And then the drive-in lost our business

Longtime readers of this here blog are well aware of our love affair with the local drive-in.  It has been how we’ve seen movies for years now.  We even went before we “had” to, back when we just had Harry and could have easier procured a babysitter or taken him to a standard theater.  Then Liam was born and standard theaters were out.  Evie came along and I forgot what seeing a movie at a standard theater was like.

We COULD have been like a lot of families and seen movies primarily on DVD and just left it at that.  But to know Kile and I is to know our fondness for movies.  Our first “date” was to the $1.50 movie theater to see “Hunchback of Notre Dame”.  When we were first married, we would often catch an early fast food dinner on Friday nights and then head to the last matinee of whatever had just come out that day.  When Harry was an infant, we took him to movies with us all the time.  It was a sad day indeed when we learned taking him to movies wasn’t going to work anymore (around 18 months of age, when we went to see “Shrek” in the theater).  I also remember with great joy the day we tried him in a theater again (he was 3 and it was “Finding Nemo”).  Sure, we watch a lot of DVDs too, but we also love to see movies in the theater.  There isn’t any experience quite like it.

The drive-in is definitely different than seeing a movie in a theater, but it still beats waiting six months (or more) to see the latest blockbuster.  Winters are long and dreary around here while the drive-in is closed.  It’s not always EASY to go to the drive in, especially with the two little ones.  Both of them are about the age that they’re itchy and crabby and whiny and generally annoying.  But we make it work and it’s pretty much always worth it.

But… I don’t think I can go back.  Not after this.

Last Wednesday night we went to see “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”.  30 minutes in or so, a transformer blew and we were issued passes to come back again.  BIG BUMMER.  I was so anxious to see this movie, the movie I was most looking forward to all summer!  The BIG one!  We couldn’t go back on Friday because Kile had to work and we figured Saturday would be swamped.  Sunday night would be perfect… still the weekend techinically, but smaller crowds.

We packed up the kids after dinner, got money out at the ATM to buy popcorn with, got drinks at 7-11 and waited in line outside the gates for about a half hour before they let us in.  We got a great spot, got all set up and everyone situated.  The movie started late.  It was supposed to come on at 8:55… it was more like 9:15.  But, that’s about par for the course at the drive-in.

Maybe two previews in, the screen went black.  Eventually, the sound cut off too.  We waited.  We figured it was a busted bulb in the projector, which we later learned was true.  But it was a while before we learned that there was no one at the theater who knew how to replace the bulb.   Second verse, same as the first.

This time, however, we asked for money back instead of passes.  I don’t think I can go back there.  It’s just ridiculous.  And now I’m devastated that I don’t know if I’ll be able to see Harry Potter until it comes out on DVD.  That’s just AWFUL.  A crime against humanity.

So I’m frustrated.  And annoyed.  And sad.  And peeved.  And downhearted.

Dangit.   NOW where am I going to see my movies at??

Babble and Blather

Gosh, is it Tuesday already?? What the heck?  Why am I losing large chunks of time all the time? And DON’T say it’s cuz I’m old.  Cuz then I’ll be forced to smack you over the head with my handbag, you young whippersnapper.


So the sixth Harry Potter movie comes out tonight at midnight.  I want to see this movie.  We’ve kinda slacked off in the drive-in department lately, mostly because nothing much good was playing in June so we got out of the habit of going.  The last we saw?  Transformers.  We didn’t even go see Ice Age 3.  I think the general attitude was: “Meh.”  Which, yeah… who really wants to see Ice Age 3?  I sure don’t.  But that’s never stopped us before.  We usually go to the drive-in just to GO.  What movie is playing is sort of beside the point.

But I really wanna see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  I’m not one of those quasi Harry Potter fans who don’t even bother to read the books.  I read them all!  More than once, even!  I’d like to see it tonight at midnight but… yeah no.  Unless I took Harry with me.  And he has school so that wouldn’t work so hot with a 2 hour and 33 minute movie on a school night that starts AFTER midnight.

