I have a good excuse

It’s been a few days longer than I would like since I’ve posted.  But as the title to this post indicates, I have a good excuse.  Or rather, a couple good excuses.  Or maybe they’re only good excuses to me because I feel like I need an excuse.  Which may not even be the case because the two people who read this site might not even care that I haven’t posted in two days.  In which case, these aren’t excuses but rather that annoying buzz in your head, like a bad fluorescent bulb or something.

Anyhow.  Where was I?

Oh yeah!  My excuse(s):

1) The internet was kaput on Wednesday.  HIGHLY frustrating.  Apparently Charter (I love them so) (not) was upgrading their equipment or something on Wednesday morning.  The only thing is that once they were done fixing their stuff, I still had no internet because something or other had to be fiddled with on our cable modem.  And I’m pretty stupid when it comes that sort of thing.  So I had my phone.  And my knitting.  I could check email and do basic internet functions.  And YES, I suppose I could have written a post from my phone about how I had no internet or something.  But no one likes to read about people who have no internet.  It’s boring.

Oh… wait…


2) Wednesday night, once Kile was home and fixed the internet, was busy, busy.  We went to the drive-in to see Transformers (at last).  It was a great night ot go and we all had a good time, even though Evie went thermonuclear midway through.  She’s officially reached that age where not being in bed at bedtime is a criminal offense.  Still, I got her knocked out eventually.  And the movie was a lot of fun.

Ready for the movie

What would I do without the drive-in? I ask you!  Oh and I also did some knitting.

3)  I’ve been knitting a lot.  Surprise, surprise.  I’m going to be a “guest vendor” at CongFu on this next coming Wednesday and that means having a few items (like the one in the picture above) to stock.  I’m kinda excited about it but not really expecting anyone to want my stuff all at the same time.  Anyhow, it means I’ve been knitting any chance I get for the last several days.   Let me just say:  This is going to be some CUTE stuff.  I won’t be entirely heartbroken if they don’t sell because that means I can keep them for my own.  Muahaha!

4) Thursday was a busy day as Kile took the day off (hurray for a four day weekend!) and we got some shopping done and just basically had a good time.  It meant not a lot of time spent at home though.  I did take my knitting with me so I could work feverishly in the car.  But we went and spent the rest of one of Kile’s gift cards, raided the Carter’s outlet store, bummed around Target (I seriously want to live there), went to Kohl’s and finally found Liam some sandles, had dinner at Texas Roadhouse which I’ve decided is my new BFF and then finished up our monthly grocery shopping trip (the one I started on Tuesday) at Walmart.  WHEW.  All that and we were able to get the kids home and in bed on time.  I think that deserves a medal.

So those are my excuses and I’m sticking to it.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some knitting to do.

McDonald's in Walmart: I should have known better

Dear lady working the counter McDonald’s inside the Walmart Supercenter in Northwest Reno:

I need to give you a little background before I discuss what went down between us this afternoon.  See, I was at the store alone with my three kids.  This isn’t probably a big deal to a lot of moms, but it’s a HUGE deal to me.  I hate leaving the house with the kids by myself.  But we’re out of food at home and I pretty much had to go.  I timed the trip specifically.  So that we could be home by lunch and the kids could then get their naps.  I also timed it so I could easily grab lunch at McDonald’s before going out to the car.  We could take it home and eat it there.  Easy peasy!  This works for us because for whatever reason, the drivers-side window on our minivan won’t roll down.  So drive thru’s are difficult and there’s just no way that I’m getting all three out of the van to go into some joint just to order lunch.  I’m not THAT crazy.

That’s the beauty of a McDonald’s inside Walmart.  I can swing by on my way out to the car and grab lunch to take with us, easy.  This was my plan.

Of course, my youngest was rather unhappy.  She was tired and hungry and thirsty and just plain tired of shopping.  I was looking forward to getting her a sippy cup full of lemonade to keep her happy for the drive home.  Maybe a fry or two to tide her over.  So yes.  She was crying.  Loudly.  She was past being humored.  I had done that moments before while in the checkoutline.  We just needed to grab our lunch and go.

