Happy Wednesday ya’ll.  Though I’m not sure what there is to celebrate what with there being no new “Lost” tonight.

That’s not right, yo.

Harry is sick, sick, sick.  He’s been nursing a cough for the last week now and I’m starting to realize that I’ve become THAT parent. You know, the one who sends her kid to school where he infects all his poor defenseless classmates and they all get sick too?  Don’t worry, I think it’s backfired for me because it would appear that Evie and Liam are getting The Plague too.  SIGH.  He stayed home yesterday and even though I was cruel and had him go back to school this morning, he was sent home this afternoon.  I think I officially FAIL.

But in better times (aka: Two Days Ago), Kile took this picture of Harry wearing his new duds.  My boy is a Scout, yo.


So cute.

Evie’s first birthday (NEXT WEEK! ZOMG) outfit is coming along nicely.  I have the diaper and matching shippers and now I have the knit capris too.  (I did NOT knit these, fyi, I am not that talented.)  I plan to embelish her pink tshirt with some of the fabric that matches the diaper and the shoes and I have a bow for her headband.  I think I’m going to have to give up on the tutu but it’s probably for the best.  She’s gonna be pretty freakin’ cute.

Kitty Kitty Capris

And in case you were concerned about him, Liam still exists.  I know, I’m shocked too.  He has been SUCH a turd lately.  There have been more than one occasion where I have been quite literally at my wits end over him.  He’s lucky he’s cute.


I am still deeply in love with my camera and with themoon nearing fullness (or was it full last night?), I had my first good opportunity to take a picture of the moon.  I used my new and compact tripod and a buttload of zoom but I think it came out pretty nice for my first try.


Also, in case you were wondering: Evie is adorable.

That is all.


Take it easy guys… and check in on my craft blog here shortly as I plan to post some of the super-crafty things I have been up to the last couple of days.  I promise it’s just positively SCINTILATING.

Picture Post

*otherwise known as: “This would have been posted 12 hours ago if not for my crappy laptop”

So I started typing out this post this morning and part of it apologized for just throwing up a bunch of pictures in lieu of an actual post with actual insight and junk in it.  And then something happened and a little bomb must have went off inside my laptop or something.  Because the next thing I knew, my post was gone and I couldn’t even access the page to write a post.  From Firefox OR Internet Explorer.  Hmm.  That’s a new one.  

I threw up the earlier post from my iPhone which still has my undying love and devotion.  Unlike my laptop which is now officially dead to me.  Anyhow, long story short, I’m typing this out from within Google Chrome which I actually hadn’t downloaded before this date and time.  I’m taking bets on how long before my laptop causes this browser to implode too.  I have an escape plan featuring Safari lined up.  After that, I’m out of ideas.  

SO ANYHOW… I have some pictures.  And I wanted to share them with you.  That’s pretty much the gist of it.  So without further ado… (hold your breath and cross your fingers that I actually get all these pictures posted and this post published before everything goes kablooie)

Wanton Laptop Destruction 
This is what my laptop looked like when I discovered it that one fateful morning.  SOB.

Missing Keys
I was able to pop a few keys back but a few were just plain toast.  The “q” key has since gone AWOL. 

He’s upset.  Considering the previous two pictures, I don’t feel all that bad for him, actually.

Pretty Girl
Just too cute for her own good, she is. 

His Highness is clearly displeased with me.  Whatever shall I do?

Macro Boy
Liam sets about dismantling the couch cushions while I catch up on mah blawgs. 

Liam, Close Up
Oh crap, he saw me. 

Nevada has some mighty fine sunsets in the fall. 

Who's that baby in the mirror?
Kile was feeding Evie in her saucer when she saw him in the mirror.  Kile thought it was mighty cute so he snapped this shot of his perspective.  She, in turn, was fascinated. 

GM Stash
These are my goodmama diapers.  I love them so. (shut up.  there’s absolutely nothing wrong with loving diapers.)

Be Squishy
She is getting way too big, way too fast.  (And those thighs?  WILL be eaten.)

There.  I feel better now.  (That’s a lie.  I’d feel a lot better with a brand new laptop.) 