The best option is going to the drive-in tomorrow night.  Also a school night, but with a movie starting roughly around 9, would be home slightly sooner.  So what if Harry has school the next day?  So what if Kile has work? This is HARRY POTTER.  This is bigger than school and work.

Damnit, I’m putting my foot down.  We’re going.  And that’s final.  Just suck it up, boys.


My children are monkeys.  That is all.


Our big Disney Extravaganza is next month.  Like in WEEKS.  It’s getting close.  I’m still scared, but mostly about the traveling to Florida component.  I think the rest is going to be a blast and a half.  But two toddlers and luggage and car seats and strollers and airport security?  BE STILL MY HEART.  Has anyone done an air trip like this before and if so, HOW.  We’re flying Southwest.  On the way out, we stop but don’t have to get off the plane which has GOT to be a plus, right?

I have a feeling this will be the death of me.


I think Evie just ate something quite possibly non-edible.  Uhm…


The overwatering of the grass continues!  Kile is starting to think maybe he should turn down the sprinklers a hair.  You think?  There’s almost seven hours between the noon and evening waterings and the ground doesn’t even get 100% dry.  And that’s through the hottest part of the day!

The water conservation police are SO gonna have our asses.


My left hand is misshapen and sore.  I’m turning into a crone.  I blame the knitting.


And yet, I insist that I am NOT OLD.

Oh and GET OFF MY LAWN, punks!

Oscar Buzz

What?  It’s too late for Oscar buzz?  Too bad.  That’s what I’ve got for today so you’re just gonna have to deal with it.

I didn’t post yesterday but I figured I had earned a good day off anyhow.  Anyhow, isn’t Sunday the day you rest?  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

In our grand old tradition, we watched the Academy Awards last night, from Ryan Seacrest’s red carpet show on E! to Hugh Jackman’s fond adieu at the end of the broadcast (we had to turn off Barbara Walters’ show because, seriously?  Jonas Brothers?  I DON’T THINK SO.).   A good time was had by all.  Sure, there were dull spots.  There always are.  And sure, there was a moment a little more than halfway through the thing where I got supremely sick of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and “Slumdog Millionaire” being called out as the winners.  But on the other hand, I haven’t seen either movie so for all I know, they were very deserving of their honors.  But dang it, why couldn’t “Iron-Man” or “The Dark Knight” won for Visual Effects?? I mean, at least I SAW those!

Still, despite the fact I’d seen probably a grand total of three movies that were nominated (wait, correction, make that four.  I did see “Kung Fu Panda”), I enjoyed the whole thing and as is my nature, I have some observations to share with you all.

  • Robert Pattinson.  *drool*  He was there and he brought his hair.  And his eyes.  And, you know, the rest of him.  *dreamy sigh*
  • Hugh Jackman made a awesome host.  I was convinced of this a mere 10 minutes into the show after watching his truly fabulous opening number.  As Kile said, it rivaled Billy Crystal’s infamous montages.  That’s saying a lot.  He had great energy.
  • The new format with the old actor winners bestowing the new nominees with praise and advice?  LOVE.  That was awesome and I’m sure it meant a lot to the nominees to hear it.  I hope they do that again.
  • Heath Ledger.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house when he won Best Supporting Actor.  I know I was a freakin’ mess.  Shoot, even BRAD PITT had tears in his eyes.  By far, the most beautiful, sad and meaningful moment of the entire awards show.
  • That said, the “In Memorium” montage was also very beautiful and sad this year.  Queen Latifah singing “I’ll Be Seeing You” literally gave me goosebumps (still does, in fact). And being reminded of all the wonderful talent we lost this last year pretty much kicked my ass.  Damn you, Bernie Mac!
  • SO glad that Kate got the award, even if I didn’t see the movie.  I’ve been a big fan since “Titanic”.
  • During the Best Actor presentation, whenever they would show Mickey Rourke, I couldn’t help but stare at Robert Pattinson sitting behind him.  Humina.
  • Surprised that Sean Penn won but not too much.  You gotta love the guy, prickly as he is.
  • Aaaaand “Slumdog” wins.  Big surprise.