But it wasn’t that simple.  Becasue apparently your card swiping machine was on the fritz.  And whomever you were yelling at in the back didn’t care enough to come to the front to help you out.  And I think you got flustered.  And you asked if I had cash.  No, if I had had cash, I would have paid with that upfront.  I don’t carry cash.   I don’t like to carry cash.  It makes me feel itchy.  I prefer to deal with debit cards.  And you had several of these swipers.  But I guess if one goes down, they all go down.

Did you say nicely and apologetically to me, “I’m sorry, but I’ll have to cancel your order then”?  Nope!  You chose to holler out to whomever is in the back, “Cancel that order! She doesn’t have cash!”  This was for the benefit of everyone in the line too, who was now staring at me and my crying child.  My oldest had already taken his cup over to the fountain to get his soda and you snapped (yes, SNAPPED), “I need to have that cup back now.”  This was while I was already telling him to bring the cup up.   He got flustered and confused and started to cry.  Becasue I had promised McDonald’s as a reward for making it through shopping without makingme want to slit my wrists.  And now he had done something wrong?

Nope, but he got snapped at anyhow.  At this point, I was so angry, I didn’t stay and tell you what I wanted to say.  I left as quickly as I could, all the eyes in the vincinity upon me and my kids as we hurried, shoulders hunched, out of the store.  I wanted to ask you, “Can you please be a little nicer?  I’m just a mom.  And I’ve got my hands full.  I’m sorry I don’t have cash on me, but a LOT of people don’t have cash on them these days.  You don’t have to announce my business to a restaurant full of people.  You don’t have to snap at me and my son.  I understand if you’re feeling pressured, but that’s no excuse for losing your manners.  You are PAID to provide a service to customers.  And today, you just lost one.”

Next time, put yourself in your customers shoes.  Maybe stop for a second and see that the mom with the three kids is just trying to hold things together and maybe give her a little consideration.  Just because we’re busy doesn’t mean we need to lose our humanity.

And I will be hard pressed to step foot in that McDonald’s again.  Not as long as you’re working there (and you have been there quite a while… I see you there almost every time we’re at the store).   There are plenty of other fast food restaurants nearby that I would rather go to now.   I was HUMILIATED and shamed and I did not a damned thing wrong.  My kids were upset that they weren’t getting McDonald’s for lunch and they didn’t do a damned thing wrong either.  Thankfully, there is another McDonald’s located just across the street and we were able to go over there.  I made do with the broken window by opening the car door.  Not ideal but at that point, I had promised my kids and I was going to live up to it.  Even though all I wanted to do was go home and crawl under a rock and die.

Oh, and thanks for reinforcing why I don’t like to leave the house with the kids alone anymore.   I was starting to think my mistrust of people in general was misplaced.  Guess not!

Love and Kisses,

I feel suitably celebrated

Mother’s Day is always a strange holiday for me.  I feel hesitant to make any sort of plans or have any input because it’s supposed to be about me and other than my birthday, there isn’t any other day quite like it.  And even a birthday isn’t quite the same because you can celebrate yourself on your birthday.  But I just don’t feel right celebrating myself on Mother’s Day.  In essence, it’s a day where it’s up to others to celebrate you, if they so choose.

I always feel bad for those who kind of get the shaft on Mother’s Day.  Not necessarily those who are sick or have spouses traveling or unavailable those days, or whatever.  Though yes, that does suck too.  But the ones who’s husbands just completely drop the ball.  Don’t recognize the holiday at all, or just don’t have a proper grasp of just how to celebrate it.  That make their wives get up at the crack of dawn with the kids, make breakfast/lunch/dinner for everyone, do bathtime, bedtime, etc.  You know, like any average day.  But they’ll give her a card and expect that to be good enough.  Give the poor woman a DAY OFF.  That doesn’t mean she should have to seclude herself entirely from her family.  Some women dig that, I know, but I do like to spend some nice, quality time with my family on Mother’s Day.  And it doesn’t mean I don’t expect to change a diaper here and there, wipe a nose, put a child to bed, etc and so on.  But at the same time, it’s nice to know that if I didn’t really want to?  That I wouldn’t have to.

Anyhow.  That totally wasn’t the point of this post.  I just got completely off track.  SNORT.

