Things that make me happy for no good reason

I love looking at fun things on the internet.  I’m pretty sure that’s the PURPOSE of the internet – To give us fun things to look at.  It’s entertainment and if you’re not being entertained by the internet, well, then you’re doing it wrong.  Sometimes, if I need a little pick me up, the best thing is a good video.  Mostly, I like fanvids because there are some talented people out there making videos about things I care about to songs that I enjoy and I want to enjoy those things.  If you’re unaware, a fanvid is literally a video made by a fan.  Generally set to music, but not always.

Anyhow, here are some of my favorites, just in case you need a pick me up too.  If you’re a sci-fi geek and/or Doctor Who fan, obviously you’ll probably enjoy them more than someone who isn’t.

That one is multi-fandom and is set, predictably, to Nikki Minaj’s incomparable “Starships”.  If you love sci-fi, it’ll give you tingles.  I get a little choked up just seeing the Firefly stuff.  I miss Firefly.


Wherever you go, there you are

First, a clarification on my “Tough Job” post.  There were a few comments that said, “Hey, I get all happy and bake cookies sometimes!”  So yeah, I didn’t mean to cast dispersions on cookie baking.  We all do that from time to time.  Yes, even ME.  There are days that you feel all warm and snugly and content and domestic.  For sure!  No way would any of us stick with this if we didn’t, right?  What I was talking about were the people who pretend like they never have a negative thought about being a stay at home mom (perish the thought and a pox upon you for feeling that way!).  These are the ones who, regardless if they honestly feel that way all the time or not, make those of us who definitely do NOT feel that way all the time like a pile of crap.  And it’s not to say that they want to make other mom’s feel like a pile of crap.  That could be the furthest thing from their minds.   As for those who DO want to make other moms feel like a pile of crap?  There’s a special spot in Hell for them.

Basically the way I feel is: staying at home with children is back breaking, soul crushing, mind numbing work.  There is no vacation, no break, no weekend and no sick days.  There’s just more of the same, day in and day out.  And all the trays of cookies in the world couldn’t change that.  We all look for the positive in things because we have to.  We don’t dwell on the awfulness because if we did, we’d go crazy.  But it’s there.  It’s always there.

Of course, warm hugs from snuggly children sure help too.

It’s also quite possible that people who are overly perky all the time make me want to slam my head in the door.   You know that old saying where if you don’t have anything nice to say, you best say nothing at all?  I think the opposite can be true.  If all you want to do is spout happiness and unicorns, then maybe just try to limit it a touch for those of us who didn’t get our daily rationing of coffee that morning.

Just sayin’.

In other news: I’m watching “Cars” for perhaps the 38th time this month.  It makes Liam mellow, which this morning was a neccesity.  He was starting to go thermonuclear.  I just want to pause for a moment and praise the dudes at Pixar for making visual crack for our children that DOESN’T make my brain bleed.

And in other, other news: Facebook is freakin’ addictive.  And I don’t even play games on there because most of the games are lame-o.  Yes, even that game that you love.  TRUST ME.  But I am addicted (just a little bit) to some of the quizzes and such.  And I love checking my friends’ and family’s statuses.  Facebook is FUN.  It is also a TIME SUCK.

In other, other, other news:  I love my iPhone.  I know you’re all sick to death of hearing me say that but I just saw those of you out there in the audience who have one too nod your heads knowingly.  It is quite simply the best thing I’ve ever owned.  I am forever amazed and thrilled with all the things it can do.  There’s a lot of stuff in my life that I would give up before I ever gave up my iPhone.

Okay.  I think I’m done.  With all that off my chest now, I’m going to share a cute little video of my girl discovering just how bouncy the couch is when it is removed of it’s cushions.

He's going to support me in my old age

In lieu of a more pithy post today, I am going to share a little video I took yesterday on my (new and fabulous) camera of Harry playing Rock Band 2.  I’d like to say he’s done more on his break from school than that but… not really.  Oh well, at least the constant playing is having a positive effect on his ability.  He played this on “Expert” (which, to those of you who are familiar with Rock Band, it’s as hard as it gets):

It’s not flawless, of course. Because he IS human (and only nine). But this is much better than I would do on the same song (which is miss each and every note on EASY… guitar is not my forte) (neither is drums, come to think of it). Anyhow, just wanted to send out mad props to my man Harry for his tubular Rock Band skillz. Rock on, little man!

In the meantime…

It has been an absolutely INSANE couple of days around these parts. And I promise a half-way decent post very soon. And probably a post with more pictures than you could ever hope to want to see. But in the meantime, I wanted to share this gem with you guys. Because I love you all and I want you to laugh.

My favorite Christmas movie moments

I have to get something up to move that last post down the page.  I’m glad I got it off my chest, because I found that my head and heart were much clearer for it last night.  But on the other hand, I do feel some shame having put that out there.  And, for the record, there WILL be milk and bread.  Kile always has a plan, even if I don’t.  And I don’t generally ask about his plan, in an effort to reduce my own stress.  Sometimes, however, it just happens to be a little counterintuitive. Heh.