We had to watch “The Dark Knight” afterward because I was still on a Heath Ledger high.  Better than the Jonas Brothers, that’s for sure.

So did you watch?  What were your thoughts?  And why did I write most of this post this morning and then totally forget to finish and post it?  Am I that lame?  (Don’t answer that.)

Kevin Bacon and I are like THIS

DSC_7920I got email from my dear friend Michelle last night that she sent to my friend and I.  She was having a hard time sleeping and had thought up how we were six degrees of seperation away from Kevin Bacon.  And not just once but TWICE.  That, my friends, is pretty freakin’ awesome.  I’ve always wanted to play this little game but… meh.  It seemed like a lot of work and brain power and I really feel like doing or having either of those things.  But thanks to Michelle, I don’t have to.  So here’s the first run-down:

  • We are friends with Angela, whom we have known since high school.  Lurves Angela!
  • Angela met Sean Astin (she got his book signed and a picture taken with him for her Christmas card that year.)
  • He was in the “Lord of the Rings” movies with Cate Blanchet
  • She is in that new movie with Brad Pitt (“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, fyi Michelle)
  • Brad Pitt was in “Interview with a Vampire” with Tom Cruise
  • Tom Cruise was in “A Few Good Men” with… Kevin Bacon.

Dang but that’s fun.  But that’s not all!  Here’s another one:

  • We were taught by Ms. Ray in high school (she was my favorite teacher!)
  • Ms. Ray’s cousin (maybe 2nd cousin) was married to Tom Selleck  (I remember when she called him Cousin Tom and was very impressed) (I was too, Michelle)
  • Tom Selleck was on “Friends” with Courtney Cox (He was “Richard”, remember??  I loved the scene where he and Ross were waiting impatiently for Monica and Rachel to fight over the last remaining condom in the apartment)
  • Courtney Cox was in the “Scream” movies with Neve Campbell
    Neve Campbell was in “Wild Things” (Naaaaaasty movie) with… Kevin Bacon.

So tell me.  How are you seperated from Kevin Bacon?  Do you have the brain-power to do one of these?  If so, you gotta share with the class.

Creative Commons License photo credit: John Griffiths

My favorite Christmas movie moments

I have to get something up to move that last post down the page.  I’m glad I got it off my chest, because I found that my head and heart were much clearer for it last night.  But on the other hand, I do feel some shame having put that out there.  And, for the record, there WILL be milk and bread.  Kile always has a plan, even if I don’t.  And I don’t generally ask about his plan, in an effort to reduce my own stress.  Sometimes, however, it just happens to be a little counterintuitive. Heh.

So… this morning we’re going to go over my favorite moments from my favorite Christmas movies.  Or rather, my favorite moments that I could find on YouTube.  So sit back, relax and partake of the Yuletide Joy that these scenes invoke.

Christmas Vacation

This movie is the grand-daddy of all the Christmas movies in my book.  I may be able to make it through a Christmas without watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”, but in my opinion it’s not Christmas if I haven’t watched “Christmas Vacation”.  And I’m just APPALLED that so many of you didn’t guess my “Christmas Vacation” quote on that quote list a couple weeks ago.  What the heck, people??

Of course, you have to include Clark’s rant about his boss cutting bonuses in favor of a Jelly of the Month Club.

This one is also classic.  “Blousing… browsing, smelling…. smiling…”  We quote this ALL THE TIME. It doesn’t even have to be Christmas.

Alas, I couldn’t find a clip on YouTube (and I will admit, I didn’t look too hard) that had the whole “Don’t throw me down, Clark” thing in it but OH WELL.

