happened here either.  This was in that ribbing that I wasn’t technically supposed to be doing anyhow.  But I think I fumbled a stitch or ten here.  

I made this. 

See up there where the hat starts getting smaller?  Those stitches that look all different.  Yeah.  NO IDEA.  I know those are purl stitches but I swear to you with every fiber of my being that I was KNITTING.  Not PURLING.  Somehow, the darned thing got turned around.  So when all my attempts to turn it back around failed, I made a few more rows of it and then purled the rest of the hat.  Why?  So it would look knitted.  Yes, I purled so it would look like knit.  WHATEVER. 

Evie models her new hat 

In the end, it all came out looking fine and almost as though I meant to do it on PURPOSE.  Which is sorta awesome.  I won’t tell anyone if you won’t.  Deal?  

Cute girl in a cute hat 

The important thing is that Evie seems to not notice or care and that’s a good thing.  And it keeps her head warm in our cold-as-Christmas house in the morning.  

So what shall I knit next?? 

My iPhone WallpaperAs a bonus, I’m including a screenshot of my iPhone wallpaper so you’ll all know what a monstrous nerd I am.  But admit it.  Some of you wish you had Edward smiling out at you from your cellphone too, don’t you? 


You didn’t think i would forget to post today, did you?  Not after being conscientious enough to post every single day while we were in Elko using nothing more than my (supa-cool) iPhone?  Of course not!  But I wanted to post some pictures of what your average road trip between Elko and Reno looks like.  And of course I couldn’t just upload pictures STRAIGHT FROM THE iPHONE (because surely it didn’t work this last weekend).  So I had to wait until I got home and then I had to futz with the pictures in Lightroom (which wanted to be updated first).  And we needed dinner.  And now the kids want to go to bed.  So this is actually taking a lot longer than I expected.  Whoops.  Anyhow… here goes.  Be prepared for a lot of BROWN (and water, as it was a rather wet day here in Nevada).

Road Work
When ISN’T there road work going on in Nevada??

Traveling Beetoe
My traveling companion

Nevada Landscape
See? Lots of brown.

Common Sight
And lots of trucks.

Down the hill
Getting closer to Winnemucca

Winnemucca McDonald's
We ALWAYS stop here for a break. ALWAYS.

Lots of little raindrops on the windshield today.

Chilled out
Liam is content with his stuffed animals, sippy cup and cars.


True Midpoint
This truck stop is almost exactly halfway between Elko and Reno.

Snowy Mountains

This “building” looks more and more rundown each time we travel past it. Someday I’ll imagine it won’t be there anymore.

Once again… lots of trucks

Peeking Sun
This was the first and last time we saw the sun today.

I see the Sierras!
Our first glimpse of the Sierra Mountains since last week.

Reno, at last!
Yay! We can see Reno!

One last stretch
And up the interstate towards home… at last!

Reporting from Small Town, USA

I’m writing this on my iPhone, sitting out in the van with the kids while Kile is in the DMV here in Elko trying to take care of a situation that has been brewing for the better part of a year. I’m also hoping that there’s enough of an Edge network signal to post this once I finish.

Cell phone service is criminal out here. Edge is as best you can hope for and I don’t think I’ve had more than three bars worth of signal since we got here. I tried to talk to my parents this morning and the call was dropped no less than 10 times. Whatup, AT&T?? To be fair, the Internet is little better. Though my in laws have wireless DSL, the signal and performance are… spotty. Very frustrating. Don’t get me wrong though. I’m rather glad to gave any signal at all. Having Edge is even better than I expected. But this would definitely be a deal-breaker should we ever consider moving here.

It’s Harry’s birthday today. Nine years old. I don’t think I feel nearly old enough to have a nine year old. We did up a family party last night and he is beyond thrilled with his new iPod Shuffle (which he is now listening to in the “way back” seat). He got some other great gifts too. Only I didn’t take any pictures because I totally forgot and I fail as a mother. Sounds about right.

I saw the big BlogHer announcement this morning. I’m a little sad that the conference is going to be in Chicago this year. Since it is, I don’t think I’ll be able to go. The combined costs of traveling and hotel and conference itself are just too much. We’re going on a big cruise in August and though my parents are pretty much paying for it all, we’ll still need spending money. That doesn’t leave much room for BlogHer. I’m sad because it’ll be the first conference I’ll miss since 2006. And I’ll miss seeing friends and all sorts of other awesome people. So… boo.

Anyhow, we’ll be cooling our heels here for another day and are heading back to Reno tomorrow. And then I’ll have my decrepit laptop back. Yay.

You Need to Read – October 18

Nope, you’re not seeing things.  My YNTR list is back this week!  And, bonus for you, it includes two weeks of linky goodness. I still maintain that I may not be doing this list every week.  But I will when I can and when it’s not going to cause me an undue amount of grief to put it together.   And, as it would happen, this week the grief has not been caused.  It’s a mellow Saturday morning around these parts, Liam is watching “Ratatouille” on cable and Kile is snoring in his recliner.  All is right with the world.