So… this morning we’re going to go over my favorite moments from my favorite Christmas movies.  Or rather, my favorite moments that I could find on YouTube.  So sit back, relax and partake of the Yuletide Joy that these scenes invoke.

Christmas Vacation

This movie is the grand-daddy of all the Christmas movies in my book.  I may be able to make it through a Christmas without watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”, but in my opinion it’s not Christmas if I haven’t watched “Christmas Vacation”.  And I’m just APPALLED that so many of you didn’t guess my “Christmas Vacation” quote on that quote list a couple weeks ago.  What the heck, people??

Of course, you have to include Clark’s rant about his boss cutting bonuses in favor of a Jelly of the Month Club.

This one is also classic.  “Blousing… browsing, smelling…. smiling…”  We quote this ALL THE TIME. It doesn’t even have to be Christmas.

Alas, I couldn’t find a clip on YouTube (and I will admit, I didn’t look too hard) that had the whole “Don’t throw me down, Clark” thing in it but OH WELL.

A Christmas Story

This movie pretty much speaks for itself.  And thanks to TBS and their 24-hour marathon each Christmas, everyone and their dog can pretty much recite it from memory.

You pretty much can’t talk about scenes from this movie without including this clip.  Poor Flik.  If you start paying attention, he really gets the shaft in this movie.

I would have loved to have included some more clips here, but I couldn’t find them (particularly the one where the Bumpus hounds get ahold of the turkey.)  And I didn’t particularly feel like including the leg lamp scene since that is just SO CLICHE.  Whatever.


This is a new classic but it doesn’t make it any less classic, you know?  I mean, COME ON.  Will Ferrell thinks he’s an elf.  When does that not get funny?

Besides the fact that Kile and I love to duet this song, this scene is just so funny.

“I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite.”

Buddy meets his first “fake” Santa.  It doesn’t end well.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I know a lot of you probably think it’s grand heresy to include this version of such a classic story, but I have to admit: I enjoy Jim Carrey.  And this version never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Probably my favorite scene in the whole movie.  I just love him trying to freak her out.

I love the bit with the dog towards the end.  It is SO TRUE.  Dogs always find that boundary and then fling themselves over it, don’t they?

It’s a Wonderful Life

Yeah, there are some GREAT scenes in this one and to single out just a few is pretty hard.  And I’ll be darned if it’s all but impossible to find any of my favorites on YouTube!  Sacrelige!  How about when George steps on the belt to Mary’s robe and she hides in the hydrangea bush and he threatens to sell tickets?  That’s just AWESOME.  Then there’s George’s rant to Mary about the stupid house and why do they have all these kids.  That wasn’t on YouTube either.  Gosh.  Well, you’ll just have to imagine them in your mind.  Luckily, this is another “recite it from memory” movie and you shouldn’t have any problem.

Okay… I gotta go get on with my life here.  Harry’s clothes aren’t going to wash themselves (though, boy howdy, I sure wish they would because YIKES) and I need to get a few things done while Evie is napping.  But in the comments, I want to hear about YOUR favorite Christmas movies and what YOUR favorite scenes are.  Share! (Tis the season, and all.)

I think my brain is full

Do you ever get this feeling?  Like there is so much that is pinging around inside your head that you’ve got to let some of it spill out, lest you have some sort of brain blow up/catastrophic memory failure?  No?  Just me?  Anyhow, here’s a sampling of what’s ratting around in the noggin this morning.  I’m hoping that once I share with ya’ll that I’ll free up some room.  It’s worth a shot, right?

  • I ordered another diaper last night.  To my credit, I sold a few diapers Evie has outgrown first (I had to, or else I couldn’t have afforded it!) and this is going to be a present under the tree for her.  And DUDE, it was on SALE.  (These particular diapers virtually NEVER go on sale so this was a big deal.)
  • All our Christmas packages have left the building!  Which means: They are no longer my concern.  Kile was taking them to the post office but I don’t know if he did it before work or if he’s planning to go after.  Either way, they are out of my hair and I can breathe a huge sigh of relief!
  • I think we now have all the presents we purchased for the family that will be here Christmas Day inside the house (minus that new diaper, of course).  Of course, nothing is WRAPPED but baby steps, people.   Thankfully, Santa doesn’t wrap his presents around these parts because I don’t think I have that much paper.
  • My fingers are sore.  What the heck?  I figure it’s due to the knitting (I’ve started a scarf for Harry and a hat for Kile.  GO ME!) but it hurts like heck.  I have to focus on keeping my fingers straight as I sleep or they just get more sore and cramped.
  • I finally have my lab orders!  Now, I just need to be able to go get my blood tested.  I’m thinking maybe on Friday (mah birfday!) since Kile will be home the majority of the day and hence I will have a ride to the lab.  What a birthday present, eh?  UGH.
  • I love Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” and I think I may be in the minority on that one.  But then again, I’ve never purported to have excellent taste in music here either.
    (And yes, I’ve heard about the whole thing with Satriani and yet I still love this song.  I suck?)
  • While I’m in the business of selling out, I may as well go ahead and admit that I really enjoy Shia LeBeouf.  We watched parts of “Disturbia” (again) last night and I’m watching “Surf’s Up” this morning (which he voices) and I’m just further convinced of this love of mine.
  • I’m really tanking in your estimation, aren’t I?  I’m sorry.
  • It’s a Wednesday.  I have to keep reminding myself of that.  Someone wished me happy birthday this morning and I actually had to stop for a minute and make sure that it wasn’t actually my birthday today before a minute there, I wasn’t sure.