A Christmas Story

This movie pretty much speaks for itself.  And thanks to TBS and their 24-hour marathon each Christmas, everyone and their dog can pretty much recite it from memory.

You pretty much can’t talk about scenes from this movie without including this clip.  Poor Flik.  If you start paying attention, he really gets the shaft in this movie.

I would have loved to have included some more clips here, but I couldn’t find them (particularly the one where the Bumpus hounds get ahold of the turkey.)  And I didn’t particularly feel like including the leg lamp scene since that is just SO CLICHE.  Whatever.


This is a new classic but it doesn’t make it any less classic, you know?  I mean, COME ON.  Will Ferrell thinks he’s an elf.  When does that not get funny?

Besides the fact that Kile and I love to duet this song, this scene is just so funny.

“I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite.”

Buddy meets his first “fake” Santa.  It doesn’t end well.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I know a lot of you probably think it’s grand heresy to include this version of such a classic story, but I have to admit: I enjoy Jim Carrey.  And this version never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Probably my favorite scene in the whole movie.  I just love him trying to freak her out.

I love the bit with the dog towards the end.  It is SO TRUE.  Dogs always find that boundary and then fling themselves over it, don’t they?

It’s a Wonderful Life

Yeah, there are some GREAT scenes in this one and to single out just a few is pretty hard.  And I’ll be darned if it’s all but impossible to find any of my favorites on YouTube!  Sacrelige!  How about when George steps on the belt to Mary’s robe and she hides in the hydrangea bush and he threatens to sell tickets?  That’s just AWESOME.  Then there’s George’s rant to Mary about the stupid house and why do they have all these kids.  That wasn’t on YouTube either.  Gosh.  Well, you’ll just have to imagine them in your mind.  Luckily, this is another “recite it from memory” movie and you shouldn’t have any problem.

Okay… I gotta go get on with my life here.  Harry’s clothes aren’t going to wash themselves (though, boy howdy, I sure wish they would because YIKES) and I need to get a few things done while Evie is napping.  But in the comments, I want to hear about YOUR favorite Christmas movies and what YOUR favorite scenes are.  Share! (Tis the season, and all.)

I think my brain is full

Do you ever get this feeling?  Like there is so much that is pinging around inside your head that you’ve got to let some of it spill out, lest you have some sort of brain blow up/catastrophic memory failure?  No?  Just me?  Anyhow, here’s a sampling of what’s ratting around in the noggin this morning.  I’m hoping that once I share with ya’ll that I’ll free up some room.  It’s worth a shot, right?

  • I ordered another diaper last night.  To my credit, I sold a few diapers Evie has outgrown first (I had to, or else I couldn’t have afforded it!) and this is going to be a present under the tree for her.  And DUDE, it was on SALE.  (These particular diapers virtually NEVER go on sale so this was a big deal.)
  • All our Christmas packages have left the building!  Which means: They are no longer my concern.  Kile was taking them to the post office but I don’t know if he did it before work or if he’s planning to go after.  Either way, they are out of my hair and I can breathe a huge sigh of relief!
  • I think we now have all the presents we purchased for the family that will be here Christmas Day inside the house (minus that new diaper, of course).  Of course, nothing is WRAPPED but baby steps, people.   Thankfully, Santa doesn’t wrap his presents around these parts because I don’t think I have that much paper.
  • My fingers are sore.  What the heck?  I figure it’s due to the knitting (I’ve started a scarf for Harry and a hat for Kile.  GO ME!) but it hurts like heck.  I have to focus on keeping my fingers straight as I sleep or they just get more sore and cramped.
  • I finally have my lab orders!  Now, I just need to be able to go get my blood tested.  I’m thinking maybe on Friday (mah birfday!) since Kile will be home the majority of the day and hence I will have a ride to the lab.  What a birthday present, eh?  UGH.
  • I love Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” and I think I may be in the minority on that one.  But then again, I’ve never purported to have excellent taste in music here either.
    (And yes, I’ve heard about the whole thing with Satriani and yet I still love this song.  I suck?)
  • While I’m in the business of selling out, I may as well go ahead and admit that I really enjoy Shia LeBeouf.  We watched parts of “Disturbia” (again) last night and I’m watching “Surf’s Up” this morning (which he voices) and I’m just further convinced of this love of mine.
  • I’m really tanking in your estimation, aren’t I?  I’m sorry.
  • It’s a Wednesday.  I have to keep reminding myself of that.  Someone wished me happy birthday this morning and I actually had to stop for a minute and make sure that it wasn’t actually my birthday today before a minute there, I wasn’t sure.

