You Need to Read – October 18

Nope, you’re not seeing things.  My YNTR list is back this week!  And, bonus for you, it includes two weeks of linky goodness. I still maintain that I may not be doing this list every week.  But I will when I can and when it’s not going to cause me an undue amount of grief to put it together.   And, as it would happen, this week the grief has not been caused.  It’s a mellow Saturday morning around these parts, Liam is watching “Ratatouille” on cable and Kile is snoring in his recliner.  All is right with the world.

This first post is something I could relate to.  Should I go Mac and never come back? from Mandajuice is much like a similar post I wrote not that long ago.  And, just like myself, she finds herself wooed by the seductive iPhone and repelled by a crappy PC.  I’ll be interested to see what she picks, especially since I’m 99.9% sure I’m going to get a MacBook when the time comes.

And in the “Long-Awaited” category, we have Ezra from amalah . com.   I literally felt my heart swell when I saw this sweet picture and the details on the birth.  She is officially the mom of two boys!  I can’t wait to see how the weeks and months ahead are for her and her family.  Congratulations, Storchs!

I can DEFINITELY relate to The Hot Fuss™* and Me from temporarily me.  In fact, I may have thought these very words myself on more than one occasion in the last week or so.  Or the last month or so.  Or the last six months or so.  Sometimes, a bad mood just gets ahold of you and you can’t shake it.  And sometimes, your kid wants to be superglued to your side.  And when the two meet?  Well… that’s when you get a post like this.

And I know you’re probably sick of me talking about it already, but Her New Hobby from Confessions of a Pioneer Woman made me cackle a little bit because The Power of the iPhone can grip ANYBODY, even housewives who live out in the country. And the text messages from her daughter were just too darned funny. I think someone likes “Napoleon Dynamite”!

On the flip side, we have My Grandpa: October 5, 1921- October 14, 2008 from Joy Unexpected. This was a touching and sad post about her grandfather who passed away this last week. It’s been a long time since all of my grandparents passed, but I could keenly feel her loss through her words. I hope she finds peace, now that her grandfather has found his. My sympathies to her and her family.

Being a Reno citizen as well, I can appreciate Fall Where? from EmilyPie. I love her summation of the season here in our town, and how schizophrenic they often tend to be. However, I do disagree with her assessment of summer and the need for air conditioning (I am sure I would perish without it). I love winter, always have, always will. But yes. Fall is like a week long around here. I could do with some more fall, to be honest.

This post gets filed under the “ZOMG” category. ZOMG! Twilight Soundtrack Playlist Just Released! from MamaPop shares with us the fantabulous news of the new “Twilight” movie soundtrack. Can you believe I already have some of these songs on my iTunes? BEFORE this list was released? Oh, I’m a hardcore fan, ya’ll. And you can bet I’ll have the rest of these songs when the soundtrack is released. I cannot WAIT to hear the one recorded by Robert Pattinson.

Enough is Enough from Queen of Spain Blog is a post about the turn in tone the political race has taken lately. And I wish I could say in the intervening days since she first posted this that the voices of hate have toned down but I really don’t think they have. I think they may have gotten worse. But I definitely share her feelings and hope that people settle the heck down. And lets find some decency in all of this, please? Aren’t we better than this? Please tell me that we are.

Lastly, we have My Husband is Not My Keeper, also from temporarily me. This spoke to me because I have often had these very same feelings. Being a stay at home mom, and not having any of my own income, I often feel like my voice is dimmed somewhat. I think that’s pretty common. And it’s as much my fault as any one else’s. But all the time, this is an impassioned, important post. You should all read it.

So there we go.  Another week’s list in the hopper.  This should be enough to keep you out of trouble this weekend.  As for me, we have a baby costume to find and a pumpkin to pick out (nope, we don’t have that yet either).  Should be fun!  Happy Weekend, ya’ll.

