Babble and Blather

Gosh, is it Tuesday already?? What the heck?  Why am I losing large chunks of time all the time? And DON’T say it’s cuz I’m old.  Cuz then I’ll be forced to smack you over the head with my handbag, you young whippersnapper.


So the sixth Harry Potter movie comes out tonight at midnight.  I want to see this movie.  We’ve kinda slacked off in the drive-in department lately, mostly because nothing much good was playing in June so we got out of the habit of going.  The last we saw?  Transformers.  We didn’t even go see Ice Age 3.  I think the general attitude was: “Meh.”  Which, yeah… who really wants to see Ice Age 3?  I sure don’t.  But that’s never stopped us before.  We usually go to the drive-in just to GO.  What movie is playing is sort of beside the point.

But I really wanna see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  I’m not one of those quasi Harry Potter fans who don’t even bother to read the books.  I read them all!  More than once, even!  I’d like to see it tonight at midnight but… yeah no.  Unless I took Harry with me.  And he has school so that wouldn’t work so hot with a 2 hour and 33 minute movie on a school night that starts AFTER midnight.

The best option is going to the drive-in tomorrow night.  Also a school night, but with a movie starting roughly around 9, would be home slightly sooner.  So what if Harry has school the next day?  So what if Kile has work? This is HARRY POTTER.  This is bigger than school and work.

Damnit, I’m putting my foot down.  We’re going.  And that’s final.  Just suck it up, boys.


My children are monkeys.  That is all.


Our big Disney Extravaganza is next month.  Like in WEEKS.  It’s getting close.  I’m still scared, but mostly about the traveling to Florida component.  I think the rest is going to be a blast and a half.  But two toddlers and luggage and car seats and strollers and airport security?  BE STILL MY HEART.  Has anyone done an air trip like this before and if so, HOW.  We’re flying Southwest.  On the way out, we stop but don’t have to get off the plane which has GOT to be a plus, right?

I have a feeling this will be the death of me.


I think Evie just ate something quite possibly non-edible.  Uhm…


The overwatering of the grass continues!  Kile is starting to think maybe he should turn down the sprinklers a hair.  You think?  There’s almost seven hours between the noon and evening waterings and the ground doesn’t even get 100% dry.  And that’s through the hottest part of the day!

The water conservation police are SO gonna have our asses.


My left hand is misshapen and sore.  I’m turning into a crone.  I blame the knitting.


And yet, I insist that I am NOT OLD.

Oh and GET OFF MY LAWN, punks!

Stuff you don't want to know

As referenced in this post here, I was a guest vendor on a “congo” over on Hyena Cart yesterday.  I was very excited and nervous about it.  I have my own little Hyena Cart shop, I pretty much only sell slots on my customs list and maybe the occasional stitch marker.  It doesn’t get a lot of attention and I get most of my customs from my message board pals.  I was nervous about stocking something already made.  Would anyone actually WANT it?   Or would it be a spectacular fail?


It wasn’t a fail.  Far from it.  I’m stil in shock today.  I sold the shorts I made right away, sold both of the customs slots I stocked and the auction on the skirt I made is currently at $170.  This, quite literally, blows my mind.  Unbelievable.


Liam’s birthday was a RAGING success on Tuesday.  He had a great day, which I think is the best thing we could have done for him.  Liam really responds to the gift of “quality time”.   We picked up Kile from work to go to Evie’s 15 month pediatrician appointment and he took the rest of the day off.  We went to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch (which was like crack for that kid, he LOVED IT).  After, we ventured next door to Toys R Us to spend some birthday money from his grandparents.  He walked out with a ride-in toy car (that we literally have to keep out of sight in the garage or we will never get him out of it), a “Cars” pillow for his bed (that he keeps trying to cart around with him) and a couple more “Cars” cars to add to the ever-growing collection.  This was on top of all the “Cars” stuff that we got him as presents.  We did a little shopping before heading home and after playing hard for a couple hours, we all went to McDonald’s for dinner: Liam’s favorite restaurant.  Then it was home to cake and ice cream and presents.


What a great day!  And what a lucky kid!


