I would expect this from August

You know how you feel after Christmas and New Year’s is over?  Kind of sad, depressed, let down and empty?  (Or is that just me?)  Coming home from a vacation like the one we were on is just like that.  BUT WORSE.

I keep joking that Kile and I are ruined for other vacations now.  That our expectations of just how awesome a trip can be has made our usual vacations to visit family in San Jose and Elko that much more… well… lame.  It’s not that visiting family is lame.  But we now know what a vacation can feel like.  And visiting family, as nice as it is, is not a vacation.  It’s not activities piled on food piled on adventure.  Good, yes.  Absolutely fabulous?  Not so much.

The bad news is: that’s the sort of vacation we take.  We’re not the sort of family that can just take these fabulous family vacations once a year (or even once every five years).  It just doesn’t HAPPEN. So I just worry that we’re going to feel depressed when it comes to vacation time now.  Because, you know, driving over Donner isn’t the Disney Cruise.  Shopping at Walmart in Elko isn’t the Magic Kingdom.


Our longing has been so bad that Kile has been madly researching future vacations that we might (theoretically) take.  Right now leading the pack is an Alaskan cruise.  It’s fun to play “what if” but I don’t know how realistic going on one of those would be.  But, oh boy, would it be awesome.

So life here in Reno has been rather disappointing since we returned.  In large part because August sucks.

Remember the venom I used to spew forth in regards to March?  Oh, how March was loathed here.  But then Evie was born in March.  And now it’s a “good” month (I’m still keeping my eye on it though).   With the focus off of March, August has stepped into the limelight.

My dislike for August isn’t exactly new.  Just like my dislike for March wasn’t a new thing when Jackson died.  It just is.  And why?

The big reason is Kile’s work schedule.  August is a mondo month at the University.  And a mondo month for the housing department.  It means long hours, working weekends, stress and no days off.  It was a REALLY big deal that Kile was able to go on our Disney Extravaganza considering such time off in August is not usual.  It makes him crabby.  And when Kile gets crabby, I get crabby.  And when I get crabby, the kids hide.

Seriously though, it does have an impact on the household.  And I count the days until September and things can return to quasi-normal.

Also: August is the month that I had the D&E back in 2005.  I had found out that my pregnancy was kaput and was sent on a hellish roller coaster that resulted in our nightly alcohol drinking for the duration of the month, just to get through. (Though come to think of it, I think every August should have nightly alcohol drinking because that wasn’t half bad.)   It was bad, that August.

Then there was that August a couple years ago that I was on an emotional roller coaster, unsure of where the ground was.  I eventually discovered I was pregnant and that was GOOD, but the emotional fallout from that month continues to haunt me to this day.  It was bad.  Bad enough that it has changed me in some not so good ways and I’m not sure I can ever be the same person I was before.

Finally, there’s the obvious: the heat.  Not a big fan of heat in general, by the time August rolls around I HAVE HAD IT.   The days and days and days of hot, hot weather have taken their toll and I’m just plain SICK of it.  It makes me crabby to have yet another day of mid to high 90 degree temperatures.  On top of everything else, the heat causes extra stress, extra pain and extra orneriness.   For instance, right now I’m so ready for fall and fall temperatures that when we had a downright COOL day on Sunday, I almost cried with relief.

We were married in August, which is GOOD.  In my opinion, a month like this NEEDS some good stuff.  But the anniversary is in the beginning of the month and August doesn’t really start to really suck the big one until the middle to the end of the month.

So yes, our Disney trip was AWESOME this month.  And you would think that would be enough to redeem the entire month, at least for this year.  But as I see it, the Disney trip was a respite from a shitty month.  And even the trip would have been that much more awesome had it taken place in almost any other month.  And the coming home from the Disney trip has only served to ADD to the suck that is August.

Basically, I’m a rather disgruntled person and if August knew what was good for it, it’d just hurry up the next seven days and get me the heck to September already.

In which I talk of many things including the weather

I FINALLY saw “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” last night.  Since we just asked for our money back at the drive in (I won’t be going back THERE, thankyouverymuch), Kile suggested I take Harry while he stayed home with the little ones.  We went to the theaters down at the Summit Sierra mall.  I’d almost forgotten what it was like to watch a movie in a REAL theater.  It’s been a while.

Anyhow, I’m not going to go into big details here just in case there is someone out there who is as unlucky as me and hasn’t seen it yet.  But… yeah.  I liked it, for the most part.  I loved the way it was directed, the cinematography, the whole ATMOSPHERE of the movie seemed right on to me.  But there were some changes.  Things left out, things added in…. A lot of it made me want to tear my hair out, to be perfectly honest.  If anyone out there has seen it, feels the same, and wants to discuss it, just email me and we can discuss at great length what we liked and what we hated.  Sound good?