It must be Friday

I’m not entirely sure, as my inventory of days seems to be COMPLETELY out of whack lately.  (Evie is officially three months old today?  It’s a Friday?  It’s JUNE??)  But I’m going to take everyone’s word for it.  As it is, I am having a hard time formulating coherent thoughts and will rely on a couple of good ol’ standbys for today’s post: a meme and some photos.  Woot!

First up, I found this over at Joys in my Life and couldn’t resist.  I don’t have an iPod, or even an MP3 player, but I do have Winamp on my laptop so I figured it would do.  As long as it could “shuffle”, right?  So here goes:

  1. Put your iTunes/music player on “Shuffle”
  2. For each question, press the “Next” button to get your answer
  3. You MUST write down the name of THAT SONG no matter what. (aka NO CHEATING!)

Ready?  Set?  GO!

“Tainted Love” (by The Cure) – cuz that makes sense.

“Albuquerque” (by Weird Al Yankovic) – HA!

“I Will Always Return” (by Bryan Adams) – I guess?  Being there does help.

“Time of Your Life” (by Green Day) – Okay, yeah.  I can agree with this.

“You Give Love a Bad Name” (by Bon Jovi) – Now that isn’t even TRUE.

“Apologize” (by One Republic) – Hmm.  Not a bad motto, actually.

“The Reason Why” (by Vince Gill) – Uhm…

“This Ain’t a Scene It’s an Arm’s Race” (by Fall Out Boy) – Oh boy.

“Black Horse and The Cherry Tree” (by KT Tunstall) – I guess this works… or not.

“testing 1,2,3” (by Barenaked Ladies) – Ha!  Sorry, Michelle.

“More than That” (by Backstreet Boys) – say it with me: “Aww….”

“Beautiful Liar” (by Beyonce and Shakira) – I, in now way shape or form, resemble this remark.  As if.

“Waiting on the World to Change” (by John Mayer) – OMG.  Can you believe how ON that is?

“Authority Song” (by John Cougar Mellencamp) – Hee.

“Crush” (by Jennifer Page) – Yeah.  No.

“This Kiss” (by Faith Hill) – Eerie.  i think we may have actually danced to this.  Or it was played.  It wasn’t our first dance though.

“A New Day Has Come” (by Celine Dion) – Wow, pretty intuitive if not right on.

“Angel Eyes” (by Jeff Healy Band) – Now if only this was the “dance at the wedding song” one… we almost picked this as our first dance.)

“Rockstar” (by Nickleback) – Hoo hoo!  Yeah.  RIGHT.

“867-5309” (by Tommy Tutone) – I’m sorry, I’m too busy laughing.

“Fields of Gold” (by Eva Cassidy) – Except I’m so not going to.

Was that fun for you too?  I have some strange songs on my laptop, that’s for sure.  If I haven’t totally aliented you by now, I’m going to post up some pictures.  Who doesn’t love pictures??

Sitting Style
I used to sit just like this when I was little.  Not “indian-style”, always like this.

Little Hands
Look at those rolls on her wrist!  CHUNKY-NESS!

Big Brother, Little Sister
Can you tell he just dotes on her?

Kicked Back
And can you tell just why he does?

Back to Nature

So we went camping on Saturday.  We could have gone up Friday night but in addition to being nervous about how Liam would deal with sleeping in the Great Outdoors, we had some shopping that needed to be done Friday evening and Kile wasn’t able to get off work early enough so that we could have been up there by any reasonable time.  So Saturday it was.  Our friends had JUST bought a toy hauler and invited us to stay in it with them.  Which really sold it for us because sleeping in a tent?  Not gonna happen.  Not these days, at least.  So all we needed to do was pack up some food, some clothes and some diapers and head on our way.

When we got there, Liam was very unsure of the whole thing.  Much like how he felt about grass last year, he was hesitant to walk on pine needles.  Goofball.  We set up his super yard so that he could adjust to nature without running into oncoming traffic.  Always a good plan.

Caged Liam

The weather was cool, but not cold.  Spring was springing up all over and the hues of green really caught my eye.  I couldn’t stop looking at them.  Evie fell into a routine, though she decided she wanted constant nursing in that routine as well.  The girl is a touch spoiled, methinks.  So between breaks to nurse in the van and the toy hauler, we were able to sit out in the air and soak it all in.  I think she enjoyed it.