As I said, Evie had a pediatrician appointment on Tuesday.  She’s doing great and had a fabulous time ripping around the room in her diaper while we waited for the doctor.

She comes in at 50% for weight and 40% for height.  Yay for my average girl!  She did have to get a couple of shots, which she did NOT like.  And, quite frankly, they made her a Crankapotomus for the next day or two.  So far, she seems fairly genial today, so I hope that means we’re in the clear.  Whew!


I can’t blame any crankyness on Evie’s part on lack of sleep these days.  We got a room-darkening shade for her window this weekend.  Her room gets the bulk of the morning sun and since the sun is up at an ungodly hour these days, she was waking up rather early.  And I always got the impression that she was still tired but she would NOT go back to sleep.

With the shade up?  She is sleeping in until at least 9am EVERY DAY.  Now, this may even out after she gets used to it… but for now?  OMG, I love it.  It keeps her room a little cooler too.  The boys have a shade too, but theirs is “light-filtering” which means it doesn’t make it darker at all.  However, Liam is a fantastic sleeper and I never have to complain about him getting enough sleep or waking up too early.

I just LOVE having some time in the morning to get some things done and have peace and quiet.  I better enjoy it while I can, because who knows how long it will last!


I recently discovered “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” was playing on the “Gospel Music Channel”.  I didn’t even know we GOT that channel, but apparently we do.  I used to watch “Dr. Quinn” back in high school and it was something my friends and I would giggle and talk about.  We even passed notes about such subjects as “courtin’ and sparkin'”, Sully’s braid, and our dislike for Matthew’s girlfriend, Ingrid.  Good times, man.

Now, watching these episodes again, takes me RIGHT back to those days in high school and hanging out with my friends.  It’s been a wonderful walk down memory lane.  I’ve been DVRing the episodes and watching them while the kids are napping or at night after they’re in bed and Kile is playing his computer game.

Oh the memories!


We finally got some strollers for our trip to Florida next month (gulp!).  It’s feeling more real all the time that this trip is actually going to happen and I’m scared stiff.  I know it’s going to be loads of fun.  But the plane trip scares me.  Mostly, the fact that we’re doing a plane trip with two small children.  And that one of those children, Evie, doesn’t have her own seat booked.  So she’s on my lap.  CROSS COUNTRY.  This is not good, my friends.

The airport(s) and the plane trip are easily what I’m most nervous about.  I think once we get there, we’re all going to have a marvelous time.  I’ll have the almighty Jesus Phone (read: the iPhone) with me, so hopefully I’ll be able to post quick updates and snapshots here and there.

Oh and pray I don’t blind anyone at the pool when I wear a bathing suit with my pasty, white skin.


We’re getting SOD tomorrow!  SOD!!  This is HUGE!

We’ve lived in this house for over 5 years now, and just NOW are finally getting something of a landscaped backyard.  The sod will be delivered at the crack of dawn and Kile plans to get out there and lay it before it gets hot.  I sure hope he isn’t expecting me to join him.  I’ll cheer him on in spirit, as I’m sleeping soundley in my cozy, cool bed.

Seriously though, this is a great thing!  The kids will be able to run through the sprinklers at last (we’ve always been reluctant to do this before because the front yard is so exposed and the grass patch out there isn’t terribly large) (or flat).  And the dogs will have some place to crap!  SIGH.  Oh well.  The good with the bad, yes?

The next step will be to pour a cement patio (I have NO idea when this will happen, only that it’s the plan so far) and to buy some trees and plants and such to finish stuff out with.  But the grass?  That’s a huge chunk of it.


So that’s all I’ve got to say.  For now. Are you glad I shared?

I have a good excuse

It’s been a few days longer than I would like since I’ve posted.  But as the title to this post indicates, I have a good excuse.  Or rather, a couple good excuses.  Or maybe they’re only good excuses to me because I feel like I need an excuse.  Which may not even be the case because the two people who read this site might not even care that I haven’t posted in two days.  In which case, these aren’t excuses but rather that annoying buzz in your head, like a bad fluorescent bulb or something.

Anyhow.  Where was I?