On the other hand, it was really nice going to see a movie with Harry like that.  We grabbed McDonald’s at the drive through on the way down to the theater and ate in the car.  Harry made a fine companion and it was nice to get to spend time with just him for a change.  He and I used to spend all sorts of time together.  I took him everywhere with me when he was little.  He was my sidekick.  We never get to do that anymore.

I would like to make this movie thing a semi-regular thing.  Maybe one a month or every two months?  Just he and I, out to the movies.  That would be so much fun!


I woke up this morning to overcast skies.  I cannot express to you how happy this makes me.  No sun = some relief from blistering heat.  I’m sure it’ll still be unpleasantly warm, but at least the sun isn’t out, making it worse.

Sadly, I doubt it will last.  The sun will come out and force it’s rays upon us.  But for now, I’m enjoying the dim.

Shoot, in the movie last night, I found myself gazing fondly at the screen during the snowy-winter scenes.  Oh, snow.  How I miss you!  How I love the sight of snow-covered mountains and snow falling and the crunch under your feet….

Damnit.  I want winter back.


I’m ignoring about 90% of my Facebook friends today.  Sorry, y’all.  But if you’re going to insist on posting about traveling to BlogHer, seeing people at BlogHer, being excited about BlogHer, etc and so forth?  I’m going to have to stick my fingers in my ears and go, “LA LA LA LA!!”

Nothing personal.


I hear my little girl waking up upstairs so I best go fetch her.  I haven’t seen her since about 5:30 last night so I’m actually looking forward to getting some cuddles in, as I’m sure she is too.

She really is quite snuggle-icious.

Enjoy your Thursday, all!

Hate the Hot

I don’t like hot.  I make no mystery of this on this here blog.  Summer is my nemesis.  Heat is my foe.

There are very few things that I like hot.  Most food is one of them.  Everything else?  Better be bordering on frigid.

The weather around these parts has gotten… toasty lately.  I don’t care for toasty.  Even with our window unit air conditioners, I have issues with the heat.  Because there are times I have to go to parts of the house that don’t have air conditioning.  And some times, (gasp) I actually leave the house.  And that’s when it’s real bad because I feel the rays of the sun just boring into my skin and the heat heat heat just bearing down on me.   Just thinking of how it feels makes me wince.  If there is a breeze, it is more like a blast furnace than cool refreshment.

It would appear, poor thing, that Evie has inherited my intolerance to heat.  Her room, like the boys room, is one of the ones that doesn’t have any air conditioning.  We may have to fix this.  Because last night she slept horribly.  She’s been having problems for the last week, waking up and crying.  Last night, she didn’t wake up and cry, thank goodness.  But I could hear her tossing and turning and moaning all night long.  And then she was up as soon as it started to warm up this morning (8, when she might normally sleep till 9) (yes, the room darkening shades are making me spoiled).  It’s fairly obvious that she doesn’t care to be too warm when she’s trying to sleep.

Just like her mama.

She’s a hot sleeper anyhow, and I’ve known this about her for a while.  I’m the same way, which is probably no big surprise.  She often wakes up from her naps, drenched in sweat even if it’s not very warm.  Her hair turns into a riot of curls from the dampness.  So you take a hot sleeper and add in a hot bedroom and you’ve got a recipe for misery.  Poor thing.

Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do right now.   We can’t exactly afford to run out and buy another window air conditioner at the moment.   I’m not above setting up a pack n’ play in our room (where there is a window unit, thank god) and letting her set up camp there until we start getting some cooler nights going on.

My big question right now… is how she and I both are going to survive Orlando in AUGUST.  Also wondering: why the heck do I live in NEVADA?

Monday Hate List: It's Summer

Let’s bring back this little feature, shall we?  Because while I’m actually NOT feeling particularly crabby today (I know… I’M SHOCKED TOO), there’s always plenty to hate on a Monday, including Monday itself.  And I didn’t post anything all weekend because I was too busy with the “ahh” and the “*contented sigh*” and that sort of thing.  Weekends rock.

Okay, on with the hate….