Okay, that’s enough.  I have a diaper I need to change.  (What else is new?)  The good news is my head feels a lot emptier now.  (That IS a good thing, right?)

Fa la la la la la

I know I’ve mentioned this (many times) before, but Christmas music is kind of a big deal around here.  We take it very seriously.  And I don’t think a holiday season has gone by on this here blog without me mentioning some of my favorites as well as some of the songs that I loathe with every fiber of my being.  And guess what?  I’m going to do it again.  Because, surely, there are some people reading this year who didn’t read last year and therefore might be under the mistaken assumption that I actually ENJOY Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime”.  And I CANNOT LET THAT BE.  And if you have been around, you may have forgotten.  So here’s a refresher course on acceptable (and unacceptable) Christmas music.

Loooooove these songs!

  • The Twelve Pains of Christmas by Bob Rivers.
    This brings me such joy.  Particularly the bit about “rigging up the lights”.
  • Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band Aid
    No song makes me feel as tingly and guilty and sad and happy all at once.  And Bono’s line has got to be best line in a Christmas song EVER.  It’s not Christmas until you’ve heard this one.
  • Sleigh Ride by Leroy Anderson
    Truly the best version of this song.  It was featured in a Gap Christmas ad several years ago, which is where I first was turned onto it’s awesomeness.  And now, it lives on in our canon with it’s “whip cracks” (which is delightful for slapping my dog’s rear) (oh, don’t worry, she likes it).  Just TRY not to get in the mood with this song on.
  • Christmas Is All Around by Billy Mack
    Yes, it’s actually Bill Nighy and it’s from the movie “Love Actually” (LOVE that movie!!).  It’s crass and wonderful.  And catchy!  Solid gold shit, maestro!
  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Lou Rawls
    I like some of the more melancholy versions of this song too (it’s hard to find a good version of this song) (but I’m sure Paul McCartney could manage it), but this one is my most absolute favorite.  It’s jazzy, swing-y and smokey.  It’s fabulous.  Makes me wanna get my groove on.

And, of course, the flip side of the coin…

HAAAAAAATE these songs:

  • Wonderful Christmastime by Paul McCartney.  I refuse to display this song on my precious blog.  But if you simply must hear it, feel free to click the link.  This is a big reason why I don’t like to listen to the Christmas music stations here locally.  Because once they play “Wonderful Christmastime”, the station becomes dead to me.  It’s like nails on a chalkboard.
  • Christmas Shoes by NewSong.  This song has NO redeeming qualities.  It’s a pile of manipulative, schmaltzy crap.  HATE HATE HATE.  And if you think I display contempt for this song, I’ve got nothing on Kile.  He positively loathes this one.

Those are the big ones, at least.  So what tops your list?  What is your favorite Christmas song/version?  Your least?  (And do you want to tear your ears off whenever you hear “The Little Drummer Boy”, like I do?)

Another kind of Christmas song

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.  (On second thought, don’t stop me.) (It’ll only hurt my feelings.)  I found this one through the wonder that is Google’s Reader and it’s so jam packed full of celebrity and comedy goodness that it simply MUST be shared.  ‘Tis the season and all that nonsense.   Share and share alike.  

And remember, don’t be naughty.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Evie and her "nose thing"

Remember the other day when I mentioned that Evie started doing this silly thing with her nose that was making me want to eat her?  I sort of got it on video this morning.  She would make the face and then I think she would get too excited and either cough or giggle or squeal.   It’s a lot of pressure for a little girl.  At the very least, you get to see some footage of a baby girl being very, very silly.  (And you can hear me doing the “nose thing” in the background to encourage her.)  (Not that it worked.)  Hold onto your ovaries!

Seen and Heard

Blessed Sunday… you are my salve.  And, being a salve, there isn’t much in the way of blog fodde ron a day like today.  But I do have these little nuggets for you to enjoy.  So… uh… enjoy.


Me (catching up on blog reading while in the car via my fabulous iPhone, the network switches from 3G to Edge, causing the reader to load more slowly.  I’m confused since this is “downtown” and a pretty solidly 3G area):  Why are we on Edge? Gah!
KIle (sucks in air and clutches the steering wheel, shaking his arms in a gesture of panic):  I’m so on edge!
Me: ha. ha. You’re so funny.
Kile: Maybe that’s where the saying comes from.
Me: Ha!  Maybe!
Kile: I’m so on edge!  Where is my internet?  Why is it so slow?  Augh!

(Yes, we’re corny.  What of it?)


I know I am dangerously close to violating my “no politics” policy with this, but it’s also funny as heck so I’m going to post it anyhow.  In case you missed “Saturday Night Live” last night, here you go.  You’re welcome.

If you are looking a good multi-purpose cleaning product and an outstanding review, check this out. Much obliged.