Oh yeah!  My excuse(s):

1) The internet was kaput on Wednesday.  HIGHLY frustrating.  Apparently Charter (I love them so) (not) was upgrading their equipment or something on Wednesday morning.  The only thing is that once they were done fixing their stuff, I still had no internet because something or other had to be fiddled with on our cable modem.  And I’m pretty stupid when it comes that sort of thing.  So I had my phone.  And my knitting.  I could check email and do basic internet functions.  And YES, I suppose I could have written a post from my phone about how I had no internet or something.  But no one likes to read about people who have no internet.  It’s boring.

Oh… wait…


2) Wednesday night, once Kile was home and fixed the internet, was busy, busy.  We went to the drive-in to see Transformers (at last).  It was a great night ot go and we all had a good time, even though Evie went thermonuclear midway through.  She’s officially reached that age where not being in bed at bedtime is a criminal offense.  Still, I got her knocked out eventually.  And the movie was a lot of fun.

Ready for the movie

What would I do without the drive-in? I ask you!  Oh and I also did some knitting.

3)  I’ve been knitting a lot.  Surprise, surprise.  I’m going to be a “guest vendor” at CongFu on this next coming Wednesday and that means having a few items (like the one in the picture above) to stock.  I’m kinda excited about it but not really expecting anyone to want my stuff all at the same time.  Anyhow, it means I’ve been knitting any chance I get for the last several days.   Let me just say:  This is going to be some CUTE stuff.  I won’t be entirely heartbroken if they don’t sell because that means I can keep them for my own.  Muahaha!

4) Thursday was a busy day as Kile took the day off (hurray for a four day weekend!) and we got some shopping done and just basically had a good time.  It meant not a lot of time spent at home though.  I did take my knitting with me so I could work feverishly in the car.  But we went and spent the rest of one of Kile’s gift cards, raided the Carter’s outlet store, bummed around Target (I seriously want to live there), went to Kohl’s and finally found Liam some sandles, had dinner at Texas Roadhouse which I’ve decided is my new BFF and then finished up our monthly grocery shopping trip (the one I started on Tuesday) at Walmart.  WHEW.  All that and we were able to get the kids home and in bed on time.  I think that deserves a medal.

So those are my excuses and I’m sticking to it.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some knitting to do.


I feel like something you scrape off the bottom of your shoe today.  My big toe is still broken and therefore still hurts when I do things like walk.  I also fell up the stairs yesterday (yes… UP the stairs) while I was carrying Evie and in an effort to absorb the blow, I jammed my knee.  My knee is no longer purty.  It is ugly and it is sore.  My back hurts, my teeth and jaw hurt (still and again), I’m feeling crabby and stressed and it’s going to be in the 90’s today and I HATE that.

In other words: it’s a Wednesday.  Woo hoo!


I was thinking last night about cloth diapering and the whole other language and set of acronyms you become accustomed to when you enter into that lifestyle and community.  And how someone who isn’t familiar with it would think I have totally lost my marbles.  You need an example?   Okay, here is a sampling of “diaper speak” using my own personal diapering journey as an example.

We gave up sposies when my DD was about 8 weeks old.  I never tried NB dipes like NB Mutts or anything or even KL0’s.  We mostly started off with simple UBCPF’s in a PUL cover.  I also got some OS BG 3.0’s to use and loved them until I got completely frustrated by the Aplix.  While Liam uses pockets and we swear by FBs for him, Evie wears fitteds now.  She started with GMs which are also OS and that is how I justified the price.  But I’ve become frustrated by GM so we’ve  transitioned to snappiable fitteds like BSRB UF’s (I love BSRB’s TIAN diapers for nighttime!  Nothing works better!), SP’s NRSS and SBs.  All of them are also OS but much cheaper.  Well, the SBs and the BSRB’s are, at least.  We just love fitteds and using wool as covers.  It’s what got me to start knitting.  Now, my favorite thing is to work on a yymn slot with BFL yarn.  Love it!

See?  It’s like LATIN.  So how many of you understood any of that?

I will admit, it was the terminology that made me scared at first.  I’m thinking I’ll post up a “Glossery” of sorts on my cloth diapering blog, so that people who are new to the whole thing won’t feel completely intimidated.  Because clearly, cloth diapering needs a translator.