You Need to Read – October 4

Yep, I’m doing the list this week.  But I do want to put out the warning that there might be weeks here and there where I don’t do the list.  The last couple of days, for instance, it’s been difficult keeping up with my reader.  It’s always like that when we have company or anything remotely interesting going on.  (Which isn’t that often because we redefine what it means to be hermits.)  Anyhow, without further ado… I present to you this week’s fabulous list…

First, you’ve gotta check out Advice from Mom, Part I from Mighty Girl.  The advice in this list was SPOT ON.  I may print it out, laminate it, and give it to Evie when she turns 18.  Hey.  That’s not a half bad idea.

After last week’s sob-fest, it’s nice to see something GOOD from Loralee.  “And now for something COMPLETELY different…” from was a breath of fresh air and I found myself pumping my fist for her.  I will be cheering her on through this, you can count on that.  She is very deserving of a happy ending (or beginning?), don’t you think?

I Am Perfect, You Are Not – A Failure Of The Green… from The Good Human is a perfect example of how environmentalists can turn regular people off of going green.  And I’d say it goes for other facets of our lives as well.  I’m thinking, in particular, of politics.  I think a lot of Democrats turn off people who feel that they’re being talked down to, made fun of, whatever.  And when it comes to saving the planet, it doesn’t matter if you don’t do EVERYTHING, just as long as you do SOMETHING.  Wouldn’t you agree?

I think the “Best Post of the Week” award (shut up, it just made it up) should go to Maybe This Isn’t My Place to Say… from  This post had me from start to finish, brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat.  I’m a gulible sort, and I didn’t see where she was going with this until the end of the post, which I felt made it that much more powerful.  This post was nothing short of amazing.  READ IT.

Oh Molly, I know (sorta) how you feel.  In How to fall apart with all (some) of the world watching from LOST A SOCK,  she talks about the quagmire she’s sunk into since her baby daughter was born several weeks ago.  It’s not easy.  And I want to club anyone who would dare even make it look like it is.  It’s a day to day struggle.  I want to send her supportive thoughts.  You’re not alone.

Also, if you’re in the mood for some giggles and blogging introspection, read Stats and Man Ponytails from The Bean.  I know what she means when she agonizes over strange and unexplainable differences in stats.  In feeling sometimes tied to the blog because of those stats.  Stats will ruin blogging, I’m positively sure of it.  I hate trying to decifer those maddening dips!

Maybe I’m obsessed with my iPhone, but My Top Ten iPhone Apps from Greeblemonkey is the sort of post I just GOBBLE up these days.  I feel so new to the technology and there are so many “apps” to choose from that I never know which one is going to be the BEST one.  So having a “cheat sheet” to refer to helps like you wouldn’t believe.  And if you don’t have an iPhone, reading this list will make you want to cut off your arm to get one! (Okay, maybe not.  But it sure sounded good, didn’t it?)

And that’s it for this week’s installment.  I hope everyone has fine and productive weekends.  I will be back at some point with pictures and stories from yesterday’s day trip.  Despite appearances, it did NOT involve alcohol (too bad!).  Has anyone guessed where we went?  (I didn’t really make it a secret, for the record.)

You Need to Read – September 28

Better a day late than a dollar short, right? (Though, come to think of it, I’m a dollar short too.  Damnit.)  I had to post this week’s list because there really were some good posts on it and I felt guilty for not giving them their due.  And I know I shouldn’t feel guilty anyhow and that’s what I was trying to avoid by taking the break and all, but… what can ya do?  I’m going to try to tackle this list a little differently than I normally would too.  So bear with me.  And thanks for your patience too.  You guys are faboo.

First off, I have Let Flickr Take You On A Picnik! from Blissfully Domestic by Kayla Meow.  Have you heard about Picnik yet?  I played with it a little this weekend and I think it’s love.  Best of all?  Most of it’s features are FREE, you just need to sign up.  This picture below is a good testament of what can be done with Picnik:


Convinced yet?  Go read that post if you aren’t and you will be!