This first post is something I could relate to.  Should I go Mac and never come back? from Mandajuice is much like a similar post I wrote not that long ago.  And, just like myself, she finds herself wooed by the seductive iPhone and repelled by a crappy PC.  I’ll be interested to see what she picks, especially since I’m 99.9% sure I’m going to get a MacBook when the time comes.

And in the “Long-Awaited” category, we have Ezra from amalah . com.   I literally felt my heart swell when I saw this sweet picture and the details on the birth.  She is officially the mom of two boys!  I can’t wait to see how the weeks and months ahead are for her and her family.  Congratulations, Storchs!

I can DEFINITELY relate to The Hot Fuss™* and Me from temporarily me.  In fact, I may have thought these very words myself on more than one occasion in the last week or so.  Or the last month or so.  Or the last six months or so.  Sometimes, a bad mood just gets ahold of you and you can’t shake it.  And sometimes, your kid wants to be superglued to your side.  And when the two meet?  Well… that’s when you get a post like this.

And I know you’re probably sick of me talking about it already, but Her New Hobby from Confessions of a Pioneer Woman made me cackle a little bit because The Power of the iPhone can grip ANYBODY, even housewives who live out in the country. And the text messages from her daughter were just too darned funny. I think someone likes “Napoleon Dynamite”!

On the flip side, we have My Grandpa: October 5, 1921- October 14, 2008 from Joy Unexpected. This was a touching and sad post about her grandfather who passed away this last week. It’s been a long time since all of my grandparents passed, but I could keenly feel her loss through her words. I hope she finds peace, now that her grandfather has found his. My sympathies to her and her family.

Being a Reno citizen as well, I can appreciate Fall Where? from EmilyPie. I love her summation of the season here in our town, and how schizophrenic they often tend to be. However, I do disagree with her assessment of summer and the need for air conditioning (I am sure I would perish without it). I love winter, always have, always will. But yes. Fall is like a week long around here. I could do with some more fall, to be honest.

This post gets filed under the “ZOMG” category. ZOMG! Twilight Soundtrack Playlist Just Released! from MamaPop shares with us the fantabulous news of the new “Twilight” movie soundtrack. Can you believe I already have some of these songs on my iTunes? BEFORE this list was released? Oh, I’m a hardcore fan, ya’ll. And you can bet I’ll have the rest of these songs when the soundtrack is released. I cannot WAIT to hear the one recorded by Robert Pattinson.

Enough is Enough from Queen of Spain Blog is a post about the turn in tone the political race has taken lately. And I wish I could say in the intervening days since she first posted this that the voices of hate have toned down but I really don’t think they have. I think they may have gotten worse. But I definitely share her feelings and hope that people settle the heck down. And lets find some decency in all of this, please? Aren’t we better than this? Please tell me that we are.

Lastly, we have My Husband is Not My Keeper, also from temporarily me. This spoke to me because I have often had these very same feelings. Being a stay at home mom, and not having any of my own income, I often feel like my voice is dimmed somewhat. I think that’s pretty common. And it’s as much my fault as any one else’s. But all the time, this is an impassioned, important post. You should all read it.

So there we go.  Another week’s list in the hopper.  This should be enough to keep you out of trouble this weekend.  As for me, we have a baby costume to find and a pumpkin to pick out (nope, we don’t have that yet either).  Should be fun!  Happy Weekend, ya’ll.

You Need to Read – October 4

Yep, I’m doing the list this week.  But I do want to put out the warning that there might be weeks here and there where I don’t do the list.  The last couple of days, for instance, it’s been difficult keeping up with my reader.  It’s always like that when we have company or anything remotely interesting going on.  (Which isn’t that often because we redefine what it means to be hermits.)  Anyhow, without further ado… I present to you this week’s fabulous list…

First, you’ve gotta check out Advice from Mom, Part I from Mighty Girl.  The advice in this list was SPOT ON.  I may print it out, laminate it, and give it to Evie when she turns 18.  Hey.  That’s not a half bad idea.

After last week’s sob-fest, it’s nice to see something GOOD from Loralee.  “And now for something COMPLETELY different…” from loraleeslooneytunes.com was a breath of fresh air and I found myself pumping my fist for her.  I will be cheering her on through this, you can count on that.  She is very deserving of a happy ending (or beginning?), don’t you think?

I Am Perfect, You Are Not – A Failure Of The Green… from The Good Human is a perfect example of how environmentalists can turn regular people off of going green.  And I’d say it goes for other facets of our lives as well.  I’m thinking, in particular, of politics.  I think a lot of Democrats turn off people who feel that they’re being talked down to, made fun of, whatever.  And when it comes to saving the planet, it doesn’t matter if you don’t do EVERYTHING, just as long as you do SOMETHING.  Wouldn’t you agree?