Yesterday was great for me.  I was woken up after a nice, leisurely morning of sleeping in, by Harry and Kile bringing me breakfast in bed.  Kile had made me Eggs Benedict, with his famous hollandaise sauce which I SWEAR is the best I’ve ever tasted.  Thinking about it now makes my mouth water.  I had nice, strong coffee and sweet, pulpy orange juice to go with it.  It was perfect.  Harry bestowed me with several homemade gifts and a very sweet card he had made.  Kile got the little ones up out of bed and I was presented with THREE gift cards to the Apple Store!  Just perfect, as I had a few things on my shopping list that I wanted to get from there.

I was then left alone and normally I would be tempted to go downstairs and hang out with the family.  But instead I chose to just embrace the time alone.  I turned the TV on and watched a movie on HBO while I finished up my breakfast, played on my iPhone, checked my email.  I took a nice, hot shower and got myself ready for the day at a leisurely pace.  It was basically unlike any other morning I generally have and that was totally the point.  It was a nice departure from the norm.  I was so glad to have that opportunity.

I went downstairs to relieve Kile while he went up to take his own shower and get ready.  Then he got the little ones ready, even though I was fully prepared to get one, if not both, ready myself.  So that was nice too.  We headed out and had lunch at the Macaroni Grill.  We haven’t eaten there a lot lately, we used to eat there all the time.  They’d raised their prices, which made me cringe, but we sat out on the patio to enjoy the nice warm day and that was great.  We didn’t have to worry as much about the little ones making a lot of noise and throwing food on the ground and we got to enjoy the breeze and the sights.

After that, we stopped by Old Navy, mostly because I had to use the restroom and we knew there was a bathroom there.  But while we were in there, I couldn’t help but notice they were having a major winter clearance sale.  I got a couple of shirts for under $2 apiece!  So I guess I take back what I said about Old Navy a couple weeks ago.  I figure I got my due out of them with that awesome sale.  Kile even got another pair of swim trunks for our vacation this summer and he’s really psyched cuz they have a skull on them and we figure that’s very “pirate-y” which should fit in well with the whole Disney vibe.

We went to the Apple Store next and I had a heck of a time picking out what I wanted to get.  I really wanted another USB charger for my iPhone.  The one that came with it was looking very beat up and sad, plus I wanted to have one that I could use at night to keep my phone plugged in on my nightstand and then one to keep down with the laptop.  I also wanted a case for my MacBook to protect it from the elements (read: Liam and Evie).  They also had a keyboard cover that I thought would be a good idea (and still do) and a trackpad protector (also need this pretty badly).  BUT, I ended up going with a new case for my iPhone.  The old one was torn on one corner and I wanted something see-through and perhaps with a screen protector.  I’m VERY happy with the case I picked, it’s perfect and it honestly feels like having a new phone.  I’m thrilled with it, to say the least, so I think I made the right choice.

I still have a little money left on my gift cards so maybe after I make some money I’ll go back down and get the keyboard cover or something.

We stopped to pick up a few groceries for dinner and some Rockstars to get me through the week (I am seriously addicted to this stuff).  I also got a prescription refill.  Fun stuff!  When we got home, we watching “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” that Kile had rented off RedBox.  It was good, but nothing spectacular, as far as we were concerned.  It was a  long movie and considering we were trying to watch it in the afternoon/evening with kids running around, probably not the best decision.  But oh well.  The effects were great and it was a fascinating story so I’ll give it that.

After dinner (steak and potatoes), we had a heck of a time getting the little ones to bed.  Or at least I did.  Evie was very resistant to going to sleep, being very crabby and clingy.  But I finally did get her down and we tried to watch “The Fifth Element” (one of our longtime favorites) downstairs.  Of course, we were both EXHAUSTED by that point and were in bed by 10pm.  WOW.  That just NEVER happens these days.  But dang, it sure felt good.

So how was everyone else’s Mother’s Day?  Did you do any celebrating?  Did you get celebrated?  Was it a nice day for you?  I think that’s all I can really ask for: a nice day.  And it was definitely that!


I’m currently stranded at Kohl’s and I literally don’t know what to do with myself. Kile dumped me off here and took the kids with him to go do Super Sekrit Mother’s Day Shopping.