Also on this week’s list is Trauma from by Loralee.  This isn’t an easy post to read.  Chances are, you’re going to need a box of tissues to get through it.  I know I did.  Her pain is so palpable in this post that you want desperately to be able to reach through the computer screen and hug her, bake her a lasagna, SOMETHING.  I know enough of her pain to know how soul-shattering it is, but in the end, I have no idea the trauma she has experienced.  She’s in my heart.

Next is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. Boys Will Be Boys? from Dutch Blitz by Angella.  I take (and always have taken) large exception to the notion that all boys are rough, wild and obnoxious.  If anything, I think what makes boys that way is their parents expecting that’s how they’ll be.  And I hate it when people excuse rude/poor behavior by saying “boys will be boys”.  That’s no reason not to have manners.  Whether you’re a boy or a girl, you should be able to say you’re sorry.

This next post is just as awesome and is about a very important issue. Guest Poster: Bugfrog from Greeblemonkey by Aimee’s husband Bryan.  He talks about how and why some people say they don’t or won’t vote and how exactly that line of thinking is flawed.  We should ALL vote if we even remotely care about this country.  Republican or Democrat.  We need to make our voices heard.

I always love to see a new post from Y up.  File this one under “afraid to hit publish.” from Joy Unexpected by Yvonne was yet another post from here where she lays it on the line.  And this time, she lays it on the line about her thyroid, her weight and how it’s affecting her.  And she basically says she refuses to let it affect her any longer.  She wants to get healthy, darnit, and I want to get healthy right along with her.  I just love her honesty.  I wish we could all be as honest in our writing.

This next post is actually something I’m worried about.  In the Voting Booth, No One Knows You’re a Dog from MOMocrats by Cynematic discusses the possibility of people getting to the voting booth and, though intending to vote for Obama, will not be able to for one reason or another.  Mostly?   Because he’s black.  I am scared to death of this happening, people.  That we would turn away from the best hope our country has right now simply because of the color of his skin.  Prove me wrong, people!

And while I’m feeling all aggravated, here’s something that’s been making my brain bleed: High Fructose Corn Syrup Is Your Friend! from MamaPop. Have you seen these ads?  They drive me CRAZY.  I’m sorry, Corn Refiners of America (or whoever you are), but your campaign is stupid, insulting and DANGEROUS.  I guess that’s my way of saying that I’m not convinced and I will still be looking for ways to cut HFCS from our diet.  Because, seriously, I don’t need this stuff in EVERYTHING I eat.  Do you?

And that, my friends, is the list.  If you’ve seen my previous post today, we’ve had some strange happenings here at Casa de Porter.  This morning, we heard a loud BANG followed by the sound of ice crackling in a glass of water.  And lo and behold, our sliding glass door in the kitchen SHATTERED.  Just like that.  Why?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Some of the glass has already started falling out of it and I’m at a loss as to what to do.  FIGURES.  Sometimes, I really, really  hate this house.


You might be expecting to see my weekly “You Need to Read” feature here.  I hate to say, however, that if you’re looking for it that you’re about to be disappointed.  However, I’m reassured by the belief that not that many of you will be looking for it anyhow.  Could be that the only person who will really notice it’s absense is me.

I’m taking a little break from YNTR.  I may even take a little break from the blog altogether.  I haven’t entirely decided yet.  I just know that I woke up this morning and the last thing I felt like doing was putting up that list.  And once I got over feeling guilty about it (okay, that’s a lie, I still feel guilty), I decided I should post something.



It’s probably just your average blog-funk.  Everyone gets them.  First, I didn’t feel like doing the WordPress Bootcamp, now the YNTR list and maybe next week it’ll be blogging altogether.  I don’t want it to really come to THAT, so I’m trying to cut this funk off at the pass.  Stop it in it’s tracks, if you will.