Kile in Nature

Meanwhile, Liam (whom we had put a sweatshirt on and who stole my friend’s hat) was developing a fond fascination with the dirt.

Dirt Monger

It was the greatest thing… well… EVER.  We don’t go outside a lot around here, especially in the winter when it’s nasty out.  So the poor kid is really kind of a newbie when it comes to things like dirt and pine needles and rocks and whatever else.  He loved it though.  And he made a right mess of himself while he was at it.

Dirt Faced Cutie

Our one set of friends had their own (enormous!) tent set up to sleep in and there was this teeny tiny tent set up next it for the boys to sleep in.  Three boys, from 8 and 7 years old, were going to be sleeping in this tent.  I harbored suspicions that maybe ONE could fit in it, but all three went in pretty easily.  Color me impressed!


As I mentioned before, we were able to stay in the toy hauler.  There was a lot of room in that thing!  And it cemented my notion that having a trailer or camper or some sort is pretty much the ONLY way to camp.  We were able to easily fit two families in there, and could have squeezed another one in if we needed to.  And did I mention it had a microwave?  And a bathroom?  Oh yes.  LOVE.

The Toy Hauler

As you can see, we brought a rugged stroller (one we’re testing out) and it had a tray on it.  We used it as a makeshift high chair for Liam and he could also sit in it while we had campfires going and of course we took a walk or two.

Drifting smoke

I love that picture.  I cannot possibly tell you how much I love that picture.  Such is my love.  Anyhow, as the sun went down it was time to start thinking about things like campfires.  Or, in this group’s case, a bonfire.  There was a sort of “master fire ring” that the bonfire was built in.  It started off humbly enough…

Building the bonfire

Lots of little scraps of wood, a few pinecones, lighting a paper plate or two to help get the thing going… Before too long, we had something a little more like this:

The Bonfire

Which, you know, was sufficient for roasting some s’mores on.  Which we did.  YUM.  Then, the guys (and some gals) decided they wanted to see what would happen if you took a bottle of 151 and spit a mouthful into the fire.  At that point, our little group retreated back to our particular campsite (this was a group camping trip) with the kids and started a much more sedate fire in our little firepit.

Smaller Fire

Liam went down to sleep easy enough (if you call a 1/2 hour process involving infant’s motrin easy) and didn’t even stir when some of the other of our party entered the trailer.  I retired before long with Evie and made the colossal mistake of not changing her diaper and into her sleeper before going in.  Because I had no flashlight on me and it was dark as pitch in there.  Seriously, you could close your eyes and see just as much as you could with them open.  I was hesitant to turn on any lights because I did NOT want to wake up any small children.  Particularly those whose names start with “L”.

Kile came in not too much later and I gave in and asked him for the diaper, sleeper and to turn a light on because putting on a diaper in pitch blank is NEVER a good idea.  I don’t care how much of a pro you think you are.  Evie threw a pretty good fit at that point, because she had been so peacefully sleeping but before long she was back fast asleep.

However, once Kile settled in and started snoring, this woke up Liam.  I think the snoring scared him, at least at first.  Every time Kile would drift off and start to snore a little, it would wake Liam up crying. We didn’t want him to cry, since we were sharing this trailer with other people.  After getting up and down no less than 10 times, Kile gave up and took Liam out of the trailer.  He ended up putting him in his carseat with a blanket and then laid back one of the seats in the front of the van to sleep in himself.  Poor guy.

I didn’t sleep much myself, mostly because I was worried about Liam and just on edge.  I guess I didn’t drink enough alcohol.  Heh.  Evie was a champ though, and slept through until dawn.  She probably slept the best of any of us.  Well, besides Harry, was snug as a bug in that teeny tent with his friends.

Once morning rolled around, we all huddled in the warm (it has a heater!) trailer and had a yummy breakfast of pancakes and bacon.  And then, alas, it was time to start to think about packing up.  Bummer.