Speaking of cloth diapers, I have some new ones headed my way that I custom ordered.  Am beyond excited.  Am perhaps in need of a life.

my scuttlebutts custom


Liam has become a “Cars” dictator.  He would like for nothing else to ever be on the television other than “Cars”.  I have to limit it to once per day or else my brain will start bleeding.  I put in “Finding Nemo” this morning and the kid practically had an anuerism.    Is there a 12-step program for “Cars” addicts?  Shopping for his birthday (which is in like TWO WEEKS)  (LESS ACTUALLY, omg) will be EASY.  Does it Lightning McQueen or Mater on it?  SOLD!


I kinda want to kick Caillou in the teeth.


I better get back to my knitting.  I swear, I’m such a slave-driver.  But I have a few things I simply NEED to get through this week and I think I have a chance at getting it all done.  Woot!


Happy Wednesday!  The weekend is halfway here!


I’ve been a big time, grade A, first class blog flake lately.

Not exactly news for anyone who has been keeping track of my update schedule over here, to be sure.  But I’ve also been a flake in keeping up at my friends’ blogs.  Now THAT is pretty sad.  This knitting obsession of mine has taken over.  Any spare time is spent knitting.  And while I will often compose pithy and humorous blog posts in my mind while I’m knitting my bazillionth pair of baby pants, composing something in your mind isn’t quite the same as putting the knitting needles aside and typing it up on the laptop.  And Google Reader is literally starting to get cobwebs around the corners.  I used to do the bulk of my blog reading while I was nursing Evie, via my iPhone.  But lately I’ve been sucked into some stupid iPhone games and that is generally what I’m doing when I would normally be reading blogs.

What is my excuse?  I don’t have one.

And I feel bad, because I feel like I’ve missed out on some things with some of the bloggers I consider myself closest to.  What does it say that I just found out like two days ago that Brit’s blog was busted?  Something I could have helped her with, I’m sure, but I was a flake.  So I didn’t.

That’s not cool.

Shoot, I spend more time on Facebook, reading up on people’s statuses than I do reading their blogs.

This has to change.  I don’t want to be “that blogger”.  The one who is completely out of the loop and detached from the community.  I know notgoing to BlogHer this year has affected me this way.  Why bother to connect to the community when I’m not going to BlogHer?  What’s the point?  Of COURSE there is a point.  But when you’re a) lazy and b) occupied elsewhere, well… excuses come easy.

There’s no reason why I can’t keep up my blog and read my favorite blogs though I’m not going to BlogHer.  And there’s no reason I can’t do this while I continue knitting.  I just need to get my act together.

I hate being a slave to stats, but the stats don’t lie.  And they show a significant drop in the last six months.  Again… NOT COOL.  I’m letting people down.  I’ve become BORING.  GAH!

So I gotta knock that off.  Anyone have any helpful suggestions?  Wanna come over here and kick me in the pants?  Anyone? (Is anyone still here?)

I can mark this off the list now

So remember my list from last week of things I wanted to get done?  I’ve been slogging through, diligently.  Some things, like dying the yarn, I haven’t gotten to yet.  Not so much with the organizing existing yarn and needles either.  But I have done all the laundry, knit my little tuckus off, mostly set up the Hyena Cart shop (I plan to open it tomorrow, God willing) and, now, I have opened the craft blog.

Aren’t you all proud of me?

I’m sure there is still work to be done, kinks to iron out, plugins to install.  But for the most part, I’m pretty proud of the craft blog.  I hesitate to call it a knitting blog since I’m sure to stick other things on there besides knitting from time to time.

In the meantime, if you are interested in seeing what I’m doing, knitting-wise, please keep an eye on slackermama is a craftymama.  I am sure I will astound you all with my amazing knitting prowess.

