So I haven’t posted yet today. It’s been a rather hectic day, if you don’t mind me saying. I’m not going to go on and on about it, because I’m posting this from my iPhone. The Internet is sorta dead here right now. Because DirecTV hates Charter cable. I hate Charter too but I don’t think that’s any reason to kill my Internet.

Of course, Kile is the bomb and tells me he’s figured a way to make the Internet behave with DirecTV. I better go check that out. BRB…


Okay, my husband is a freakin’ genius. He fixed mah internetz.

And not just that, but he surprised me with My Precious this afternoon. I wasn’t expecting him to run home on his lunch break and bestow me with my new Macbook.

I love it. I really, really do.

Dell? You can just EAT ME.

Liam is a fan of My Precious too.

The days are numbered

And the number?  Is EIGHT.  

What am I referring to?  Why my laptop, of course.  Over the months you have heard me bitch, whine and complain about this stupid laptop of mine.  (Dell Inspiron 630m, in case you were wondering.)  This laptop has been an embarassment to laptops everywhere.  It has been ATROCIOUS.  And instead of generously offering to fix it or replace it, Dell has ignored my bitching, whining and complain.  Hmph.  (DELL SUCKS)  It’s all for the better, of course, because as time has gone on I am increasingly aware that I don’t WANT another Dell.   Shoot, I don’t even want another PC.  

Ya’ll?  I’m ready to think outside the box.  

I’ve resisted for many, many years.  I was tempted years back when Apple first came out with the iMac.  I loved how… contained it was.  But I was scared.  I would miss my right click!  I would miss my easy “eject the disk NOW, damnit!” button on the cd/dvd rom.  I would miss… *gasp*  WINDOWS. 

I don’t think I’ll miss it anymore.  

Well, I’ll probably miss the easy right click (though I fully know how to achieve right click functionality on a MacBook now) and the eject button.  But I won’t miss Windows.  And I won’t miss programs randomly flipping the heck out.  I won’t miss viruses and spyware and worms.  I won’t miss Firefox crashing 15 times like it did yesterday (I’m writing this from Google Chrome… it is THAT BAD).  I’m not going to miss the stupid missing keys on the stupid cheap-ass keyboard (you use “g” a lot more than you’d think, I’ve learned) (I miss my “g” key) (and my u and x and q) (oh and the caps lock key and the left control key and even that stupid Windows key).  

In eight SHORT days (please God, let them be short), I will have a MacBook in hand.  Of course, this is dependant on our tax return coming in on schedule but I don’t know any reason why it wouldn’t.  And in eight days, this crappy laptop will be sleeping with the fishes.  Well, maybe not TECHNICALLY.  But I sure as hell am not going to be throwing it any goodbye parties.  Stupid piece of crap.  

So, Dell?  You can just eat it.  I’m gettin’ a Mac.

On the cusp

Today feels very much like an intermediate sort of day.  The day between not having money and having money (maybe?) (hopefully?).  The day after my “little” girl turns 9 months old (THREE MONTHS LEFT, ZOMG).  The day before my blog turns 4 years old.  (Four?  Really?  Sometimes it feels like one, sometimes it feels like ten.)  The cusp of Christmas.  The calm before the storm (that had better leave us some snow this time, for pity’s sake).  The end of the weekend but the start of vacation.  Gosh, look at me waxing poetic here.


I ended up submitting photo #3 to the contest last night.  It ended up with the most votes between this blog, Cloth Diaper Mamas,the goodmama forum on Diaper Swappers and even Twitter.  It was actually a really tight vote though.  As of the time I submitted, #3 had 9 votes, #2 and #1 both had 7 and #4 had 1.  I think the reason that #4 was “shut-out” was because, though adorable, it didn’t contain the unrestrained joy and the interesting-ness of the other three.  It was a REALLY tough call, but I feel good with the picture I submitted.  It shows not only the diaper, but the tree in the background and since the photo would be posted to the site later on this week, just in time for Christmas, it was appropriately festive.

So a huge THANK YOU to everyone who gave me their vote.  I really appreciated it because no way I could have picked on my own.