I know most women would killfor tgiskind of opportunity to shop, sans kids. But I’m kind of an odd duck. Plus, I don’t really think I can spend any money so that makes looking at stuff kinda pointless.

I did find some cheap, cute, and comfy (the three c’s!) pajama/lounge capris. And some ccc girly pajamas for Evie too. I also looked high and low for a shirt she could wear under one of her swing dresses but had no luck. Though, looking back, I probably should have looked for a shirt in red too, cuz she needs one of those too. Oh well, I don’t think they would have had one.

So right now, I’m sitting down in the shoe department (the only place I could find to sit). And thank GOD for the iPhone or I’d probably totally be beside myself.

So what is everyone else up to today? We’re hoping to go see “Star Trek” at the drive-in tonight. I have my doubts as to how smoothly THAT will go. But it’s worth a shot.

Okay, I’m getting strange looks from the sales people so I better mosey on. Later, peeps!

Weekend Whimsy

Another end to another interesting week. I think me getting out of the house with the kids to go shopping on Monday really helped. We went out on Tuesday night and did a little shopping. Wednesday, Kile wasn’t feeling well so he stayed home and I was able to go to the grocery store BY MYSELF. That was HUGE, people.

I think Thursday was the only day I stayed home the whole day. And even then it wasn’t dull because there was much online shenanigans to enjoy.

Last night, we ran out so I couldget to the yarn store before it closed at 6. And when I walked in, the gal behind the counter said, “You’re back! What do you need this time?”. Which I take as a hint that maybe I’m in there an awful lot. Not that it will discourage me from returning. And my trip there last night was a great success because the yarn I picked up matches my project PERFECTLY. So, you know, YAY.

We ate out at Chili’s, something we almost never do anymore. If we do eat out, it’s almost always fast food. And apparently, people think that’s the way it should be because the young, childless people seated behind us kept giving us dirty looks throughout dinner. How dare we eat out when we have children? The nerve! It’s alright; I rest assured that these people will someday have small children and will want to eat out at a family friendly (ha!) restaurant with their kids in tow who will actually behave decently and they too will have some selfish pricks glare at them while they try to eat.

The universe is fair that way.


The weekend itslef has been full of shopping trips and other fun and exciting things. And if you read that sentance, your voice dripping with sarcasm, then you yet a cookie.

I’m sorry this isn’t more exciting to read but time has been scant (as has patience), and I’ve pecked this whole sordid thing out on my phone and I think that should qualify me for some sort of medal, don’t you think?

One of my favorite stores to visit, Whole Foods

More shopping with the gals

Yesterday was an awesome day.  Busy, but awesome.  My mother in law, sister in law and niece came to town to do some shopping and Evie and I tagged along.  First, we met them for lunch at Mimi’s Cafe.  We used to eat there all the time and don’t so much anymore so it was a very nice treat.  After all, their french onion soup remains unparallelled.  SO GOOD.

Then we came back to the house so they could unload Kile’s new toy (photos to follow, I PROMISE).  I’m pretty impressed with how we got that done, considering the level of difficulty and angsting about it that went on beforehand.

We went to the Peppermill Hotel where the family was staying for the night and left the boys there.  They had big plans to use the pool while we went shopping.  After a quick yarn exchange at the yarn store, we headed to the Summit Sierra mall and Dillards.  Can you believe that was the first time I’d been to Dillards?  I don’t get out much, I guess.  We were there to look for a formal dress for my niece to wear to her 8th grade social in a few months.  And OMG, formal dresses are SO CUTE these days!  I saw many that I would have loved to have worn back in the day.  You know, back when I was thin and cute.

I also wanted to find a cute sundress for Evie to buy with her birthday money.  My parents sent it, requesting we find her something cute to wear on the cruise this summer.  I definitely found something to fit that bill.  The dress is pretty much PERFECT.  It was pricey but that’s what you get at Dillards.  And my sister in law was naughty and bought Evie a few things too so it’s not like we walked away with only the dress.  There were SO many cute things in that department though.  I’ve deemed it highly dangerous.

We had to rush to meet the boys and my sister in law’s friend for dinner at the Peppermill.  Dinner was fabulous.  Simply awesome.  I still feel spoiled by it the next morning.  It was almost a shame to come home from such a wonderful day.