For now, let’s just call it a break.  Not just a break from YNTR, but a break from the blog.  Chances are, it’ll only be for the weekend.  Shoot, it might only be for a couple of hours.  I may be back here tonight with some frittering nonsense to bore you to tears with.  In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this precious moment…


You Need to Read – September 20

My wee baby girl turns 6 months old today.  SOB.  I guess she’s not so wee anymore, is she?  Nothing special planned for today.  I don’t even know if we’ll leave the house, though I imagine we will if just to prowl the local grocery store.  It’s no fun to just stay inside all day long, not when the weather is so nice.  Anyhow.  My point is: This week’s links list.  Yet again, it’s rather short and I’ve done some necessesary purging of my subscriptions too.  I just can’t handle TOO many blogs.  So yet again, I entreat you (my loyal readers) for help.  If I have you on Google Chat, lets hook it up so I can see your shared items in Google Reader.  OR: post your suggestions here or email me.  I’d love to find more awesome blog posts outside of what I’m regularly reading.  And in the meantime, enjoy these little gems:

  • How To Be A Cool Twilight Mom from Guide to Everything.  There’s several things that make this post so awesome.  1) A new blog from Alpha Mom!  And you and I and anyone else can contribute to it.  Awesome! 2) Miss Zoot wrote the first post.  I adore her!  Awesome!  3) It’s about Twilight.  Do I need to say it?  AWESOME.  However, I already am a Cool Twilight Mom, so problem solved.
  • He Still Has Green Paint All Over His Hands from amalah . com.  This was one of those posts that warmed my heart to no end.  The post before it was so discouraged and sad, that reading Noah’s (and Amy’s!) small triumph made me want to stand up and cheer.  Here’s to more fingerpainting in the weeks to come!
  • Because I’m Pretty Bad at Being on Hiatus Anyway from Fluent Brittish.  Her faith is not my faith but I think we have similar ideals.  Why can’t more people realize that?  Why can’t we all just get along (to steal an overused phrase)?  It’s a larger issue than people on blogs and I worry what will become of our world because of it.
  • The hits kept on coming from moosh in indy.  I can only guess at the pain that her dear friend has been through.  Lesser people would have crumbled under such heartache.  I hope that her fortune turns (as mine did) and that much better times are ahead.  It sounds as if she definitely deserves it.
  • Why is there a light in the refrigerator, but not in the freezer? from Rancid Raves.  She posts about a lot of things that are on my mind as well (well, except for maybe the impatient asshole and the McDonald’s Happy Meal toys).  Her reflections on the election particularly relfect issues weighing on my mind lately.  Oh, and I love “Fringe” too.
  • Web 101: Fixed a hacked site and prevent it from happening again from Swank Web Style Blog.  This is very good information to know.  And I feel like I should be protecting my site but I keep putting it off.  Whoops!  Don’t be like me, people.  Protect your site.
  • A Little Fun for LOST Fans from ChickChat Blog.  Heh.  If you’ve got a few minutes to kill and are a “Lost” fan, you have to check this out.  For the record?  Mine is “Sugarpop”.  Of course it is.
  • How To Fix Something That May Be Driving You Crazy from  Actually, it WAS driving me crazy.  And I thought it was only my blog that it was happening on.  I’m glad to know I wasn’t alone and also glad to know that there was an easy way to fix it!  So yeah, I’m passing along the wisdom.

And that is that.  I hope you all have great plans (or at least relaxing ones) for the weekend.  And if you have a second, go vote in my goofy little poll.  Much obliged!

You Need to Read – September 13

I have to apologize for this week’s short list.  For some reason, I’ve had a very hard time keeping up with the blogs in my reader.  What this says about me, I’m not sure.  Probably that I am a slacker.  But why this would be news to anyone, I have no idea (dudes, it’s in my blog title).  So if I missed some awesome reads, I apologize in advance.  If you came across any great reads this week that I have left off this list, please feel free to list them in the comments.  Come to think of it, feel free to do that any week.  I would love for my YNTR lists to become collaborative, community efforts.

