Jon Minus Kate equals Hate

I hate blogging about pop culture things anymore.  There’s so much subjectivity there, not to mention that a bazillion and one other people are already talking about the same thing and my voice is only white noise.   And then there’s the whole thing where the topic is completely STUPID.  But I find myself strangely compelled today because I can hardly think of much else (thanks, modern media, for blitzing me with this crap as soon as I was awake!).  And I’m trying to become a better blogger so it’s time to start writing and stop thinking so damned much.

I watched the “special” show last night.  Because I’m stupid I had this morbid curiosity to see what the heck was going to happen.  Even though we all already knew.   Still, I hoped for a fraction of an instant the “announcement” would be that they were stopping the show, fullstop.

That was apparently WAY TOO MUCH to hope for.

The whole episode made me want to throw up, basically.  I watched it now and then a year or so ago, back when things were “hunky dorey”.  Remember, back when jokes about Kate harping on Jon were lighthearted beause OF COURSE their marriage could take it?  Back when the kids were all still little and far less annoying (I’m looking at you, Maddy).  But I would say I was far from a fan.  Watching “Jon and Kate + 8” was akin to rubber necking an accident on the interstate.  Yes, even then.  Now?  It’s not an accident.

It’s a freakin’ train wreck.

And yet, has anyone said, “We should turn off the cameras!”?  NOPE.  Oh, it’s too late for that.  They’re rolling in the money and fame and attention now.  They can’t see the forest for the trees anymore.  I’m more convinced of that than ever after watching last night’s show.

These are selfish, selfish people.  Both of them, though Jon apalled me by saying he was EXCITED for this new chapter in his life.  Excited?   To leave his home and his children behind?  He even admitted on camera that he wouldn’t be seeing them every day.  And he’s EXCITED?   I gaped at Kile when this scene aired and asked him if he would be “excited”.  Kile said no, that he couldn’t imagine not seeing his children every day and certainly couldn’t grasp being excited about it.

These two clearly are incapable of dealing with their issues in a mature fashion.  They bicker in front of the children constantly.  The backbiting is horrific.  This is a FAMILY show?

Their insistance that the show is not the cause of their problems made me literally guffaw out loud.  Sure, I can see where their personalities would clash on or off camera regardless, but I don’t believe for an instant that the pressure cooker that is having your life filmed and broadcast to the world at large as well as the media and paparazzi circus that has followed them hasn’t contributed towards this.  And for whatever reason, I think that this whole show has caused them to forgo the reasonable avenue of seeking counseling and go straight to divorce.  They claim to be doing this for the children but I think either way you play it, the kids are the ones losing here.

I feel so sorry for these children.  I’m sorry their parents can’t put aside their pettiness and try to work together.  That their parents won’t turn off the cameras for the betterment of the family.  That these kids will have an extensive record, on film for posterity, of the demise of their family.  And so will everyone who ever interacts with them in the future.  People say blogging is not good for children for the “exploitation” that occurs.  Blogging has NOTHING on a reality tv show.  And I don’t know any blogger worth their salt that wouldn’t shut things down if they thought for an instant that it was harming their children.

My greatest hope is that now the couple is quitsville, that the audience will soon follow.  After all, people have been gawking at these two and their clearly fragile relationship.  Now that the two will not likely be on camera much together or even reference the other all that much, the gawkers will fade into the woodwork.  And with the audience, goes the ratings.  And when the ratings flatline, perhaps TLC will finally have the good sense to pull the plug.

Me, I’d just like to forget that I ever watched it.

Monday Hate List: It's Summer

Let’s bring back this little feature, shall we?  Because while I’m actually NOT feeling particularly crabby today (I know… I’M SHOCKED TOO), there’s always plenty to hate on a Monday, including Monday itself.  And I didn’t post anything all weekend because I was too busy with the “ahh” and the “*contented sigh*” and that sort of thing.  Weekends rock.

Okay, on with the hate….