But the good news is we’re extending the fun today.  They don’t have to leave town until 3, so I’m packing up the runts and meeting them down at the mall at 10.  More shopping!  Truth be told, what I’m really looking forward to is scoring a nice big cup of Starbucks coffee.

I’m not use to being out and about so early, you know.

IMG_0442 The view from my in laws hotel room.  Nice!

IMG_0443 Looking straight down from that same window.  It was a floor to ceiling length window which freaked Kile out but I thought it was sorta cool.

IMG_0444 Their hotel room, which is officially far nicer than any hotel room I’ve ever stayed in.

IMG_0445 More hotel room, and an adorable baby in a stroller.

IMG_0446 Hallway to nowhere

IMG_0447 Very cool chandelier.

IMG_0448 Pretty lights.

I guess it’s been a long time since I’ve been to the Peppermill because all these fancy changes were news to me!

Monday Hate List: The Return

Remember when I used to usher in the new week by spewing forth vitrol regarding everything in the world that was pissing me off?  Yeah, I’m doing that again this week.  Cuz I realized yesterday that I have a lot of Hate.  And it’s gotta be shared with the internet.

  • The Children’s Place. We’ve spent a lot of money at this store.  Shoot, most of Harry’s wardrobe is made up of clothes from Children’s Place.  Cute clothes at reasonable prices.  Their sales were discount GOLD, people.  We loved it so much we got a store charge card.  We don’t do that, like, ANYWHERE.  We don’t do credit cards.  So to get one for Children’s Place was a testament to how much we liked shopping there.  I was looking forward to getting to get some of their utterly adorable girly clothes that had taunted me for years.  This brings me to last week when for whatever stupid reason, they canceled our credit account.  Why?  We made our payments on time.  We hadn’t paid much debt down but there wasn’t that much on there to begin with so big deal, right?  We paid every month.  We pumped a lot of money in.  And they cancelled our account.  The only reason given?  They checked our credit score and didn’t like it.  I don’t like it either, don’t get me wrong.  But shouldn’t our account history with the company take precedence?  Should it matter WHAT our credit score is as long as we’re paying our bills?  WTF, yo??  Let it be known this card was handled by Shittybank er Citibank. It’s truly a shame because I enjoyed shopping there.  But apparently in this trying economy OUR MONEY isn’t good enough.  They want AAA+ credit score customers only.  Whatever.  I’ll get my kids clothes elsewhere.
  • Old Navy.  SERIOUSLY.  What is WITH these stores??  Do they not want to keep customers?  Is the pressure of ending up like Circuit City too much for them and they freakin’ fall apart?   We stopped in there yesterday for shits and giggles and browsed their sales.  They had a lot of cute stuff that was awesomely discounted.  I saw some toddler pajamas that were marked down from $14.50 to $4.50.  SCORE!  I showed Kile a pair (that had a discount sticker on them) and offered to use my PayPal funds to buy them.  He didn’t seem enthused so I put them back.  I did some more shopping and Kile apparently went back to look at the pajamas again.  He picked a pair that had monkeys on them (because Liam IS a monkey) but (gasp) it didn’t have a sticker on it.  Shouldn’t matter.  EVERY other pair had a sticker.  Shoot, Kile even saw another package of monkey jammies that had a sticker on them.  He figured the sticker fell off this one and tossed it in the cart.  Meanwhile, I found some totally cute long sleeved shirts that were originally $15 and were marked down to $4.  I need long sleeved shirts like you wouldn’t believe so I grabed two.  On was a purple stripe and another was a turquoise.  Pretty! We went to check out and the jammies rung up as being $10.  There was much hubub as we tried to explain ourselves and the cashier called back to a manager who said, “Nope, monkey jammies aren’t clearanced.  They’re $10.”  Well forget it!  Cripes!  We paid for the shirts and left.  I get home and I realize that one shirt was $9 instead of $4.  Turns out?  It was marked on it’s sticker as $9 but in the hubub over the stupid pajamas I missed it.  Now I’m cheesed off and am tempted to just return both the shirts and give Old Navy the bird.  How hard is it to SEPARATE clearance items?  HOW?  Can someone tell me?  Is it harder than moving the clearance stuff to ONE table and the regular or just plain sale stuff to another?  Surely it must be because otherwise they would have done that, right? RIGHT?
  • People who run over Girl Scounts.
  • That I was unable to get the yarn I really really really wanted this morning cuz I’m ze broke.
  • That it took me FIVE tries to cast on the waistband of the pair of shorties I started last night.  I swear to GOD, I lost the ability to count somewhere there for a minute and I was about ready to toss the whole thing out the window.
  • When dear friends lose their pregnancies.  That just sucks all around.
  • When dear friends are losing their parents.  That sucks all around too.
  • Rush Limbaugh.