  • Those batty old wives can suck it from Parental Discretion Advised.  Oh happy day!  Even though my childbearing years are behind me, I still get excited when I see someone go through the joys of pregnancy and finding out the gender of your little bundle is one of the best joys there is. Congrats, Bree!
  • How To Take Photos With A Blurry Background from Dutch Blitz.  I wonder if these tips work as well for a point-and-shoot as they do for a DSLR?  What she says makes amazing sense, moreso than anything I’ve read before about the “blurry background” phenomenon.  I’m going to have to try her tips!
  • Thanks from  It is so good to hear from Loralee.  I was starting to worry about her when she vanished this last week.  I hope this month starts taking it easy on her soon, because it sounds like she’s having some hard times.  Go send her some virtual hugs.
  • Top 10 Most Useless Baby Items from Baby Cheapskate.  While I can’t agree with the entire list (a Boppy pillow has been essential for us!), I have to agree with most of it.  The point that’s most important is that you really don’t need a lot of gadgets when you have a baby. 
  • Seven from Ask Moxie.  Moxie gave a great 9/11 anniversary post this week.  If you haven’t already, you really should go read it.  Her “been there” perspective really hit home for me.
  • Under The Blanket from Her Bad Mother.  I’m outraged for Catherine and I’m outraged for me.  Nursing mothers shouldn’t be made to feel this way.  I’m not sure how to fix it, what the answer is.  But something has to change because we can’t keep going this way, as a society.  Nursing is not “dirty”.  Shame on this airline.
  • Liz Goodman Logelin Memorial 5k Walk/Run from matt, liz and madeline.  Whether you are a runner or even if you aren’t, consider taking part in this 5k on the 21st at 1pm in your time zone.   Take some pictures, post them to flickr, and consider making a donation that will benefit a VERY good cause.

And that, as they say, is that.  I’m SO glad it is a Saturday.  I wish more days could be Saturday.  This week really kicked my hiney and I’m more than ready for a few mellow days.  Are you just as ready for the weekend as I am?

You Need to Read – September 6

Oh how I love Saturday.  I live for Saturday all week long.  And another nice thing about Saturday is that I always know what I’m going to post on the blog.  Sometimes I wake up and think, “Ugh, I have to get another links post out.”  But those feelings are few and far between.  Because at the heart of it, I really enjoy putting these lists together.  I like sharing what spoke to me during the week and spreading some linky love around the blogosphere while I’m at it.  So lets get to the spreading, shall we?

  • The wake-up call from Absolutely Bananas.  There’s not much I can say about this post other than GO READ IT.  And sending lots of supportive hugs her way.
  • Marin Update #2 – with pictures! from LOST A SOCK.  Yay!  Congrats to Molly and family and welcome to the world to baby Marin!  She’s gorgeous, of course, and I hope she continues to improve and thrive despite her rough beginnings (the pictures from the nursery did bring a tear to my eye).
  • Mad Lauer from The Spohrs Are Multiplying.  I had to laugh at loud at Heather’s little cutie Maddy having a crush on Matt Lauer.  The tramp stamp pushed this post over the edge of awesome.
  • Politics Hangover from Sizzle Says.  Oh my goodness, I felt exactly the same way having watched the RNC this week.  A crushing disappointment that there are SO many people who think differently from me and how broken this country really is.  But like Sizzle, I still have hope too.
  • What Should Wii Do? Video Games and Rule Setting from Parentopia.  I love her list of rules for the Wii.  I’m seriously considering printing it out and posting it on our own Wii (except ours isn’t called The Herd) (and how awesome of a nickname for a Wii is “The Herd”?).
  • I don’t have a title, okay? from Playgroups are No Place For Children.  Oh my stars, how many times have I written this very post in my head?  I’m starting to suspect that I’m not alone in feeling this way too.  And isn’t that just the best part of blogs, that we can see other moms who feel the same way and maybe think, “It’s okay”?
  • Video: Daily Show Clip Underscores GOP Punditry Hypocrisy from  This video has made the rounds this week.  It’s fabulous, mostly because it’s from the Daily Show which is in itself fabulous.  And no one is better at pointing out hypocrisy than Jon Stewart.  You’ve gotta watch this if you haven’t already.
  • We Can’t Have it Both Ways. Neither Can Republicans from MOMocratsTM.  This post wonderfuly calls out the double standard that has been applied to Sarah Palin from both parties.  No matter your political affiliation, you’ve got to agree with that.
  • Not Perfect from amalah . com.  Amy’s post brought back to me the way it felt when we were only the three of us, and those last precious days before we became four.  And to her I would suggest that maybe there just isn’t such thing as perfect.  We just do what we do and our kids won’t remember half of it anyhow.
  • The Bloggy Chiropractor, Step 2: Controlled blogging from Seattle Mom Blogs.  This is part two in the fabulous series that promises to turn my internet life around (once I actually take two minutes and commit to it, that is).  If you think you need to step back, you need to be reading this.
  • American Pie from Jonniker.  She sums up pregnancy during the summer pretty accurately.  Actually, that’s pretty much pregnancy at any time of year as far as I’m concerned.  Especially the pie part.  Except maybe I feel that way about pie all the time.  I also 100% agree with what she said about Sarah Palin.
  • When you find yourself caught “between a rock and a hard place”, is the rock still not hard? from Rancid Raves.  Kelli is rarely ever anything other than tactful and I love how she summed up her own poltiical feelings this election year.  That she can LIKE John McCain but still want to vote for Obama. Very well said.
  • Can’t we all just get along? Maybe in ’09? from Mom-101.  I definitely know the feeling here.  And this is why I am calling for my own personal political hiatus when it comes to blogging.  I don’t want to feel this way about my Republican blogging friends.  I don’t want them to feel this way about me.
  • Wait, it gets worse: Bossy actually has two sons from i am bossy.  Since my oldest is only in the third grade, I can’t even imagine Bossy’s perspective here.  Still, it brought a tear to my eye.  When did I start seeing such stories through the eyes of the parents rather than the children?