I'm a knitting goddess

It wasn’t but a few months ago that I could barely cobble together a baby cap without making a bazillion mistakes.  And now?  I can craft beautiful works of art in record (for me) time.  Yesterday, I finished a pair of small knit shorties in roughly 24 hours.  True, I barely did anything else besides change diapers and eat, but the fact is, I DID IT.  Tuesday night, I had started the waistband on this project shortly before going to bed and got about an inch of that done.  The rest was done yesterday.  I finished around 11:30 last night.  Okay, maybe it was closer to 12.  The point is I FINISHED IT.  And they are too adorable to believe.  I feared that since they were going to be a plain color, that maybe they wouldn’t be that exciting.  But they may just be my favorite completed project yet.  There’s something about the heathered yarn, the lush green colors, the cute smallness (without being UBER TWEE like the newborn longies were)… See for yourself!





Aaaand for those of you who are sick of all the knitting talk, I WILL get that craft blog going and I WILL keep posts like this to there (unless I have something notable to discuss in the realm of crafting).  But I just had to share my accomplishment.  Not only are they ADORABLE, but I finished them damn quick.  Go me!

I'm so crafty, I amaze myself

I have to share with you what I “discovered” yesterday.  I’d like to say that this took a lot of forethought and planning and my super-genius mind crafted this all up with perfect intention.  But… not so much.  See, I often troll the knee-high section at Target looking for socks that I can turn in to baby leg warmers.  You’ve seen those Babylegs?  The little legwarmers that babies can wear up to their juicy thighs to keep their legs warm, knees protected, etc and so forth?  I love them but I don’t love the price tag.  I saw a tutorial online for how to sew them yourself and VOILA.  I had a couple made and was pleased with the results.  It’s a simple process that involves cutting off the heel and toes and taking the “foot” part to make a cuff that you sew onto the “leg”.

Well, yesterday while in the process of making up a few of these, I sorta fuxed up one of the cuffs.  Annoyed, I left the cuff off and pulled the bottom of the “leg” tight while running a zigzag stitch along it.  GENIUS.

IMG_0294 And you should see how adorable they are when she’s NOT wearing Hello Kitty shippers (shoe+slipper=shipper).  But seriously… COME ON.  How cute are those??  With the lettuce-y edge?  And it took like TWO minutes to do.

IMG_0295 I kill me.

Now, if anyone spots any bright rainbow striped knee-high socks, will you think of me?  I’m rather desperate for rainbow baby legwarmers.


In other news, I’ve been rather productive since yesterday’s post.  The legwarmers weren’t on the list but they should have been because they were definitely on my “to do” pile.  So what have I done so far?

  • Craft Blog – well… I installed it.  Does that count?  I put a few plugins on there.  And that’s about it.  I need a design.  And, you know, POSTS.  Will keep you all tuned.
  • Last minute customs for mom – I finished one of them!  The very cute and very twee newborn longies!  And I’m 2/3 done with the other, which are adorable small shorts.  These need to be recieved in the mail by her next Wednesday so I have to get these done ASAP so I have enough time to wash and mail them.  But check the longies:


  • Finish setting up HC shop – Yeah… no.  Haven’t even touched it.  But I’ve thought about it.  Does that count?
  • Post here every day – so far so good!  Hey, it may be a little on the late side but IT STILL COUNTS.
  • Post to cloth diaper blog – GULP.
  • Organize iPhone – YES!  I did this today while knitting.  I’m so multi-talented.  And now I can fit all my songs on there as well as podcasts, apps and ringtones.  Go me!
  • Organize yarn stash – Nope.  Have not even looked at it.  This WILL get done.
  • Organize knitting needles – Didn’t do this yet either.  But I looked through the needles my mom gave me last night.  Just need to track them all in Ravelry.  And then I can plan what needles I want to buy (am thinking I want 4-5 more pairs of Addi Turbos).
  • Laundry – I’ve done some (diaper laundry), but the rest is still begging for my attentions.
  • Dye yarn – Nope.  Still sort of waiting until I get a scale to weigh yarn on so I know how much I’m dealing with.  Believe me, that’s kinda important.
  • Find scale – I saw a bunch on eBay but alas, my PayPal tree has run out of leaves.  I need to get cranking on these customs so I can get paid!

Whew.  Okay, it may not seem like I’ve got a lot accomplished.  All I’ve really done today is knit knit knit.  But if I can finish these shorts tonight then I will be able to get a LOT more done off this list.  Go me!