Okay, that’s enough.  I have a diaper I need to change.  (What else is new?)  The good news is my head feels a lot emptier now.  (That IS a good thing, right?)

Days of Grace – Day 10

This is the “Christmas Movie Edition” of my Grace in Small Things list.  Because little makes me happier than a good (and yes, sometimes corney) Christmas movie.  Bonus points if you can tell me the movie each quote is from!

  1. “Sons of bitches! Bumpuses!”
  2. “Don’t throw me down, Clark.” “I’ll try not to, Aunt Bethany…”
  3. “You call this a happy family?  Why do we have to have all these kids?”
  4. “Hate, hate, hate. Hate, hate, hate. Double Hate. LOATHE ENTIRELY!”
  5. “I just like to smile! Smiling’s my favorite.”
Oh and also:  Do you want me to send you one of my uber-fancy Christmas cards?   If so, go to my contact page and send me your address.  Even if you think I might already have your address, send it anyhow.  Because… uhm… I don’t.  Ahem.  (Note to self: make resolution this New Year’s to get more organized.)

Days of Grace – Day 6

Better late than never, right?

  1. California Pizza Kitchen’s frozen Thin Crust BBQ Chicken pizza.  YUM.
  2. Leftover Thanksgiving Pinot Grigio mixed with some Sierra Mist to make a yummy spritzer.
  3. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on TNT.  “What’s taters, Precious?”
  4. Finding out there’s another slice of cherry pie left.  Sweet!
  5. Knowing the weekend isn’t over yet.  Ahhh…

Easy like Saturday Morning

Even though, you know, the song is “Easy like Sunday morning” and it’s very nearly not morning any longer.  Ahem.

Kile let me sleep in a little bit this morning, until after 8 am, which felt like HEAVEN.  He got up with Evie and then when Liam woke up, got him up too.  I heard some ruckus downstairs at one point so I got up and came downstairs to find Harry staring at the TV, transfixed, and Liam screaming (which was making Evie scream too).  What the heck?  Turns out, Kile had been watching “Pan’s Labyrinth” on OnDemand (one of our favorites).  And it turns out that the scene where the child-eating monster is chasing the little girl was sort of scaring our little two year old.  YOU THINK??  Kile said that he’d been okay until the monster ate the fairies.  At that point, my eyes rolled so hard into the back of my head that I gave myself a headache.  And it was at that point that we put the “Elf” DVD in and everything was better again.  I swear, if that kid gets nightmares it’s ALL HIS FAULT.

Anyhow, I slept in because I’ve been so exhausted the last couple of days.  And yesterday’s shopping trip just plum wore me out.  And Evie slept in our room for most of the night last night, she came in (doesn’t that make it sound like she just got up herself and walked into our room?) just as we were going to bed.  Boo!  To her credit, though, she is pushing through her top two teeth.  So I guess I’ll give her a little slack.

And, on the plus side, Beetoe didn’t sleep with us last night.  The night before, we had her in with us.  And since she had helped “clean” Harry’s plate after Thanksgiving, she was experiencing a little indigestion.  As a result, she was rather restless all night, wandering around the bed.  At one point, she got up next to my face and I was turned away from her.  But you know how it is, when you know someone is staring at you, you just can’t shake it.  So finally I turned to her and said, “What??”  Her timing was impeccable.  At that moment, she burped, right in my face, and I got a whiff of Thanksgiving Dinner Part 2.