And that is that.  Hopefully in the weeks ahead there will be less political posts features.  But I will continue to put forward posts that speak to my heart.  Still, I hope to see things settle down some.  And I hope everyone has a nice weekend (even if it’s not a three day weekend like last weekend, boo!).  What are your plans?

You Need to Read – August 30

This week’s list is pretty short and it’s peppered with political posts.  Not that that’s a bad thing, though.  There were some great political posts this week, after all.  I imagine we’ll see more in the weeks and months ahead.  In the meantime, I hope you like these posts.  I did, after all.

  • What??! and I Hate Whatever Music You Like from Michael Ian Black.  I’m probably going to alienate the first half of my readers with the first post here and the second half with the second post.  Oh well.  In the first post, MIB essentially rips apart McCain’s VP pick, but in a funny way of course.  In the second post, he voices an opinion that I have quietly shared: people’s affection for music is boring.  I will admit, if someone posts an entry all about their favorite obscure band, I’m pretty sure to just skip it.  Maybe I’m just not that into music.
  • Thankful from glow in the woods.  Here we have a post that voices something I’ve often thought, regarding my own loss.  In the most awful of situations, there can always be something to be thankful for.  I was thankful for quite a bit when Jackson was born, believe it or not.  So I was intrigued to see that other mothers who have suffered loss have felt the same way.
  • Bring It, Biden from Surrender, Dorothy.  Rita expresses a lot of the same feelings I have and have had about Joe Biden and the Democratic National Convention, Obama and even the election.  I loved her point about voting for someone you “like” means you end up with George Bush.  Excellent point!
  • O Time from Evolution of the Me.  Yep, it’s another political post.  But before you look away, this one is from someone who lives here in Reno and is a registered Republican.  And they’re leaning towards voting for Obama.  If that doesn’t give me hope, I don’t know what will.
  • DNC Favorite Moments: Beau Biden’s Introduction of Joe Biden from MOMocratsTM.  And, before we leave politics behind, I’ve got this one from Momocrats.  It’s a video of Beau Biden’s speech (he’s Joe Biden’s son).  The clipreel at the start and the speech itself were more than enough to drive me to tears.  Wholly inspiring.
  • A Spoonful of Sugar from Fluent Brittish.  I think I’m a lot like her, in the way that I tackle household chores (when I tackle them, that is).  I should use some of her tactics here, I bet I might actually get something done oncein a while.  I love the idea of setting forth little challenges to make an unpleasant chore seem more fun.
  • 49 from a little pregnant.  I’m so sad to hear that Julie’s (awesome) aunt didn’t get to finish her goal of visiting all 50 states.  She sounded like one of those utterly wonderful people that few people are lucky enough to have in their life.  I’m glad that Julie had her, but wish they’d been able to manage that Hawaii trip after all.