  • caffeine headaches.  Yes, I know we all saw this coming with my addiction to Rockstar and all.  Shut up.  No one likes an “I told you so.”
  • the iPhone OS 3.0 update.  Okay, the only thing I hate about this is that it’s not being released for another week or somesuch wrongness.  I WANT IT NOW.  SOUNDS AWESOME.
  • our mailman.  Yes, it continues.  I NEVER know when the mail is going to be delivered anymore.  Is it SO hard to deliver stuff by 5pm EVERY day?  REALLY?  Do I have enough capitals in this post so far?
  • headaches.  Really, how do you get rid of these?  Cuz ordinary pain killers seem to have no effect.  I’ve taken four ibuprofen and nothin’.  Suck.
  • the sun.   I got sort of used to the sun being gone last week with all the storms and everything.  This summer weather is for the birds.  I want my rain back.
  • that it’s five more days till the weekend.  Not right, man.  (Except that I now recall Kile is taking Friday off and his parents are coming to town so WOO HOO short week!)
  • waiting.  It’s for the birds.  I hate waiting.
  • my bruised big toe.  Have you ever had one of these?  I landed on it funny when I fell down the stairs last week and ever since it’s been in PAIN.  Turns out?  You use your big toe quite a bit when walking.  WHO KNEW?
  • “Ned’s Declassified” on Nickelodeon.  This show is like nails on a chalkboard.  So is “The Naked Brothers Band”.  And come to think of it, I don’t care for “The Penquins of Madagascar” either.
  • on the preschool side of things, I hate “Oswald”, “Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends” and “DragonTales”, to name but a few.
  • this stupid headache.  Seriously.  Get a clue, dude.

So that’s the list for this week.  Do you hate it?  You do don’t you?  You can tell me.  Anyhow, it would TOTALLY fit in with the whole overall theme.

Wondering Wednesday

I wonder what’s going to happen on “Lost” tonight.  It’s been so danged good lately that I don’t dare miss a minute of it.

I wonder if Sarah Chalke is actually the “mother” on “How I Met Your Mother”.  I’m thinking: no.

I wonder if the wind is EVER going to just STOP, please for the love of GOD.

I wonder if I should go chase down our garbage can that blew down the street this morning. GAH.

I wonder what I should have for lunch.  Is it weird that I’m actually kinda excited to have a tv dinner to eat?  Probably, huh?

I wonder if I should drink some Rockstar.  I’m guessing that if I don’t want to fall asleep in my tv dinner, I probably should.

I wonder if Evie will keep up her sleeping at night the way she has been.  It has been MARVELOUS.  I recently stopped nursing her in the night (the cut-off being when I go to bed around 11 or 12 and I can start again in the morning anytime after 6am as I’m generally up around then anyhow).  For a while, myself or Kile (usually me) was getting up when she’d wake and rocking her before putting her back in her crib and that worked great.  The last couple of nights, we haven’t even had to do that.  Though I think she’s woken a little and cried for about a minute before falling back to sleep.  Let’s hope this is a trend in the RIGHT direction towards a full night of sleep for everyone!

I wonder why I’m still so tired if I didn’t have to get up in the night last night.  Hmm.  Could be the whole “going to bed around 11 or 12, waking up at 6 or 6:30” thing, huh?

I wonder why Liam loves PBS’s “Word World” so much.  Is it the letters and words?  He loves himself some letters and numbers these days.

I wonder why I write such goofy blog posts when I know that no one likes this sort of post anyhow.  Could be I’ve got a lot on my mind and I need an easy way to unload it.  Could be I don’t have the coherent thought capacity at the moment to write a decent post.

I wonder if drinking some Rockstar could help with that.

There’s only one way to find out!

Oscar Buzz

What?  It’s too late for Oscar buzz?  Too bad.  That’s what I’ve got for today so you’re just gonna have to deal with it.

I didn’t post yesterday but I figured I had earned a good day off anyhow.  Anyhow, isn’t Sunday the day you rest?  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

In our grand old tradition, we watched the Academy Awards last night, from Ryan Seacrest’s red carpet show on E! to Hugh Jackman’s fond adieu at the end of the broadcast (we had to turn off Barbara Walters’ show because, seriously?  Jonas Brothers?  I DON’T THINK SO.).   A good time was had by all.  Sure, there were dull spots.  There always are.  And sure, there was a moment a little more than halfway through the thing where I got supremely sick of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and “Slumdog Millionaire” being called out as the winners.  But on the other hand, I haven’t seen either movie so for all I know, they were very deserving of their honors.  But dang it, why couldn’t “Iron-Man” or “The Dark Knight” won for Visual Effects?? I mean, at least I SAW those!

Still, despite the fact I’d seen probably a grand total of three movies that were nominated (wait, correction, make that four.  I did see “Kung Fu Panda”), I enjoyed the whole thing and as is my nature, I have some observations to share with you all.