That is all.  For now.

Things I've Done in the Last Three Days

– Drink a Rockstar Punched which has an INSANE amount of caffeine in it.

– Be led to believe that I won’t be getting a MacBook on Friday after all.

-Literally “squee” when my husband shows up a hour later, MacBook in hand.

– Ditch Charter cable and get DirecTV.

– Wait an extra hour and a half for satellite installer to show up.

– Wait another hour and a half for him to finish and LEAVE ALREADY.

– Discover that the installer has turned off not just the Charter cable but our phones and Internet too.

– Witness my husband restore my Internet pretty much effortlessly.

– Have pizza and do a little shopping at Best Buy and Walmart

– Have a hell of a time falling asleep and blame it not just on the uber-stimulating day I’ve had but on the can of Rockstar Punched.  Seriously, that stuff is HARD CORE.

– Fall down stairs while carrying laundry basket full of freshly cleaned cloth diapers and knock the wind out of myself in the process.  Also procure impressive bruise on my hind quarters.  Nice.

– Dress daughter in new knit capri pants I finished this last week and get no less than 4 separate people stopping me to tell me how cute they are.

Rosewood Capris

– Go to Ben Franklin Crafts and get some plain wool yarn to practice some dying techniques on.

– Go to Target and drool over all the loveliness there.  Walk away with some mighty fine snacks to munch on (Chocolate Chip Cherry Oat cookies!).

– Go to Sam’s Club where I am floored and completely and irrevocably spoiled by the purchase of a Canon PowerShot SX110 IS camera.  The same one I’ve been wanting for several months now.  Fall head over heels in love with not just the camera but my very generous husband.  Again.

– Have dinner with the family at Applebee’s where Liam sits in a booster and Evie in the high chair.  The kids are growing up.  SIGH.

– Buy a fabulous brownie at Whole Foods and proceed to die and go to Chocolate Heaven.

– Watch “Enchanted” with the family and decide it’s a very cute movie.  Also decide that DirecTV kicks Charter’s ASS.

– Drink seriously caffeinated coffee for breakfast and literally develop the shakes.  Maybe it’s time to cut back on the caffeine.

– Head out to do some more shopping.  For the third day in a row.  Oy.

– Buy mostly grocery stuff, so nothing very exciting.

– Decide while at Walmart that everyone who has run there for a last minute trip before the Super Bowl begins totally SUCKS and I hate their guts.

– Am very happy that the store has cleared out by the time we go to checkout and the lines are mercifully short.

– Talk to my mother on the phone and wish her a happy birthday.

– Help put away groceries.  Well.  Mostly, anyhow.

– Turn on the rest of the Super Bowl… not for the game but for the commercials.

– Become a major nerd when I totally geek out over the “Transformers” sequel commercial with my nine year old.  Seriously.  That movie looks BITCHIN’.

Annnnnd…. that’s it.  So far, at least.  WHEW.  I need a nap.


So today, I’m asking ya’ll for some help.  I need help brainstorming a couple things.  You guys were so great on the “My Own Money” post, that I just know you’ll bestow upon me more of your wonderful pearls of wisdom this time too.  Because obviously I get NOWHERE when I try to think up this stuff myself.  I think I have The Dumb.