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend.  Anyone have any special plans?  Just shopping for us.  The pantry is starting to look rather bare!  You’ll have to excuse me if I make this brief, I need to get a shower so we can get going and get our shopping done.  I, for one, don’t want to take all day (there’s lots of sitting around to be done, after all).  So tell me, what’s on your plate?  Anyone else doing the shopping thing like I am?

You Need to Read – August 23

God Bless Saturdays.  I need a Saturday this week.  Not that it’s been terribly restful so far.  Both children were up fairly early and though I am sure I could have played the “sick card” and stayed in bed a while longer, I’m not cruel enough as to make Kile take care of both Evie and Liam in the morning alone.  I do have a heart, you know.  So here I am, struggling along, and pumping out yet another week’s worth of fabulous blog posts for you guys to enjoy.  I don’t get a lot of recognition for these posts, so I guess it’s a good thing I don’t do this for recognition.  Just a little sharing amongst friends, right?  Passing along the linky love?  These lists are a way of saying, “Here’s what struck a chord with me this week, maybe you’ll like them too.”  So thanks for coming back, week after week, to check it out.  It’s nice to feel needed.

  • Part Two from Flotsam.  I have to admit, I’ve kinda been waiting for Alexa to talk about Ames.  This week, she went over her birth story and talked about some serious, important things.  This was just one of the amazing posts she wrote, but this one spoke to me as her experience with her deceased son reminded me of my own.  And when she talked of the heartbreak she would have endured had it been a singleton pregnancy?  Well, I rememered all too well what that felt like.
  • Reviving The Roll from temporarily me.  I never did away with my blogroll, but I did neglect it for a while.  My blogroll is back and better than ever as it is a DIRECT reflection of the blogs that I read every day.  Me and my considerable mojo cobbled together a method where my blogroll displays exactly the blogs I subscribe to in my reader.  I rock.  Anyhow, I loved this post and what she said about not being afraid to link to other blogs, whether they be “big” or “small”.  We should all take heed.
  • wednesday. august 13th. anniversary from matt, liz and madeline.  Oh, this post nearly broke my heart.  In fact, it may have indeed broken my heart as I’m still haunted by it days later.  The story of Matt, Liz and Madeline resonates with me, since Maddy was born just days after Evie and so near the anniversary of Jackson’s birth and death and… well… His anniversary is also just days after mine and the heartbreak he obviously felt on that day just tore me up.  You wanna get torn up?  GO READ IT.
  • Lost Boy from Her Bad Mother.  Catherine is just a fantastic writer.  She has this amazing ability to craft a post and keep me rivited from the first word to the last.  And this post was intensely personal, intensely emotional and intensely hopeful, all at once.  I wish her the best luck.
  • No, Really. I’ll Take a Cab. Thanks Anyway from Whiskey in My Sippy Cup.  DEAR GOD.  This compilation of mystery stink stories from Mr. Lady’s readers is not for the faint of heart.  In fact, I am going to insist that you NOT be eating anything before you read this post.  I WARNED YOU.  Still, it’s pretty funny.
  • That’s me in the spotlight losing my religion and The Bloggy Chiropractor, Step 1: Take two weeks off from Seattle Mom Blogs.  I have definitely noticed a trend towards shunning blogging in the wake of BlogHer.  It seems to happen every year.  And so I have to give Jen from Absolutely Bananas props for pointing it out and trying to figure out WHY she and everyone else feels this way.  I love her Bloggy Chiropractor idea too, and Step 1 appeals to me enormously.  I think that once I get things settled around here, I may give it a go.
  • Pack ‘n Play doubles as a play fort from Parent Hacks.  What a BRILLIANT idea.  And I tried it too, just as soon as I read it.  Liam LOVED it.  I don’t see me doing this every day, but instead saving it for “special occasions” when my sanity is threatening to vacate the premises.
  • Light Black-and-White for Babies from Pioneer Woman Photography.  Miz Booshay has an excellent tutorial for black and white pictures of babies.  I’ve been trying this particular technique a lot more lately, as baby pictures are pretty awesome for doing the black and white effect with.  Thanks for the awesome tips!  I learn SO much from this site, I swear.
  • Door etiquette from Slackerpapa.  When I first met Kile, I thought his chivalrous behaviors were so sweet.  And I still do.  But there have been a few times when we’ve gone through a door and I’m telling him a story and I keep walking only to turn around and realize I’ve been talking to myself for the last minute or so while he stands there holding the door open for everyone.  ARGH.
  • Out of the Gray and Into the Light from Motherhood Uncensored.  Here we have another post about post-partum depression.  Are there usually a lot of posts about this and I just haven’t noticed them?  Or are there more lately than usual?  Either way, there is something in each of these posts that is so familiar to me and this post was like a soothing balm to me, saying, “It’s okay.”
  • This doesn’t bode well for the integrity of blogging from The Bloggess.  I seriously adore The Bloggess.  And her assessment of Technorati and the fleeting-ness of blog fame is spot on.   Her humor just strikes me just right.   And some days I just NEED to read one of her posts and laugh my silly arse off.
  • Insert title of a Sting song here from Mamalogues®.  I’m not sure exactly WHAT it was about this post that spoke to me, but something sure did.  I do know this: I cannot sanitize my life for this blog and I can’t and won’t censor myself.  If not everything is cool?  You’re sure to read about it here, just as you’re sure to hear about all my good times too.
  • Taking it one emotional bump at a time from Sarcastic Mom.  I want to thank Lotus for printing that email because it’s advice and perspective that we could all use.  And some of what I read was so close to what I felt after my losses, what I needed to feel and wanted to feel and eventually DID feel.  This here, was a good post.