  • caffeine headaches.  Yes, I know we all saw this coming with my addiction to Rockstar and all.  Shut up.  No one likes an “I told you so.”
  • the iPhone OS 3.0 update.  Okay, the only thing I hate about this is that it’s not being released for another week or somesuch wrongness.  I WANT IT NOW.  SOUNDS AWESOME.
  • our mailman.  Yes, it continues.  I NEVER know when the mail is going to be delivered anymore.  Is it SO hard to deliver stuff by 5pm EVERY day?  REALLY?  Do I have enough capitals in this post so far?
  • headaches.  Really, how do you get rid of these?  Cuz ordinary pain killers seem to have no effect.  I’ve taken four ibuprofen and nothin’.  Suck.
  • the sun.   I got sort of used to the sun being gone last week with all the storms and everything.  This summer weather is for the birds.  I want my rain back.
  • that it’s five more days till the weekend.  Not right, man.  (Except that I now recall Kile is taking Friday off and his parents are coming to town so WOO HOO short week!)
  • waiting.  It’s for the birds.  I hate waiting.
  • my bruised big toe.  Have you ever had one of these?  I landed on it funny when I fell down the stairs last week and ever since it’s been in PAIN.  Turns out?  You use your big toe quite a bit when walking.  WHO KNEW?
  • “Ned’s Declassified” on Nickelodeon.  This show is like nails on a chalkboard.  So is “The Naked Brothers Band”.  And come to think of it, I don’t care for “The Penquins of Madagascar” either.
  • on the preschool side of things, I hate “Oswald”, “Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends” and “DragonTales”, to name but a few.
  • this stupid headache.  Seriously.  Get a clue, dude.

So that’s the list for this week.  Do you hate it?  You do don’t you?  You can tell me.  Anyhow, it would TOTALLY fit in with the whole overall theme.

Friday! Can I get an amen?

It doesn’t matter how difficult or relatively easy a week is, how long or how short, I am ALWAYS glad to see Friday come.  ALWAYS.


This wasn’t such a bad week.  The children weren’t overly frustrating (just mildly so).  The days weren’t as long and exhausting.  Which is surprising considering how late we’ve been staying up to watch Conan O’Brian on The Tonight Show this week.


And while we’re on the topic, isn’t Conan doing a great job?  I’ve really enjoyed watching him this week.  We haven’t stayed up for the entire show, as we are milk-toasts and tend to want to be in bed around midnight.  But we’ve watched his opening monologue and the little sketches he’s been doing and have enjoyed those immensely.  I particularly enjoyed his take-over of the Universal Studios Tour tram ride.  Kile enjoyed it when he bought his “Bitch” belt buckle.


Anyhow.  Where was I?  Oh yes.  FRIDAY!  It’s even been a rather easy week, weather wise.  It has been stormy since last weekend and I am LOVING it.   I’d say we’ve had more rain this last week than we have had so far this YEAR.  Every day is cloudy, moody, rainy and full of marvelous thunderstorms.  I love thunderstorms.  We even had HAIL today.


And the question of whether or not to go camping tonight came up and I think the weather answered it for us:  HELL NO.  We’re not masochists.  Life is short.  It is not meant to be spent setting up tents in the mud and huddling inside with the water dripping in.  I’m sorry but I’m just not geared for that.  And neither is Kile, apparently, as he shared my views on it.  Shoot, I imagine even if we had a super fancy camper complete with heater and cozy beds we’d be reluctant.  What fun is it camping in such drippy weather?  Better saved for warmer weather, I think.  We’re still planning to go here in a couple weeks or so (I’m not sure the exact date which would explain why things like this tend to sneak up on me).  And I can guarantee the weather will be back to “normal”.


I hate “normal” weather in Nevada in the summer time.  I hate the hot sun, the dry wind, the heat, heat, heat!  Come to think of it, there is precious little I do enjoy about Nevada these days.  Why are we still here again?  Good question.


One of these days, we’re going to get more motivated to try to relocate to someplace else.  I imagine it might be easier if the economy weren’t in the crapper.  And housing prices weren’t a complete and utter joke.  I have given up seeing what our home is valued at these days.  Just too damned depressing.


Lets not talk about such depressing stuff, shall we?  Let’s talk about happy things!  Like the fact that the weekend is here!  I don’t know if we have anything planned.  Probably another trip to the drive in.  I don’t even know what’s playing this weekend but I’m sure something fabulous is.  I guess I have to look that up.  Oh and we have a cub scouts thing for Harry tomorrow.  We’ll just go up during the day and hope for the best.  I hope the kids are cooperative.  Scratch that:  I hope LIAM is cooperative.


Kile’s birthday is coming up soon.  And try as I might, I can’t get a good answer out of him on what he wants to do/get/have/be for his birthday.  Frustrating.  I’m rather limited in my shopping capabilities which means ordering online is the way to go.  And if he won’t tell me what to get or how much I have to spend… well, I’m sorta screwed.  So in turn I feel bad that I’m not honoring his birthday like I should.  I do have cake mix on hand though!  There will be cake!