  • Robert Pattinson.  *drool*  He was there and he brought his hair.  And his eyes.  And, you know, the rest of him.  *dreamy sigh*
  • Hugh Jackman made a awesome host.  I was convinced of this a mere 10 minutes into the show after watching his truly fabulous opening number.  As Kile said, it rivaled Billy Crystal’s infamous montages.  That’s saying a lot.  He had great energy.
  • The new format with the old actor winners bestowing the new nominees with praise and advice?  LOVE.  That was awesome and I’m sure it meant a lot to the nominees to hear it.  I hope they do that again.
  • Heath Ledger.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house when he won Best Supporting Actor.  I know I was a freakin’ mess.  Shoot, even BRAD PITT had tears in his eyes.  By far, the most beautiful, sad and meaningful moment of the entire awards show.
  • That said, the “In Memorium” montage was also very beautiful and sad this year.  Queen Latifah singing “I’ll Be Seeing You” literally gave me goosebumps (still does, in fact). And being reminded of all the wonderful talent we lost this last year pretty much kicked my ass.  Damn you, Bernie Mac!
  • SO glad that Kate got the award, even if I didn’t see the movie.  I’ve been a big fan since “Titanic”.
  • During the Best Actor presentation, whenever they would show Mickey Rourke, I couldn’t help but stare at Robert Pattinson sitting behind him.  Humina.
  • Surprised that Sean Penn won but not too much.  You gotta love the guy, prickly as he is.
  • Aaaaand “Slumdog” wins.  Big surprise.

We had to watch “The Dark Knight” afterward because I was still on a Heath Ledger high.  Better than the Jonas Brothers, that’s for sure.

So did you watch?  What were your thoughts?  And why did I write most of this post this morning and then totally forget to finish and post it?  Am I that lame?  (Don’t answer that.)

The Worst of 2008

It was quite a year.  There were ups and downs.  Today?  I’m going to cover the downs.  Because I’d like to finish on a high note.  I’ll either do the “ups” tomorrow or tonight or whatever.  I’m still on vacation.  Time is relative.

  • The economy.  Ooooooohhhhhhh boy.  Yeah.  It sucks.  It is The Bad.  I don’t like to expect that we’re all going to spiral down into the abyss so… I try to focus on the positive.  But yeah, it doesn’t look good.  The economy definitely took a dump this year.
  • The many depressing celebrity deaths.  There were many.  And they were hard to bear.  Some harder than others.  I mean, no more Heath Ledger!  Bernie Mac!  George Carlin!  This is very sad.  Shoot, even Eartha Kitt died this year.  Who’s next?  (Don’t answer that.  I don’t want to know.)
  • My health.  Oy.  This is pretty much all my fault, I know.  But the fact of the matter is my health, like the economy, took a dump this year.  I’d really like to turn that around in 2009.  I’d like to feel better, physically and mentally.  I’m not sure I could feel a whole lot worse (you know, without something catastrophic happening).
  • Weather.  Yeah, I’m not terribly happy with the weather we’ve had this year.  Maybe this has to do with global warming or something.  Less rain, less snow.  Sure, the summer was fairly mild but mild temperatures aren’t exactly a good thing.  We need moisture, ya’ll.  It’s sorta important.
  • All those stupid earthquakes we had last spring.  What was up with THAT??  Talk about nerve wracking.  Let’s hope we don’t see a repeat of that in 2009, mmkay?
  • The Van Registration Fiasco of 2008.  Cuz that whole thing has sucked rather hardcore, I gotta say.  Another moment from 2008 that I’d rather not see replayed in 2009.
  • All the crap that went wrong with our house this year.  Our back fence, the busted windows… shoot even the balast that went out of our flourescent overhead light in the kitchen.   What the heck, yo?
  • Bad TV.  BAAAAD TV!!  There was a lot of bad television shows this year.  That stupid show “Momma’s Boys” or whatever it’s called takes the cake.  That is the worst of the worst.  And there was a lot of “worst”, believe you me.  Even shows that used to be awesome sucked this year.  Like “Heroes”.
  • Anything related to “High School Musical” or Hannah Montana.  HATE HATE HATE.  I’m so tired of seeing this licensed crap all over the stores and the television and everywhere else.
  • Basically any news story or current event that made my eyes roll back into my head.  There were a lot of them.  Far too many to mention here.  Rest assured, if it was someone victimizing children or being a stupid ass, then it made My List.

There’s my list.  But you know what?  “Worst” lists aren’t any fun to put together.  Nope.  I’m far more looking forward to the “Best” list that I’ve been cooking for the last couple of weeks.  There was an awful lot of awesome in 2008, if you knew where to look.