Truly, despite the wakeful night, we had a great time.  I’d really like to go camping again sometime, even.  We need to brainstorm a good routine for Liam at night.  If worse comes to worse, at least we know he’ll sleep in the carseat!  We came home around noon and after giving Liam and Kile a shower (Liam was, once again, covered in dirt), we all fell into bed for much needed naps.  Well, except for Harry who got reacquainted with his Mario Kart Wii.  I think a mark of a good camping trip is how tired you are when you get home, don’t you think?

So what did you all do over the weekend?  Did you all enter my BlogHer ’08 registration giveaway?  You have two more days left to enter!  Get on that!

You should totally go check out the rest of the pictures from the camping trip!

Thank You note to Kile

My husband really did a great job yesterday for Mother’s Day. Being our first year with THREE kids instead of TWO, I really didn’t have very many high expectations. But I think he knocked it out of the park, pampering me and making sure my day was special. Anyhow, in his honor, I wanted to post about him today. I found this meme over at Fluent Brittish and thought it was a fabulous idea. I mean, you all have got to be tired of hearing about me me me all the time. Now you can hear about Kile.

What is his name? Kile. Isn’t that an interesting spelling? He’s very particular about it.
How long have you been married? It’ll be TEN YEARS in August. That freaks me the heck out.
Who eats more? Depends. When it comes to junk food, I think I probably eat more. But if you’re talking about the average meal, it’d be him.
Who said “I love you” first? Huh, good question. Probably him, because I’m a self-conscious twit. And I think it may have been over the phone too. I really don’t remember. Do you remember, sweety?
Who’s taller? Yeah, that’s him. I’m 5’8 and he’s 6’0. Our kids don’t stand a chance, do they?
Who sings better? Oh, it’s him for sure. I think he used to sing on the choir in high school, even. My singing voice is better suited to showers.
Who is smarter? I think he is. He knows more stuff than I do. He’s got a logical thought process, too, which puts me to shame. However, I am a far better navigator.
Who has the worst temper? Neither of us really have bad tempers. We’re pretty mellow people. I guess if I had to say, it’d be me. But that’s cuz I have hormones.
Who does the laundry? We all do a little laundry, even Harry. But I probably do the majority of it. Which reminds me, I have some laundry to do today.
Who does the dishes? Ever since the Great Job Switch of 2007, it’s supposed to be his job. And he does it, but not every day. Then again, I don’t deal with the trash every day either so I guess we’re even.
Who cooks dinner? He does. He’s the better cook and he actually enjoys it.
Shrimp with Pineapple
See what he made me last night? I KNOW.
Who drives? Kile drives if we’re out together. I prefer it that way, though Kile wouldn’t mind if I took the wheel on occasion, particularly on car trips.
Who is more stubborn? We’re both pretty stubborn, but about different things and in different ways. Kile is very quietly stubborn which drives me nuts sometimes.
Who is the first to admit they were wrong? Probably me. Though he has admitted to being wrong on a few occasions. Heh.
Who has more friends? Sadly, neither. I guess I do if we count out of town and internet friends. It’s ironic though, Kile is the more friendly of the both of us.
Who has more siblings? I do. I come from a family of five kids and he comes from a family of three.
Who wears the pants in the family? He does, and I’m perfectly okay with that. I get “veto” power but for the most part, everything is run by him first. He does a good job of it too!
I have just realized I did a meme JUST like this one as recently as FEBRUARY and had totally forgotten about it. The scary part is some of the answers are almost word for word the same. I have officially lost my freakin’ mind.

Okay, with that out of the way, it’s time to post some pictures. Evie needs her internet fix (or is it the other way around?), after all.

Tiny fists
It’s the bunched up fists that are killing me here.

Zoot sent us this bonnet and I love it so much it hurts.

Tired of being a model
Evie decides she’s tired of being the center of attention for a change.

Wannabe Photographer

I’ll be the first to admit that as a photographer, I pretty much suck.  I have no idea what composition means and as much as I covet a DSLR camera (and boy howdy, do I ever covet), I’d be lucky to know how to use the manual focus.  I just take pictures that I think look good and go from there.   I read the Pioneer Woman’s Photography blog and try to absorb as much of her tips and tricks and Photoshop tutorials as I can.  I love learning new things about taking pictures.  And sprucing up a snapshot in Photoshop gives me such pleasure, it’s downright ridiculous.  Just now, I’m practically giddy because I know there are pictures in my camera right now that need to be downloaded to my laptop and then I’ll be able to play with them in Photoshop and WHAT FUN THAT WILL BE.