Men.  So frustrating.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I hear Evie is up from her nap and I need to go give her some serious big-time snuggles.  And perhaps a diaper change.  Not neccessarily in that order.

Have a happy weekend, everyone!  Eat pizza for dinner tonight in celebration!  (I know I plan to!)

Ripples in the Sky

I know I complain a lot about the wind around these parts.  It is constant.  And it is a year-long threat.  And I wonder if people think I’m exaggerating and then Reno will get on the news with the wind or a truck will blow off the interstate, all but landing in our backyard.  And no, not exaggerating.

It gets really tiresome, especially when it keeps you up at night.

Even MORE so when it keeps the kids up at night.

But the other day, I just had to take a picture of the sky because the wind was doing some really cool things to the clouds.

Ripples in the Sky

It’s not often that I can say anything even remotely nice about the wind, so you better enjoy it while it lasts.  The next post I write that references the wind will surely be a scathing diatribe.


It’s wet here today.

Very wet.

It’s been a really strange winter.  And not strange in a good way either.  We had a freakishly warm January.  We’ve had more wind than I ever care to experience again in my lifetime.  We’ve had less snow than usual.  I like snow.  I want snow.  Today, I get rain instead.

I’ll take it.

Still.  It’s very wet.

So in honor of the rain and the fact I have nothing else to really talk about today, I’m going to share some pictures with you.  I’m sure you won’t mind.  I don’t know about you, but I love looking at other people’s pictures.

IMG_0298 Foggy

IMG_0309 Hazel

IMG_0314 Touch

IMG_0316 Perky

IMG_0388 Cherries

IMG_0396 Stare

Riiiiight Discount

IMG_0412 Sippy

Pretty Girl B&W Girly

Friday Blah Blah

It doesn’t seem fair somehow that it should be Friday.  I mean, it feels like the week only just started.  Which, you know, it DID.  But I’m definitely not complaining.  

This morning finds my mind full of all sorts of stupid things so I need to empty it out here on the blog so I can move on with my day. 

  • We’re FINALLY getting some inclement weather.  Sure, it’s rain and not snow but at this point I’ll take whatever I can get.  I love love love looking outside and seeing the dark skies and foggy mountains.  It makes me feel so much more… mellow. 
  • It’s looking like maybe, just MAYBE, I’ll finish my knitting project on time.  But I made some stupid mistakes last night because I was in such a hurry.  The good news is that I know what I did wrong and can make sure not to do it again next time.  But it still ruffles my feathers that there are flaws.  That’s what I get for being in such a hurry. 
  • I’m selling off some old diapers that weren’t really working for us anymore and used the money from that to buy some new diapers that will (*cough*goodmama*cough*).  I’m excited for new diapers and just love that I can sell diapers in order to buy more.   And I also love having an excuse to stalk the mailbox next week.  Nothing beats getting some mail! 
  • After eight years, I am just SO TIRED of political arguments.  If there’s anything the Bush years taught me, it’s that arguing with “the other side” does absolutely no good.  There’s no changing their minds and they can’t change mine so why even bother?  Still, hearing the same old rhetoric makes me want to bash my head into a wall.  I’m sorry, but no matter how hard you try, you jus’t can’t change history.  Sheesh. 
  • Evie slept good for a couple nights there.  She didn’t come in with us during the night and slept through!  Last night, however, was a different story.  I know she doesn’t need to eat, I just think she gets lonely.  She’s a snuggler, that one.  And (it tickles me to say), she’s quite the mama’s girl.  
  • Have I mentioned her rolling?  Because it’s downright adorable.  Crawling?  No.  Pulling oneself up and cruising?  No.  Rolling?  Oh heck yeah.  She can outroll the best of them.  She does seem rather adverse to being on her feet though.  She still tries to turn one ankle inward and if I try to help her take steps while holding onto her hands, she just locks up her legs.  Poor dear just isn’t at all interested with being very mobile. 
  • But she is a hungry lass!  She loves the veggie and the cheese puffs from Gerber.  You know, those things that look like puffy cheetos?  ZOMG.  She thinks those are the second coming.  She’d cram ten of them at a time in her mouth if we let her.  It’s nice to have a good eater after having a picky one. 
  • Speaking of Liam, he’s a wooly child.  Does it cause him physical pain to just BE STILL for five minutes?  Because I’m starting to think it does.  He’s trying desperately to throw off his last remaining nap but I’m not ready to give it up yet.  And depending on his mood that particular day, he can be rather awful to Evie.  I have to watch him like a hawk.  The popular refrain “Liam!  No!” is heard often around these parts.  
  • I can has my new MacBook?  I’m so tired of using this tarnated Google Chrome.  It’s refresh capabilities leave something to be desired.  