So what tops your “Worst of 2008” list?  Lets get it all of our chests now, shall we?

Monday Hate List – Now With Pictures!

I don’t generally condone of the word “hate” because it has such strong connotations, but in this case, I think Monday deserves it.  How dare it force us out of the lull that is the weekend and make us be productive and stuff!  So here’s what I’m hating today:

  1. That we’re about out of groceries here in the house, but yet the budget gave out last week sometime.  Hmm.
  2. Little dogs that desperately try to curl themselves up on my legs in an effort to stay warm and give me leg cramps.
  3. iCarly, the Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, the Naked Brothers Band, Drake and Josh and any of those retarded Disney/Nick shows that my son seems to really, really love right now.
  4. Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends and pretty much the entire Noggin morning lineup these days.
  5. I pretty much hate money in general right now, but mostly the lack of it.
  6. That my parents’ gift STILL hasn’t been mailed off and now I’m worried that it’ll even get there before Christmas and that gives me STRESS.  STRESS STRESS STRESS!
  7. Not that I have a van to drive it to the post office anyhow.  (still not registered but whatever)
  8. Which means I need to rely on Kile to do it.
  9. Which means I’m not holding my breath.
  10. Stupid, nagging, caffeine-withdrawal headache.  I need a Rockstar.

So now that I got that out of the way, here are some pictures I cleaned off the camera this morning.

A boy and his cup The rarely-captured feral blue-eyed boy.

Mirthful Eyes The cup is a staple in virtually all photos of this child.

Snowflake Pin A nifty snowflake pin given to me by a good friend for my birthday.  It is officially Evie’s Most Favorite Thing EVER.

Blob Bag My first knitting project, my “practice blob” that I decided to turn into a bag this weekend.  GO ME.

Brr Does this look cold?  Cuz it is.

Wee Snowy Tree Little tree.  Snow.  Nuff said.

First Snowy Day Sure looks like a Monday morning to me, how about you?  I’m SO glad Harry takes the school bus now.

White Van in White Kile’s van (aka: our only legal mode of transportation these days).  And snow.  Have fun driving to work, Kile!

Monday Hate List

It’s the return of the Monday Hate List.  Though, in reality, the Monday Hate List has never gone away.  It lives on in our hearts, Monday after Monday.   After all, there’s nothing not to hate on a Monday.  I stand by that.  

So here’s a rundown on what’s getting my goat this not-so-fine morning: 

  • That it’s a Monday.  GAH.  
  • That I haven’t had any caffeine yet.  Caffeine + Monday = ESSENTIAL.  (This could also be my fault but let’s not go into that.)
  • That it is yet another 50+ degree day in sunny Reno, NV.  How the heck am I supposed to get into the Christmas spirit with such pleasant weather?? 
  • Speaking of such things… WHERE IS THE SNOW?
  • Have I mentioned that the weekend is over?  I hate that.  
  • That there was no “True Blood” or “Entourage” to watch last night.  
  • Me needy coffee…. 
  • Dirty dishes in the sink.
  • No black ink in the printer with which to print my Christmas letter. 
  • Gift bags = still not shipped. 
  • It’s a Monday.  
So what’s eating you today?  You know, other than the fact that it’s a MONDAY. 

Days of Grace – Day 9


Another day, another compilation of things that make me feel at peace.  Hard to come by on a day like today where the dark clouds have followed me since before the sun came up.

  1. Cherry pie.  I may have already mentioned this in a previous list but I love it so much that it bears mentioning again. 
  2. When both children are tucked into bed and I can sit down and breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the knowledge that for now, I am my own person again. (Of course, by then I’m too tired to really take advantage of it.  Damnit.)
  3. Evie’s three-toothed grins.  (Well, actually more like 2 1/2)
  4. I’d love to mention cherry pie again but I’m going to go with flannel sheets.  I have nothing but love for flannel sheets. 
  5. Television shows like Fringe.  Because even though it makes my head hurt with all the twists and turns and bends and freak-outs, it truly is interesting and fun to watch.  I don’t feel like I get to say that too much about television shows these days. 


I know this means I’m Officially Lame, but I’m watching Disney’s “Meet the Robinsons” with Liam and I’m finding myself laughing.  A lot.  This is a cute, funny movie!  Very clever.  Hey, if it’s not brain-melting drivel like “Oswald” (my old nemesis), and it makes my kids happy, then I pretty much want to marry it and have it’s babies. 