My laptop continues it’s steep downward spiral into the bowels of hell.  Oh Dell.  How the mighty have fallen.  Dell sucks, ya’ll.  And I’m not afraid to say that.  My “g” will probably cease all function in the next day or so since the little green “thingie” that allows me to press it is threatening to fall off once and for all.  And once that happens, I plan to chuck this thing into a snow-drift.  (Of course, I only wish I could do that.  Alas, I cannot.)

Come on tax return!  Mama needs a Macbook!


Wanna see some pictures?  Of course you do.

Wild Child goodmama See this diaper?  This is my new best friend.  I love it so. It’s called “Wild Child“.  It’s going under the tree for me Evie.

Not entirely happy I love a good picture of a crying baby.  This is the same “Baby’s First Christmas” outfit that we got for Liam.  The difference is that Liam swam in it and Evie barely fits.  But you know, whatever works!

Doing her Luckily, she got over her ire and proceeded to entertain us with her “nose thing”.  Gosh, I love that face.

Bokeh Attempt I was trying to achieve some nice “bokeh” in the background and a) my camera sucks and b) I need more lights or something.  Whatever.  It’s more blurry than bokeh but it works, I guess.  I’ll keep working on it!

Funky Fingernail Can someone tell me why there’s a dent in the middle of this fingernail?  Cuz it kinda freaks me out.


Okay, that’s enough from me today.  I’ll be back tomorrow with some grand blog-iversary festivities.  Which means: a post about how this blog is now four years old.  WEE!

Yeah, I've got Dell issues

Squared Circle 004
You’ve all got to be bored to tears with hearing me rant about Dell.  And I promise that one day, hopefully very soon, I’ll stop ranting about them.  And I’m hoping that’ll be because I will no longer HAVE a Dell.  If I don’t havec a Dell, after all, there won’t be anything left to rant about.  Am I right? 

And the sad thing is, once upon a time, I would have sung Dell’s praises all the live-long day.  I loved Dell.  LOVED.  See, it all dates back to my first ever, just-mine computer.  Kile and I were newly married and had just moved into our second apartment (I had baby fever something awful and wanted a two bedroom place).  I was still working at the university in the computer lab and taking classes part time (though the fall semester had just ended and we were on winter break).  Kile had just gotten his job with the university (the same one he has now) and things were looking mighty bright indeed.  I wanted a computer.  My OWN computer.  

So I went online and “built” one through Gateway.  Remember when that was all the rage?  For weeks, I had built “fantasy” computers on the Gateway website and now that things were looking so well, I went ahead and applied for credit through the Gateway website and ordered one.  It arrived shortly before New Years.  I was so excited.  It had a… wait for it… CD BURNER.  OMG. 

It was… a piece of crap.  I loved it, because it was mine.  But it was a piece of crap.  And EXPENSIVE piece of crap.  Kile worked a lot with Dell through the university and so had I (all the computers in the computer lab were Dells).  They were quality machines.  Eventually, the sucktasticness of my Gateway could no longer be denied and Kile let me order a Dell.  

OH HAPPY DAY.  It wasn’t much.  But I loved that I could build it, like I had the Gateway.  I could beef up the things I wanted and tone down the things I didn’t.  Perfect!  I did this several more times.  I loved working with Dell.  We were some of their most loyal customers for a long time.  I wouldn’t even CONSIDER any other computer.  In fact, in 2001 when I got my first laptop, it was an HP and I was decidedly unhappy about it not being a Dell.  However, there had been a time-constraint and since this was before Dells were available in brick and morter stores, HP it was.  And, predictably, it was a piece of crap.  Though, looking back, it didn’t perish until the early spring of 2005 (when I was laid up with a broken ankle, no less) so I guess it lasted pretty well.  Still, I was still primarily a desktop user at that point and it wasn’t like the HP had gotten daily use until that point.  

I used Kile’s work laptop until I was able to procure my current laptop, back in the spring of 2007 (I think it was the spring of 2007, at least…).  I was happy to finally have a Dell laptop.  It was back around this time that we started having problems with Dell, as it turns out.  We ordered things from them for gifts that would be backordered for weeks and shipping dates would be pushed back and pushed back and the customer service was ATROCIOUS.  Every time I dealt with them, I would vow that it would be the last.  Last Christmas was the last straw.  We ordered a few gifts shortly after Thanksgiving and NONE of them arrived until after New Years.  NEW YEARS.  And these were products that, as it turned out, we could have easily gone down to Best Buy and purchased ourselves for the SAME price (or cheaper!).  It was infuriating.  