I think the “Best Post of the Week” award (shut up, it just made it up) should go to Maybe This Isn’t My Place to Say… from karensugarpants.com.  This post had me from start to finish, brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat.  I’m a gulible sort, and I didn’t see where she was going with this until the end of the post, which I felt made it that much more powerful.  This post was nothing short of amazing.  READ IT.

Oh Molly, I know (sorta) how you feel.  In How to fall apart with all (some) of the world watching from LOST A SOCK,  she talks about the quagmire she’s sunk into since her baby daughter was born several weeks ago.  It’s not easy.  And I want to club anyone who would dare even make it look like it is.  It’s a day to day struggle.  I want to send her supportive thoughts.  You’re not alone.

Also, if you’re in the mood for some giggles and blogging introspection, read Stats and Man Ponytails from The Bean.  I know what she means when she agonizes over strange and unexplainable differences in stats.  In feeling sometimes tied to the blog because of those stats.  Stats will ruin blogging, I’m positively sure of it.  I hate trying to decifer those maddening dips!

Maybe I’m obsessed with my iPhone, but My Top Ten iPhone Apps from Greeblemonkey is the sort of post I just GOBBLE up these days.  I feel so new to the technology and there are so many “apps” to choose from that I never know which one is going to be the BEST one.  So having a “cheat sheet” to refer to helps like you wouldn’t believe.  And if you don’t have an iPhone, reading this list will make you want to cut off your arm to get one! (Okay, maybe not.  But it sure sounded good, didn’t it?)

And that’s it for this week’s installment.  I hope everyone has fine and productive weekends.  I will be back at some point with pictures and stories from yesterday’s day trip.  Despite appearances, it did NOT involve alcohol (too bad!).  Has anyone guessed where we went?  (I didn’t really make it a secret, for the record.)

Do I drink the Mac kool-aid?

I’ve known for years that if you were a “cool kid”, you had a Mac.  Most specificially (and most recently), this is a MacBook.  Nay, a MacBook PRO.  Shoot, I remember going to BlogHer and seeing entire tables of laptops with the little glowing apple blazing on the back.  EVERYONE had that damned laptop, it seemed.  Except me and my deficient Dell.  But, you know, whatever.  I’ve always BEEN a PC girl, I’ll always BE a PC girl.  You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, after all, and I am rather attatched to my right-click mouse button.

But, well, I’m starting to wonder if Apple doesn’t maybe have something going for them.  After all, it’s not like PC’s have been overly-kind to me in recent times.  And the Mac’s promise to not let me down is mighty tempting.  I suppose the number one event that caused me to even CONSIDER getting a Mac was getting my iPhone last month.

humina, humina…

I love my iPhone.  My iPhone has changed my life.  And I’m not trying to make any of you out there who want an iPhone and can’t or don’t have one for one reason or another feel bad, but I can’t lie.  When I first found out I won one, I was excited, but I really had no idea what an iPhone was all about.  All I knew is what I’d heard from others.  I figured I would use it as much as I used my current phone (a Motorola Razr), perhaps a little more.  But really, what could the difference be?  OH THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. The iPhone is far more like a mini-computer than a PHONE (I often forget that it can make and receive calls, to be honest) and I use it ALL THE TIME.  I love it passionately.

But I have to admit that it has been sort of a gateway drug.  We’ve been back to the Apple Store a couple times since then.  To deal with iPod related issues for Kile, to browse accessories, etc and so on.  And… I like the Apple Store.  It’s a fabulous place to be.  It’s almost always full of people.  There are plenty of computers, phones, iPods and whatnot to play on, books to flip through…  It’s intoxicating.

If I’m going to get a Mac, it’s got to be a laptop.  And if I’m going to get a Mac laptop, it’s got to be a MacBook Pro.  Now, I have to admit, if I thought I knew very little about the iPhone, I know absolutely nothing about Mac computers.  I’ve worked on them, briefly, a few times here and there over the years.  Enough to know that I was annoyed by some of their features.  I can recall being perturbed by the lack of a right-click mouse button.  I also remember being a little more than annoyed at how you had to ask the computer to spit out your disk instead of pressing a button on the exterior, like you could on a PC.  Plus, for a very long time, there were programs that I considered essential that would not run on a Mac.  And then there was the whole Windows issue.  I knew how Windows worked.  Comparatively, the Mac OS was a foreign language.

I was old and stuck in my ways.

But I’m trying to get away from that philosophy.  I’ve been trying to learn more about how Macs work, how to do basic funtions on them (I know how to “right-click” now!) and have learned that you can even operate Windows on a Mac.  So what’s stopping me?

Well… for one thing, they’re kinda pricey.  But I’m in the market for a new laptop in the next several months anyhow.  We may be able to get a deal on a MacBook Pro.  It’s a little more than I was hoping to spend and, sadly, MacBook’s don’t come in PINK.  But… I think I might have to go for it.  Because I feel like it’s now or never.  (That’s probably a little dramatic but I don’t care.)

So what do you all think?  How many of you have Macs?  Have you always been a Mac person?  Or, if you are a former PC person, how was the transition?  Your feedback is much appreciated!