Evie slept in her crib on Saturday night.  As in, I laid her down in there around 8pm and she didn’t wake up until almost 5am.  (!!)  And even then, it wasn’t as if she woke up squalling and freaking out.  It was more of a “fuss”.  But I missed her so badly by that point and had slept so fitfully without her right there next to me, that I hopped up and ran to grab her. Heh. 

We tried it again last night, but shortly after we went to bed I heard her fuss.  I had JUST drowsed off so I was feeling loopy and I went to get her.  I didn’t realize until I got into her room and touched her belly that she had fallen back asleep.  (*cringe*)  Of course, touching her woke her up and she proceeded to freak the frack out so back to bed with us she went.  Ah well.  Live and learn. 


We really enjoy “True Blood” and “Entourage” on HBO on Sunday nights.  We missed BOTH last week when we were in Elko, which is a big ol’ bummer.  But last night was awesome.  And I’m so sad that both are ending their season after, like, NEXT WEEK.  What the heck am I going to watch THEN?  BOO!  What the freak is it with these tiny, itty, bitty television seasons??  And how many months until “Lost” comes back, anyhow?? 


Mondays kinda suck, don’t they?  I need more caffeine.

What I'm doing to distract myself from the fact that the election is in one week

I surely can’t be the only one who is just about DYING for this election to be over.  One way or the other.  I’ve made a habit of watching Keith Olberman and then Rachel Maddow when I’m nursing Evie to bed at night.  And while, being MSNBC, they aren’t really telling me anything that I don’t want to hear, it’s not exactly distracting me from the election.  And I find myself examining electoral maps and the latest polls and pretty much wanting to drop kick all campaign strategists, regardless of party affiliation.  And now that I’ve voted, I have even less patience for it all.  LET’S JUST GET IT OVER WITH!

But, alas, it’s a whole ‘nother week away.  And since it doesn’t appear that either campaign is willing to take a break, I need to find ways to distract myself.  Here is what I’ve come up with so far:

  • I’m watching Evie do this thing with her nose where she closes her mouth (almost making “duck lips” if you will) and snorts in and out of her nose in a rapid fashion.  The end result is almost too cute to bear and if she does it again, I’m going to go beyond distracted and just eat her.
  • I’m also stalking goodmama prints.  If you’re unfamiliar with cloth diapering and the community surrounding it, this probably sounds very strange.  Suffice it to say, they’re releasing some great prints this week and I’m hoping to be able to snag one.  Fingers are crossed (and websites are refreshed)!
  • I’m still researching cameras.  Hmm.   Kile’s wondering if he can find someone local who has a camera that is looking to upgrade their professional rig and is interested in selling at a reasonable price.  I’m not going to hold my breath, but I am going to hope that there’s a new camera in my future!
  • It’s now less than a month until the “Twilight” movie comes out!  Am still planning to go see it by myself.  Because I’m a major loser.
  • I’m trying to catch up on my blog reading.  This is a never-ending project, it seems.  I am NEVER caught up.  I think I cleared the reader ONCE in the last two months.  GAH.
  • (OMG, Evie just did her nose thing again.  Save me from myself.)
  • We’re watching DVR’d episodes of “Blue’s Clues” and “Jack’s Big Music Show”.  Good thing I have them DVR’d, because our On Demand STILL doesn’t work with the new box we got.  SIGH.  But I think I’ve now officially seen every “Blue’s Clues” and “Jack’s Big Music Show” episode in existence.  Hey, did you know Joe’s real name is Dominick (cuz I’m a dumbass) err Donovan?  WTF?
  • I’m contemplating ditching out on Trick or Treating altogether in favor of a Harvest Festival or something of the like.  Just cannot get excited either about handing out candy or dragging the kids around the neighborhood this year.  I may change my mind yet again.
  • We’re planning a trip down to Elko for the second weekend in November.  Harry’s birthday is that weekend and there’s a craft day at my in-law’s church that I used to go several years ago.  It was always a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to going again.  This will probably be the only time we go back there during the “holiday season” so why not make it awesome?  Not looking forward to the price of filling up the van’s gas tank, but thank goodness gas prices are down!
  • Naturally, we’re not answering our phone so we don’t have to listen to robo calls or anything.  Not like it would matter because we’ve already voted!

That should be enough to keep my mind on other things, don’t you think?  So what are you doing to distract yourself?  (I heartily endorse not answering the phone, by the way.)