And now, my laptop has proven to be… a piece of crap.  18 months after it came into my possession as a brand new laptop.  YES, I’m hard on it.  But COME ON.  Is it too much to ask for a product that costs nearly $2000 be able to last for more than a year and a half?  AARGH!  

I will NOT be getting another Dell.  I believe their company has severely declined over the years.  Shoot, even if they were to email me and offer me a free replacement laptop (hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?), i would have to think about it real hard first.  And that’s FREE.  But giving them my money?  Ooooohhhhh heck NO.  

I’d like to hear from all of you: What is your worst technology related story?  What company/brand has done you wrong?  Do you love your laptop?  (If you do, care to share it with me?)

Creative Commons License photo credit: Robert Silverwood

Picture Post

*otherwise known as: “This would have been posted 12 hours ago if not for my crappy laptop”

So I started typing out this post this morning and part of it apologized for just throwing up a bunch of pictures in lieu of an actual post with actual insight and junk in it.  And then something happened and a little bomb must have went off inside my laptop or something.  Because the next thing I knew, my post was gone and I couldn’t even access the page to write a post.  From Firefox OR Internet Explorer.  Hmm.  That’s a new one.  

I threw up the earlier post from my iPhone which still has my undying love and devotion.  Unlike my laptop which is now officially dead to me.  Anyhow, long story short, I’m typing this out from within Google Chrome which I actually hadn’t downloaded before this date and time.  I’m taking bets on how long before my laptop causes this browser to implode too.  I have an escape plan featuring Safari lined up.  After that, I’m out of ideas.  

SO ANYHOW… I have some pictures.  And I wanted to share them with you.  That’s pretty much the gist of it.  So without further ado… (hold your breath and cross your fingers that I actually get all these pictures posted and this post published before everything goes kablooie)

Wanton Laptop Destruction 
This is what my laptop looked like when I discovered it that one fateful morning.  SOB.

Missing Keys
I was able to pop a few keys back but a few were just plain toast.  The “q” key has since gone AWOL. 

He’s upset.  Considering the previous two pictures, I don’t feel all that bad for him, actually.

Pretty Girl
Just too cute for her own good, she is. 

His Highness is clearly displeased with me.  Whatever shall I do?

Macro Boy
Liam sets about dismantling the couch cushions while I catch up on mah blawgs. 

Liam, Close Up
Oh crap, he saw me. 

Nevada has some mighty fine sunsets in the fall. 

Who's that baby in the mirror?
Kile was feeding Evie in her saucer when she saw him in the mirror.  Kile thought it was mighty cute so he snapped this shot of his perspective.  She, in turn, was fascinated. 

GM Stash
These are my goodmama diapers.  I love them so. (shut up.  there’s absolutely nothing wrong with loving diapers.)

Be Squishy
She is getting way too big, way too fast.  (And those thighs?  WILL be eaten.)

There.  I feel better now.  (That’s a lie.  I’d feel a lot better with a brand new laptop.) 


Dear Laptop,

Listen, I know it’s not all your fault. Yes, you’re a Dell and apparently you are prone to being a little on the SUCKTASTIC side, but in this particular instance, The Toddler had as much a hand in your destruction as anything else. Though, to be fair, your keys have demonstrated previously that they are sub-par. I have, after all, had to train myself to use the right-hand “control” key instead of the far superior left-hand one.

But I’m telling you, it’s going to be difficult to get used to not having an “x”, “g” or “u” button. There just aren’t any duplicates of those on the keyboard.

Unfortunately, now is not a good time to replace you. In fact, Kile and I had just been talking about how the soonest we could do that would be February. Because, frankly, you’ve been declining rapidly lately. Perhaps you saw all that stuff I wrote about you on my blog. But you’re taking forever to run simple applications and you keep making Firefox scared. So I know you are looking forward to your retirement just as much as I am.

But I’ve got to ask you to just hold on another couple of months. I know it won’t be easy. Believe me, I’d far rather replace you with a (non-Dell) new laptop, but I just can’t right now.

So let’s put our differences behind us and try to work together here, okay? PLEASE? I’m not asking for the world here. Plus, you sorta owe me for being such a crappy laptop in the first place.