Let me tell you, not the best way to be woken up in the middle of the night.

Today, we’re taking it a little easier.  Harry keeps pestering us about going out and going shopping.  I’m thinking he wants to spend some of the birthday money he still has left.  He’s not interested in taking my word for it when I tell him that NO, we’re not going out today.  We’re going out tomorrow, and that is good enough.  Nope, today we’re sticking to home and making Christmas candy to go in our gift bags.  So far, Kile has gotten a jump start on the peanut brittle and I’m going to help with the candy canes and pretzels after he gets out of the shower.  I’m thinking the hardest part will be not eating any of it.  Just wait until we get started on the fudge.  (OMG, FUDGE.)

So what are you all doing this weekend?   Still recovering from the holiday?  Decorating for Christmas?  Finishing up shopping?  Anyone else’s husband scar their children with “Pan’s Labyrinth”?

This one is for Cagey

So in the comments on yesterday’s uber-whiner post, Cagey said she hated posts like that (and so did Michelle, for the record), where I beat myself up (but I’m such an easy target!).  So in an effort to balance everything out nicely, I thought I’d do a post wherein I detail everything that is Totally Awesome about yours truly.   Because while I still believe that in some, way, shape or form that I am a la-hoo-ser, I do recognize that I have some good traits.  Somewhere.  Maybe there in the corner under that layer.  Ahem.  Here goes!

  • I have some really cute kids.  As evidenced by the MONDO picture we picked up yesterday from Sears.  Seriously, ya’ll, it’s adorable.  And you should check out my full review of Sears Portrait Studio while you’re at it. Our Beautiful Kids 
  • I have a fondness for writing that makes up for it’s lack of talent with an excess of enthusiasm.  I may never be a literary genius, but maybe someday I’ll get published.  That’d be awesome. 
  • I love animals.  I always have.  When I was little, before the days of Animal Planet, I used to love to watch those wild animal safari type shows on PBS.  I’ve always loved having pets too.  For a long time, I was a big cat person, but thanks to Tiger, we’re taking a bit of a cat-break right now.  We have our hands full with the dogs now anyhow. 
  • I like to think that I have a decent sense of humor.  This might not be the funniest blog out there and I’m in no way implying that it is.  But I do know funny when I hear (or see) it.  My dad used to always say I had such a great sense of humor.  I love to laugh.  I love to surround myself with funny people. 
  • I love Christmas.  There, I said it.  I know it’s sorta fashionalble anymore to be something of a Scrooge, but I can’t help it.  Tis the Season to be Jolly.  I don’t love the stress associated with the holidays but I absolutely ADORE the wonder.  And I love sharing that wonder with my kids. 
  • In a related vein, I love cold weather.  I love snow and rain and clouds.  I don’t love wind (but then, after living in Nevada you realize it doesn’t need to be cold to be windy).  I can’t wait until this mild weather is gone and we get some real good snow storms.  
  • I’m loyal.  I’m not the sort to ditch out on someone when a “better offer” comes along.  Once I’m a friend with someone, it takes quiet a bit to shake that.  I give my friends the benefit of the doubt in iffy situations.  This has, in the recent past, led to me getting walked over, but I think it’s an important trait to have.  Because if you can’t count on your friends to back you up in times of need, then who can you count on? 
  • I have awesome taste in music and movies.  If I do say so myself.  And I do.  Cuz this is my blog.  And I’m not talking about artsy-fartsy, alternative taste.  Yes, there are some awesome indy movies out there and some fabulous unknown musicians out there.  But I tend towards the mainstream and I love popular movies and music.  It’s the great equalizer.  And look at it this way, I’ll never make you feel bad for loving “Armageddon” (cuz I do too) (but I will hold “The Fast and the Furious” against you because that movie and all it’s spawn are CRAP).  

There you go.  Some of the things that make me awesome.  Don’t you want to be my friend now?