Okay, back to my knitting.  Take it easy, folks and enjoy your Friday.  Weekend time!  Wee!

This n' That: TGIF Edition

I’m trying so hard to put my best foot forward and be positive and will myself to be upbeat but… am having a hard time feeling it.  At best, I feel pretty mellow.  Not sad but not happy either.  Just… meh.  At worst?  Very depressed.  Though I am very happy that it’s finally the weekend.  Was it just me or was this week just awful?  Getting back to regular life just sucked.  The days were long and the children were ornery.  Well, mostly it was Liam who was ornery.  I know.  Big surprise.


I’ve also had a hard time focusing on blogging lately.  I’m even waaaaay behind in reading blogs.  I’ve been spending a lot of time on a cloth diapering message board (where cloth diapers only account for maybe 20% of the conversation) and also knitting up a storm.   As fun as all that is, I really would like to get back to regular blog life, ya know?


I also would really like Evie to take a nap that is longer than a half hour.


The weather here in Reno is sucking a duck right now.  Today the high is supposed to be 48, but this whole next week we’re looking at temperatures closer to 60!  What the HECK?  I mean, it is winter.  And it IS January.  January is usually the nastiest weather month for this area and to have it be so mild?  Well, it just ain’t right.  So you all can just go ahead and keep complaining about your snow and rain and whatever, but I wish we had a little of that over here.  Because this stuff just ain’t right.


What would a randomness post be without pictures?  NOTHING, I tell ya.  So here we go…

DSC05680 My two vices this last week (is the plural of vice, vices?).  Message board and knitting.

DSC05684 Moon through clouds at sunset = awesome.

DSC05687 I just love taking pictures of sunsets.  It’s about the only good thing about living here.DSC05693 Evie mugs for the camera, wearing her new knit (by me!) pants.

DSC05697 The shirt was also made by us: iron-on applique and sewn-on sleeves

DSC05702 *cough* Does one of these legs look bigger than the other?  Ah well, I’m still pretty proud of my accomplishment with these pants.

A buncha stuff

I’m sorry about yesterday’s lame photo post.  We were out and about for a good part of the day, mostly to get away from the house.  The wind was AWFUL the night before and the rain and snow and general gloominess of the day were rather oppressive.  Though I imagine it is preferable to the unseasonable temperatures we’re having otherwise.  Today and tomorrow will be normal but we’re supposed to get into the 50’s this next week and that just ain’t right.


I think Evie is getting her first cold.  This is a rather unhappy business.  She seems to maybe have a touch of a sore throat and a cough to go with it and her nose has been running clear.  Though she’s been doing so well at sleeping in her crib, last night she was up every 30 minutes to an hour before we went to bed, fussing and sounding generally miserable.  So when we went to bed, we just brought her in with us.  Kile even set up the vaporizer and rubbed her chest with VapoRub (which she LOVED, it totally blissed her out).  And from there, she slept pretty well.  I imagine we might try the vaporizer and VapoRub combo tonight in her own room and see how that works.  Poor thing!


We’ve been having a good time playing around with the new sewing machine.  Kile has helped me convert a few onesies and add some sleeves to a couple of t-shirts.  He even sewed up a duvet cover for our down comforter using two flat sheets.  I found some super cute knee high socks at Target the other day and we turned them into homemade baby legs.  Today I’m going to try making a fleece soaker from a pattern (it’s something you put over a fitted diaper or prefold to make it waterproof) and I also have a pattern for a simple dress to make Evie, provided I ever get up the guts to try it.  Look at me, being all crafty n’ stuff.


To all the haters at Walmart who gave me dirty looks when Evie was crying:

You can just eat me.

Love, Me.


Seriously though.  She was tired and hungry.  I would have been happy to take her to the bathroom and feed her but HUH both bathrooms were closed for cleaning.  Isn’t that against the rules or something?? And I don’t think the haters would have liked it much had I just whipped out my boob there in the middle of the electronics department and fed her in front of everyone.  I guess to these people’s way of thinking, I simply shouldn’t ever leave the house because I have children.  I mean, the NERVE of me bringing my children out into public where people without children have to LOOK at them.  The horror!


I hate it when I write a post and then forget to finish it and post it so that it’s nearly 6:30 at night and I still don’t have a post up on my blog.  (It happens a lot more often than I’d like to admit, actually.)