Yours Truly,

And then I ate him

So, yet again, I was unable to get a post up by 10am. But this time, it wasn’t all my fault. I was upstairs starting a load of laundry and scanning an important document for Kile. When I came downstairs, my laptop looked like this:

Edited to add: I wrote this and took the photo from my iPhone.  I have replaced a good number of my keys but some I don’t think I CAN replace as they seem irreversably broken (much like my cntrl key was broken.  AUGH!)

Edited again to add: In case it’s not clear, Liam did this while I was upstairs.  I am still in shock.  My laptop is pretty much USELESS now.

Fall Back

Daylight savings time is about a joke, isn’t it?  I mean, what’s the point if no one informs the children?  To Evie, it was 8:30 and a good, normal time to be waking up.  To us it was 7:30 and we sure would have liked to have slept in another half hour or so.


My blog was acting awful strange yesterday.  I put a post up at four and I even checked that it went up but then my browser restarted (let’s not talk about the hate I have for my laptop AGAIN, okay?) and this morning, the post was gone.  Well, it wasn’t GONE.  I still had it but it was somehow not published to the front page.  Very strange.  So I fixed it.  So in case you were wondering where yesterday’s post went?  There ya go.  I think the monster that has been possessing my laptop has finally cloned itself and the clone has invaded my blog.  It’s the only acceptable answer.


I think I need a new doctor.  Correction: I KNOW I need a new doctor.  Remember almost TWO weeks ago when on a Tuesday I went and had my blood drawn for thyroid labs?  And then the doctor’s office called on Wednesday and told me that my TSH level was a little “high” and that I needed to continue taking my medication.  Continue?  Sure, she said.  Just take one and a half of your 100mcg pills.  But I’m all out of pills.  Oh, well, then have the pharmacy fax the refill request to our office.  I wasn’t entirely sure about this, but… she sounded like this was something they did all the time so… why not.  So I put in the refill request with the pharmacy and was assured it would take a good 48 hours to process.

Cut to SUNDAY (I wanted to give them extra time? I guess?) and I went to the pharmacy and OH GUESS WHAT?  They haven’t gotten the refill confirmation back from the doctor’s office yet.  Of course.  The pharmacist sounded alarmed that had no pills to take (not even knowing my levels) and gave me two to tide me over and promised to fax and phone the doctor’s office again in the morning.

It was a busy, strange week and this got pushed to the backburner.  Kile stopped in at the pharmcy on Friday to check on my prescription.  The pharmacist assured him that she faxed them EVERY day this week and NOTHING.  Not a phone call.  Nothing.

So apparently, my doctor’s office SUCKS.  I think I need a new doctor.  Correction: I KNOW I need a new doctor.


Liam loves to empty out his pack n play when he’s done being in there.  It drives me KRAZEE.


It’s going to be a long day.

Do I drink the Mac kool-aid?

I’ve known for years that if you were a “cool kid”, you had a Mac.  Most specificially (and most recently), this is a MacBook.  Nay, a MacBook PRO.  Shoot, I remember going to BlogHer and seeing entire tables of laptops with the little glowing apple blazing on the back.  EVERYONE had that damned laptop, it seemed.  Except me and my deficient Dell.  But, you know, whatever.  I’ve always BEEN a PC girl, I’ll always BE a PC girl.  You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, after all, and I am rather attatched to my right-click mouse button.

But, well, I’m starting to wonder if Apple doesn’t maybe have something going for them.  After all, it’s not like PC’s have been overly-kind to me in recent times.  And the Mac’s promise to not let me down is mighty tempting.  I suppose the number one event that caused me to even CONSIDER getting a Mac was getting my iPhone last month.

humina, humina…

I love my iPhone.  My iPhone has changed my life.  And I’m not trying to make any of you out there who want an iPhone and can’t or don’t have one for one reason or another feel bad, but I can’t lie.  When I first found out I won one, I was excited, but I really had no idea what an iPhone was all about.  All I knew is what I’d heard from others.  I figured I would use it as much as I used my current phone (a Motorola Razr), perhaps a little more.  But really, what could the difference be?  OH THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. The iPhone is far more like a mini-computer than a PHONE (I often forget that it can make and receive calls, to be honest) and I use it ALL THE TIME.  I love it passionately.