Whew.  That’s a lot of good posts for one week.  It amazes me that week after week, consistently, this community pumps out some of the most awesome work.  You humble me, people.  So keep up the fantastic work and I will keep posting links to it here.  Because this is what I do.

Have a great weekend everyone.  I plan to try to enjoy myself as much as my mucous-ridden body will allow.

Do I offend?

Normally, I might look at yesterday’s stats and see that I had the lowest pageviews in the last thirty days and worry and fret about it until I had myself worked into such a froth that I would have certainly felt like the end was nigh and been too discouraged to even crack open my laptop today.

Good thing I’m not like that anymore.

Nope, I’ve learned not to let that stuff sweat me anymore.  I’ve learned that the summer is a notoriously slow time on the Interwebz and people have things to do, places to go and beer to drink.  I’ve also learned that weekends are pretty “off” times in the blogosphere as most of us are busy with our own families.  Which is why I post the You Need to Read links list on the weekends in the first place.  It gives me a relatively “easy” post to put up each Saturday and there’s a “no pressure, read at your leisure” quality to it that lets people go about their weekends but also get a good dose of bloggy goodness too.

I know some people who chose to monitize their blogs get very concerned about stats.  I keep track of them, for sure, because I’m interested to see where people are visiting from (link-wise), what they’re reading, etc and so forth.  But I don’t let those stats rule me.  I can’t.  I’d go crazy.

So instead, I chose to sit back, relax, go about my Sunday business with my family and post as usual.  The stats will take care of themselves.

In other news:  We stopped by Whole Foods today and found these apples which freaked us out so much we had to get a couple.  They were kinda yellowish-pink.  A very strange color and called “Pink Pearl“.  Come to find out?  They are THE AWESOME.  God Bless you, Whole Foods.  First you had a lovely chunk of Pecorino in stock for us to have with our pasta tonight and now these fabulous little apples.  I could just kiss you, if you weren’t just a store.