Have you ever felt that when things are really busy for you, that your attention is being pulled in fifteen different directions, that attention isn’t whole?  That your attention tends to fragment and splinter and so each issue, each project that is demanding your attetion only gets a fragment of it?  Because that is exactly how I feel right now.  For the last month, I’ve had more than a handful of different things clamoring for my notice and it’s almost made me become ADD or something.  I have a hard time concentrating on any one thing at any one time.  My brain is so full of thoughts that I am routinely forgetting things that I want to (or NEED to) do.

I’m not a fan of this.

I’m hoping to get things under control SOON.  And maybe, just maybe, once things are under control then I can start truly giving this poor neglected blog the attention it deserves.  I swear, the Blog Gods are going to come and take away my blog if I can’t start taking care of it properly.

IMG_0234-1 I finished my first paid custom pair of longies late last week and they got shipped off in the mail on Saturday.  I am beyond happy with how they came out.  And I’m not even a fan of orange!  These pants are so bright and happy and fun that it truly was a pleasure to knit them.  I really hope their new owner loves them as much as I do.

Speaking of which, I’m thinking of doing a craft blog.  Okay, I just heard your brain explode over there.  I know it seems extremely foolish to start ANOTHER blog when I can’t even give the ones I already have the time of day anymore.  But before you chuck something at my head, I was thinking of having it be a ground-zero for keeping track of my customs list and posting pictures of my projects and maybe some tips and tricks as I think them up.  Yeah?  Good idea, huh?  So that’s one of the things that I’m trying to do but due to the fragmented attention, not so much yet.

IMG_0224-1 I just got this fabulous diaper late last week.  It was one of the “SYOF” diapers (which basically stands for Send Your Own Fabric… sort of like a custom) that I was lucky enough to get in on.  It’s not my Holy Grail Diaper (that would be Wine Country) (and yes, I realize it’s fairly absurd to have a Holy Grail Diaper) but it’s way up there and I am beyond excited to have it.  Evie’s 1st Birthday outfit is sorta based around this diaper (provided I can concentrate long enough to plan/purchase/acquire the rest of the outfit!).

IMG_0248 Harry has been having fun playing on my old-n-busted laptop while he’s on break from school this month.  And I thought this was too cute where the two little ones were clustered around him watching him play (Evie was trying to help, apparently).  I love these little moments where my three kids are coexisting peacefully together.  It helps make up for the times that Harry pushes Liam down or Liam chucks his sippy cup at Evie’s head.

IMG_0252 Yep.  Those are my diapers.  All of the ones I have (so far) (I have at least two on the way), minus a plain one called “Iced Lolly” that Evie had worn to bed and was therefore sullied.  It’s kind of ridiculous how much I love these diapers, mostly because they work so damn well and look so damned cute at the same time.  (Seriously, ya’ll, NO BLOWOUTS.  EVER.)  Actually, I’m not sure I love Swords and Roses (the newest one and the one next to the pink kitty diaper).  But I’m trying to ignore that little voice that says, “SELL!”

IMG_0255 On Saturday we drove over to Portola (about 30 minutes away to the north-west in Northern California) to hang out at a cabin with my sister in law and her family.  It was very snowy and pretty there.  I took this picture from the (dry and warm) back step.  I love my new camera and it’s bodacious zoom.

IMG_0262 I love snow.  I love everything about it.  Well okay, maybe not driving in it.  But everything else for sure.  And I love playing around with the manual setting on the new camera, particularly the manual focus.  Hee!

IMG_0268 Harry got a chance to go sledding while we were there and his feet didn’t freeze up and fall off despite the fact that he forgot to bring his boots.

It actually kinda kills me how big he’s getting.  He needs to KNOCK THAT OFF.

IMG_0273 There has been a lot of snow and storm this weekend.  We were supposed to go back to the cabin on Sunday but they got like TWO FEET of snow so we decided OH HECK NO.  We stayed in town where we did not get two feet of snow but rather some cold and miserable “wintery mix”.  I think I would have rather had the two feet of snow.