Okay, so along with being a total newbie photographer, I’m also a pretty raging geek.

My camera is one that I got as an anniversary gift back in August of 2005.  It wasn’t top of the line at the time and it’s certainly nothing special now.  It’s just your average Sony Cyber-shot, a 4.1 megapixel point-and-shoot.  It’s a lot nicer than the camera I had before that, which was a prehistoric Olympus digital camera that at the time when it was purchased was QUITE THE THING, but by 2005 had become quite a dinosaur.  That thing is as old as my oldest son, ya’ll.  YIKES.  So the Sony was a step up, FOR SURE.  Yet, whenever we’re at any store that sells cameras, I find myself fondling the DSLRs (at least until someone comes by and tells me to stop).   Someday, people.  Someday.  (Yeah, it’s right up there with my new laptop.  I’m jonesing for a Sony Vaio this time as Dell has irritated me of late.) (Dude, what is it with my sudden Sony brand loyalty?  I just noticed that.  Very weird.)

At the core of it, though, I take pictures because I love to have nice pictures.  If I want a nicer camera someday, it’s only because I want to be able to take even NICER pictures.  Just as long as we all recognize that any terrific ability would be attributed DIRECTLY to the camera and not to me.  (This should be obvious if you’ve been paying attention.)  And keeping in mind that my favorite subject is, of course, my kids.

I just LOVE how this turned out with P-Dub’s vintage action.

Soft cheeks
I dig the detail on her “furry” cheeks and forehead.

Can you tell she’s my favorite subject right now?

I called this one “It’s all too much” version 2.0.  I did it for Loralee. Heh.

Capturing moments like this one is what it’s really all about.

Girl Gear!

If you’ve been eyeballing my Twitter over there on the top-righthand side, then you saw my staggered announcement around 2pm this afternoon: We are INDEED having a girl!  First off, I was just impressed simply to get a look.  A “beyond a doubt” look too, as it would happen.  See, the sonographer first saw this:

Girl Gear!

Which, I don’t know, I was taking her word for it.  She explained the whole “hamburger” thing to me, and I’d heard it before, but when you’ve already had three boys, you tend to be skeptical.  Still, she was positive.  And I got a little excited.  We got some great pictures of the baby in 3D, like this one:

Cutie Pie

I mean, COME ON, is that adorable?  I know I’m biased and everything but sheesh.  I want to eat this child already.  Still, we asked her if we could have another look at the goods and she was more than happy to comply.  And we got this shot, which made us feel a whole lot better about the “girl” thing:

More Girl Gear

Mostly because, hey, those the “three lines” that everyone is always talking about.  You know, the three lines that we have NEVER seen before.  It was then that I think I truly relaxed about it.

So yeah.  It’s a girl!   Afterward, we stumbled over to Kohl’s (still in shock, mind you), where I’m not embarrassed to tell you that I promptly purchased a wee girly outfit.  Because, DUDE.  It’s time.

If you’d like to see more pictures from the ultrasound, head on over to my flickr where I have the full batch up (at least the ones I captured from the DVD they gave me because I was too lazy to scan the prints they made me).  And if anyone out there is on the fence about whether or not they should get a 3D ultrasound, DO IT.  It’s so worth it and that’s not just the gender talking.  Trust me on this one.

I'm so embarassed

But apparently I’m not embarrassed enough to NOT post pictures of the contents of my refrigerator on the internet for the entire world to see.

Mah Fridge

I was invited to Sweetney’s Mah Fridge: Let Me Show It To You group over on Flickr today and thought, “What the heck.”  Even though there are things in this fridge that are defying nature as we speak and it could use a good scrubbing to be SURE.  That shows a certain boldness, don’t you think?  If you’d like to see the entire “noted” version of this photo, jog on over to the Flickr page and prepare to be disturbed.  Also, if you’re so inclined, partake of the contents of my freezer as well.

Scared yet?  You should be.

Please don’t think less of me.