So the first thing is: A birthday outfit for Evie.  In the cloth diapering world (and maybe not just there, just that I’ve never really heard of it before I was into cloth diapers), oftentimes a really cute outfit is put together for a baby girl’s (or boy’s) first birthday.  I am considering basing it all on this fabric.  Here is what I’m thinking of having:

  • A ridiculously large bow with headband a la this. (but black instead of brown)
  • A tutu… perhaps one I could make myself.  Like this.
  • Knit longies (I’m having these custom made by this gal, since I don’t trust my knitting skills for such a special item)
  • A customized t-shirt
  • Custom “shippers” (these are already on their way to me, provided I stick with this particular “theme”, otherwise I’ll have to get another pair)

Anyone have some cute stuff that they think fits in that list?  Particularly the t-shirt or the tu-tu.  Is the Hello Kitty theme a good one?  I’m getting a diaper (no fear, I’m not getting that exact diaper… no way would I ever pay that much!  But it’ll look pretty much exactly like that) in that particular pattern and that’s what gave me the idea.  Plus, pink and black are awesome together.  But if I didn’t do the Hello Kitty thing, then I’m thinking cupcake because I love cupcakes.  In which case the colors would probably be more pink and brown.

ANYHOW… send me some ideas!  See a bow that you think is darling?  Give me a link!  Find the perfect t-shirt?  Tell me!  Know someone who makes the most darling tu-tus?  SHOW ME.

Also, I need some crafty-type brainstorming ideas.  I’d like to MAKE something.  See, back in the olden days, I designed graphics that people would purchase for their “Sims” PC games.  It was “making” something only in the most general sense.  There was no physical product.  Then there was the blog designing.  Sure, I would “make” custom blog designs but there wasn’t anything you could actually TOUCH.  Now that I’m expanding my knitting/sewing horizons, I’d like to actually MAKE something.   So tell me… what are some good ideas?  Send me links of stuff you’ve seen recently or webpages that talk about this sort of thing.  I know they’re out there!  I just haven’t had much luck looking myself lately.  But I know you guys are great about that sort of thing.

So that’s it.  Hit me with your best shot, ya’ll!

Traditional Last Post of the Year

Wow.  It has been a loooong day already and it’s only just now 6:30.  I’ve got a long night ahead of me.  I don’t think I’ve had enough caffeine to warrant such a day.  But it’s fitting that the last day of 2008 be a long, long day.

Kile got up with the chickens and went to register the van.  Apparently the DMV isn’t a very busy place first thing in the morning on New Year’s Eve (that also happens to be a Wednesday).  He was back 45 minutes later, which is pretty good considering it takes a half hour to get there and back.

After he got the car seats moved back over (and the van jump started because apparently it doesn’t like the combination of being bitch-ass cold and not used for a month) (oh and the fact that Kile had his phone charger plugged in the battery slot for a few weeks)  (oops), we left the house.  We stopped in at Sonic to get some breakfast because a) Sonic rules and b) we were rather hungry.  Sonic was The Awesome, as always.

Then we went to Evie’s doctor appointment where we found out that she is, in addition to being completely adorable (and according to a couple we ran into in the hall on the way to the scale, “just like the Gerber baby!”), she is both chunky and short.  Nice combo!  She weighs 20lbs 13oz, which is frankly much less than I was expecting.  But since she’s so SHORT (30th percentile, ya’ll), it makes her rather chunky.  It’s all in her legs, mind you.  She has the most thunderous thighs.  They’re very succulent.  Anyhow, she got a flu shot and her hemoglobin tested and I think the part she hated the most was when he stuck the thing in her mouth so he could look at her throat.

After the appointment, we hit Walmart.  Hoo boy.  I’m trying to block most of it from my memory, but we did a lot of shopping.  And I think we might have cleared the freakin’ shelves while we were at it.  But we’ve got groceries now.  And we only forgot a few things (dryer balls and something else that even now I can’t quite remember).

Then we bought a bunch of booze at Smith’s on our way home.  Because, duh, it’s New Years.  You’ve gotta have a lot of booze.  And Smith’s always has mighty fine deals on booze.  And then we went home.  Because it was time and we were tired.

So far tonight we’ve eaten some fabulous Chinese food that we put together here at home and are watching “The Perfect Storm” on OnDemand (Kile says it’s the perfect movie for 2008… snort).  When the movie is over, I think we’re going to play some Rock Band.  And I’m going to try very hard not to fall asleep.  Even though I am so very, very tired.

I hope everyone is having a safe and happy New Years.  I will see you all in 2009.  Let’s have a better year, shall we?