And then yesterday was just a “free day”.  God, I love three day weekends.  Of course, now I’m going to be messed up all week long about what day it actually is.  Which doesn’t help my whole resolution to get things under control in my life.  This week I want to accomplish (in no particular order):

  • starting the craft blog
  • finishing the last minute special customs I’m knitting for my mom
  • finish setting up my Hyena Cart shop
  • return to posting here EVERY DAY
  • post a couple things to my cloth diaper blog
  • delete the Christmas songs off my iPhone to free up some much needed room
  • reorganize my yarn stash and take inventory on what I have
  • take inventory on my knitting needles and other knitting notions
  • laundry and more laundry and then after that?  laundry
  • dye the yarn I bought
  • see if I can’t find a reasonable scale somewhere that will measure ounces and grams

Okay.  I think that’s all there is.  For now, at least.  So what are you hoping to get done this week?  I’m hoping none of you are feeling as fragmented as I am right now because it’s not a terribly happy feeling.  Happy Tuesday, ya’ll!


Sorry, no long and lyrical post today either.  But I did finish my first pair of purchased custom longies today and I am very happy about that.  My customs list is growing.  I’m setting up a shop on Hyena Cart.  I have posted a business thread at Diaper Swappers.  I think this business is going to go pretty well.  I’ve ordered more wool wash (in a yummy “Froot Loops” scent!) and some polymailers to send fluffies off in.  I’ve even ordered custom business cards!  Look at me, all official and stuff.

IMG_0182 Mostly I’m just happy that I’ve found something I can do that can earn me a little extra money and produce something concrete.  Knitting has truly become second nature to me.  And yes, before you ask, I do plan to try socks sometime.  So far, however, the longies/shorties/capris/soakers/etc are keeping me pretty busy.

IMG_0186 In other news, I’m truly impressed with how Harry is doing playing Rock Band (2).  I just watched him play “Nine in the Afternoon” by Panic! at the Disco on EXPERT and score 90%.  Not as hard a song as maybe “Chop Suey” or “Down with the Sickness” (both of which he plays often on hard), but STILL.   And here, he played “White Wedding” by Billy Idol, also on expert and also scored 90%.  He assures me he could do a better job.  And he blushes when I gush over him.  I know it’s just a game and all but DAMN.  Kid’s got SKILZ.

IMG_0192 What, don’t most people take pictures of their diapers and then post them on their blog?  You act like I’m strange or something.  *cough*

IMG_0197 Seriously though… doesn’t that bamboo velour look so soft and cushy?  I want an entire wardrobe made for me out of the stuff.  Of course, it would probably cost me roughly $13 million dollars.

IMG_0201 And you know what else?  This isn’t my entire goodmama stash either.  I have more.  Not a LOT more, but more.  I have a feeling that I should be ashamed of that.  But I’m not.  Because look how pretty these things are.  And yes, I just said a diaper is PRETTY.  I dare you to argue with me.

IMG_0204 Clearly, I need help.  I can give you the names now too, without looking them up.  I didn’t used to be able to do that.  The three plain ones on the left (top to bottom) are: Hawt, Plum and Mud Pie.  And the prints from left to right (top to bottom) are: Jolly Waffler, Wild Child, Dance Class, 1981, Ever After and Prism.  Yeah.  I DEFINITELY need help.

IMG_0208 I’m also having a lot of fun with the new camera, testing what it can do and how things work.  And I love the zoom on this baby.  I can get pictures that I never could have gotten with the old camera.  Which, I’m guessing is the whole point of getting a new camera and all.

IMG_0210 I can get a new glimpse at the same old mountain I’ve looked at out the back door for the last (almost) five years.  I can see details that maybe I never would have noticed before.

IMG_0206 Like this building up on the top.  Sure, I’ve always known there was a building up there but now I can see MORE of it.  Pretty nifty.  I can see this camera and I having some great adventures in the future.  It makes me itch to go out on a nature walk and just take pictures of everything I see.  And thanks to my new 4GB SD card, I could probably take pictures to my hearts content without running of space.

I can take video too.

Yeah, that was a warning.  Be prepared.

So how is everyone else’s week going?  Am I the only one who just realized that Valentine’s Day is on Saturday and is therefore woefully unprepared to shower my loved ones with goodies?  Any fun plans for the extended weekend?  Do tell!  (And don’t let my diaper pictures scare ya’ll.)