But I have to admit that it has been sort of a gateway drug.  We’ve been back to the Apple Store a couple times since then.  To deal with iPod related issues for Kile, to browse accessories, etc and so on.  And… I like the Apple Store.  It’s a fabulous place to be.  It’s almost always full of people.  There are plenty of computers, phones, iPods and whatnot to play on, books to flip through…  It’s intoxicating.

If I’m going to get a Mac, it’s got to be a laptop.  And if I’m going to get a Mac laptop, it’s got to be a MacBook Pro.  Now, I have to admit, if I thought I knew very little about the iPhone, I know absolutely nothing about Mac computers.  I’ve worked on them, briefly, a few times here and there over the years.  Enough to know that I was annoyed by some of their features.  I can recall being perturbed by the lack of a right-click mouse button.  I also remember being a little more than annoyed at how you had to ask the computer to spit out your disk instead of pressing a button on the exterior, like you could on a PC.  Plus, for a very long time, there were programs that I considered essential that would not run on a Mac.  And then there was the whole Windows issue.  I knew how Windows worked.  Comparatively, the Mac OS was a foreign language.

I was old and stuck in my ways.

But I’m trying to get away from that philosophy.  I’ve been trying to learn more about how Macs work, how to do basic funtions on them (I know how to “right-click” now!) and have learned that you can even operate Windows on a Mac.  So what’s stopping me?

Well… for one thing, they’re kinda pricey.  But I’m in the market for a new laptop in the next several months anyhow.  We may be able to get a deal on a MacBook Pro.  It’s a little more than I was hoping to spend and, sadly, MacBook’s don’t come in PINK.  But… I think I might have to go for it.  Because I feel like it’s now or never.  (That’s probably a little dramatic but I don’t care.)

So what do you all think?  How many of you have Macs?  Have you always been a Mac person?  Or, if you are a former PC person, how was the transition?  Your feedback is much appreciated!

Did you think I was exaggerating?

You all are probably sick to death of hearing me complain about my laptop.  (Trust me, as sick as you are, Kile is sicker because he has to live with it 24/7.)  (And by “it”, I mean me.)

But I had to let you all know that I am NOT exaggerating when I talk about how messed up this thing is.  Which, you know, means I had to take some pictures.

Underside of Dell Laptop

That there is the underside of my laptop.  Do you see how the stickers have that funky look to them?  That’s because they’re BURNT.  From the heat.  Do you remember me talking about the heat?  It is HOT.  We can hear the fan running but it’s obviously not doing it’s job because this laptop tends to start overheating when I open up iTunes or Photoshop or somesuch.

We’re also missing one of the little rubber “feet” in the corners.  Lord knows where I went.  I don’trecall it falling off.  The “lid/screen” also lost a couple of rubber feet and I do remember that and I remember trying to stick the foot back in the hole until the foot disappeared altogether.  You know?  THE HEAT MELTED THE GLUE.

You can also seem some lovely shiny silver metal where the black paint has started to just flake off.  Not sure why it would flake off unless it’s maybe BURNT or something.

Oh and my Windows XP sticker is all peeled and warped and barely readable.  No big deal.  I’m sure I won’t need that Product Key for anything. *cough*

Wanna see the keyboard?

Dell laptop keyboard

At first glance, it might even look like a normal laptop keyboard.  Then you realize the Windows sticker in the bottom right corner is… blank.  I think it got rubbed off?  And the Intel sticker is all crooked.  Cuz the glue is melty.  GEE I WONDER WHY.  Also of note: the Control key on the left side is gone.  Remember me mentioning that?  Yeah, it just disappeared.  So I’ve had to train my fingers to use the righthand Control key instead.  You can also see my mouse/touchpad but you can’t see how the left button won’t “click” anymore and you can hardly tell the worn off silver paint on the right button.  It’s also hard to tell how the buttons are getting so worn down that some of them (like the “n” key for some reason) have grooves worn down into the center of them.


This laptop isn’t that old.  And yes, I’m hard on things but COME ON.  There should be some degree of hardiness here, shouldn’t there?  Does no one take pride in their product anymore?  BAH!  Shame on you, Dell!  (You could make it up to me, you know, with a shiny new laptop.  Just sayin’.)